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The UK's Next Big Thing: Olivia Lynn on Her Dreams, Childhood and Heartfelt Music

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April 08, 2023

The UK has produced the most talented musicians and songwriters, from Ed Sheeran, John Lennon, and the beloved Harry Styles to the Grammy winner Adele. However, their most recent chart-topper is about to make her debut in the world. Meet Olivia Lynn, a country singer-songwriter from England who has won over the hearts of many music lovers from all walks of life.

Image Credit: Peri Lynn

This creative singer-songwriter has amassed over 100K followers on Tiktok and has thousands of followers on Instagram. The Teen Magazine recently had the privilege and pleasure of chatting with her about everything and anything Olivia Lynn.

Experiences With Music And Choice Of Genre

This seventeen-year-old musician has always had her heart set on music. Simply stated, she was born to perform on stage. Over the years, she has gained the respect and love of her admirers.

The songstress has broken barriers, pioneered past limitations, and created a distinctive sound that has shaken the world. She deserves her flowers for that!

When asked why she chose to venture into country pop rather than venturing into the pop genre of music, like many young musicians today, Olivia admitted," My Nana played a massive role in that. She introduced country (music) to me, and I've been hooked ever since!" They also spent quite some time singing along to the Queen of country music, Dolly Parton.

Image Credit: Peri Lynn

Family Dynamics And Childhood

Family is important. They're the pillars that support the foundation of our desired futures. They're our cheerleaders who run alongside us when we chase our dreams.

They're also the shoulders we cry on when life feels unfair, and nothing seems to work out. Nevertheless, a few are blessed with amazing families that stick with them through thick and thin, and Olivia is one of those few. In fact, her family is one of the main reasons she got into singing. "We're a very music-orientated family.

My mom absolutely loves music, singing, and acting. I feel she is definitely one of the main reasons I got into singing. My dad, you know, loves music as well. Whether we'd be decorating the house for Christmas or just tidying up, he'd always be playing some sort of music." she fondly stated.

One word Olivia would use to describe her family dynamics is united. "We're a very close-knit family. There are six of us, and it feels as though we're our own little community and are all best friends in a way. In times of crisis, we know we'll always have each other.

I've always been really close to my family and couldn't have asked for more supportive parents. They've poured so much money, time, and effort into me and are constantly supporting my dreams and aspirations. Beyond that, they're so supportive of my older brother as well! He's currently in America playing football, and it's as if we've lost a limb. They've always encouraged us to work hard to achieve our goals."

Her music reflects her feelings of love and compassion for her family. She also wrote a song for her mother!

Her Musical Journey And Its Ups And Downs

People claim that music has the power to heal one's spirit and mind. Music has been a way for Olivia to deal with some of her past traumas, and to connect with people on a deeper level. However, her musical journey hasn't always been smooth. "There was one major time for me when I stopped singing for a while.

It was during high school when I was badly bullied. It started in Year 7 but got really bad in Year 8 and Year 9, and I just felt like I was like everybody else. So I didn't want to do it anymore.

You know, I was getting made fun of and getting picked on. So I just told my mom: I'm done. I'm not singing anymore.

And my mom said, "Well, that's a lie. That's not you Olivia, and you are going to sing.You can't give up". I was then homeschooled and got back into singing because I was at home with my family where I felt safe, and I could get my work done," she said.

She also encourages those outside the entertainment industry, from cyclists to aspiring novelists, to keep going despite challenges. To remember why they started and to let their passion fuel them.

Image Credit: Peri Lynn

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental illness is an international issue; 4.4% of the world's population, or more than 300 million individuals, experience depression. These numbers represent the generalized prevalence of mental illness. A startling one in four people is predicted to experience mental health issues at some point in their lives. Mental health is more than just the concept of a person's psychological and emotional stability; instead, it's a condition of psychological and emotional well-being in which a person can use their cognitive and emotional capacities to meet standard demands and perform socially acceptable duties.

The country-pop singer views herself as an advocate for the voiceless, hopeless young teen. Olivia hopes for a better future and supports YoungMinds and Youth Mental Health, organizations that help young people and encourage communication. She still struggles daily with long-term problems brought on by her experiences, including chronic anxiety, OCD, and separation issues, but she works toward a brighter future day by day. Her advice to people who are battling with low self-esteem, depression, and other mental health issues is:

I'm not going to say it gets better, because people always say "it gets better" and it's so easy to say that. Although it does get better, it's not an easy journey. The journey isn't going to be a smooth ride.

There are going to be bumps and hurdles, but what do you expect? That's life. You've just gotta get back up on your horse, you know.

Keep going because you know sometimes, like I like to say, it's the little things. If you give up and decide you don't want to be here, you're going to miss out on the little things like a new ice cream flavour coming out next month. The person who bullied you is going to post on Facebook saying that you were friends and you won't be here to say you weren't.

So keep on going. Talk to someone if need be, but don't give up. Please speak up!

So for anyone out there feeling down in the dumps, shoot Olivia a DM, she's more than happy to listen.

What's Next For Olivia?

The British artist has a lot in store for her listeners. When asked what can be expected from the UK's current country chart-topper, she enthusiastically replied, "You can expect an album in the future, 100%. I've got about 15 songs I've written that need to be put out there.

And then, touring-wise, I definitely want to do a tour in the UK, America, Germany, and Spain. Those are just a few places. But anywhere that takes me, I'll be grateful to anyone!"

Image Credit: Peri Lynn

Quick Q's with Olivia Lynn

Three important qualities that make a good musician?

I've never been asked that question before, actually! Definitely personal, because most musicians let the fame aspect get to their heads and they become different people. So keep it personal and remember who you are.

Loyalty as well. Remember who helped you along the way because you may be going down the ladder and seeing them again. A good musician also needs to have a spark. You need to have a personality on stage.

The weirdest place you've thought of lyrics for a song?

I was going to say my bathroom, but I've definitely had weirder places. The weirdest place and time had to have been when I was at my college, doing a show. All of a sudden, I started singing a song in my head and I had to be really quiet because people were doing their work.

Pineapple on Pizza. Yes or no?


Pre-show ritual?

Definitely do some warm-ups my singer teacher taught me. Drink loads of water because I forget how dry my throat gets on stage in a short period of time. Shake my body out too, because people often forget that. I also say hi to lots of people, so it's one less person or stranger that I'm a bit nervous about performing in front of.

Your least favorite snack/finger food

Orange sweets.

Who is someone you'd love to headline for?

Shania Twain

What is your favorite song to perform?

"I saw Red". I just love it. I think maybe it's because I wrote it myself and it's a very passionate and upbeat song.

If you weren't an artist, what would you do?

I'd be an actress for sure!

Keep Up With Olivia Lynn!

Learn more about Olivia Lynn through her website, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Listen to her music on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Watch out for her new single, Breakups, on April 21st!

Image Credit: Peri Lynn

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