Online, Unique (and affordable) Clothing Stores You Must Try!
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Online, Unique (and affordable) Clothing Stores You Must Try!

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April 16, 2020

As this quarantine has left everyone with tons of time on their hands, I know I’m not alone in creating Pinterest boards full of fashion inspiration, destined to customizing a brand new wardrobe to unveil when I’m finally able to see people in person. Or, at least some cute tops for the tiny portion of my outfit that can be seen on Zoom.

While marinating in your Dad’s old, oversized grey college hoodie and sweats all day is beyond comfy, dressing up, getting ready, and wearing pieces you feel confident in can maintain some normalcy during this crazy time and boost your mood.

Better yet, online stores have been mastering the whole “no-contact” policy since they’ve existed. To make sure everyone doesn’t return in the exact same tank top from Urban Outfitters, check out these ten lesser-known online stores for unique, affordable, and trendy clothing pieces bound to enhance your wardrobe, with a specific recommendation for each. And, scrolling these sites browsing their options is super fun.

Isabelle’s Cabinet

Isabelle’s Cabinet has appeared on my Instagram feed for months now with their girly, yet chic clothing pieces. As their two retail stores are closed during the quarantine, this boutique’s businesses will be solely fueled from online purchases, so support is encouraged. One can directly purchase any pieces showcased on their Instagram, @isabellescabinet, through the app.

If Instagram doesn’t provide enough inspiration, they also post monthly look books on their website solely from the pieces they sell. The boutique offers clothes and accessories while maintaining affordable prices. The website allows you to browse items according to your price range and has loads of items marked down.

Each item is seriously adorable and the perfect combination between beachy, casual, yet dressy. Picture yourself taking a sunset beach walk with your friends. And, bonus points, because they are female-owned by a California mom. I particularly like this pink set.

Kameli Boutique

Kameli, which translates to “honey” in Hawaiin, carries clothes just as sweet as they sound. Solely online-based, all of Kameli’s items are unique and colorful. Kameli features familiar colors, prints, and silhouettes with a twist.

Similar to Isabelle’s Closet, items can be purchased directly from their Instagram, and are featured on the boutique founder, and avid fashion blogger’s account, @fashionbyyoo. They carry a wide selection of skirts, tops, and dresses all perfect for dressy, yet comfy wear. And, most of the items come in multiple different colors so you can wear your favorite styles several days in a row without hitting the washing machine.

Whether it be brunch, class, or school dance, Kameli has got you covered. If you need an excuse to dress up at home right now, this blue mini dress is adorable.

Nectar Clothing

Southern California-based Nectar Clothing has got a diverse range of bohemian pieces. Aside from trendy clothes and accessories, Nectar has a loaded sale section and offers free U.S. shipping on all orders over $50. Hitting that $50 won’t be difficult with their large selection of bodysuits, jeans, tops, and more. Like many of the stores on this list, Nectar offers formal and casual options.

For anyone with a dress code at their school or job, definitely check out Nectar. Most of the pieces aren’t cropped or too revealing while maintaining a flattering silhouette that won’t leave you looking matronly. Like many of the stores on this list, Nectar offers formal and casual options. For when we finally return to school, check out this cheetah print skirt. Or in the meantime, wear it to an overly-formal Sunday breakfast at home.

Frankie Phoenix

Frankie Phoenix offers some of the most adorable clothes I’ve ever seen. While reviewing the website to write this article, I was highly tempted to grab some tank tops myself. It was only $12, aka impossible to resist.

Despite everything being high quality and looking expensive, the prices are incredibly affordable. Filled with pastel and neutral hues, as well as timeless and simple designs with a trendy touch, this boutique carries something everyone will enjoy. Trust me, every single item looks perfectly Instagram model-esque and can subtly enhance your wardrobe while integrating well with your current closet. To channel your inner Instagram-model, try out this blue ruched tank top for your next backyard photoshoot.


Women-owned Vestique has a super cute mix of clothes that can suit any age. As their clothes are modern, not-too revealing, and composed of fun prints, your mom may be knocking on your door to try on your Vestique shipment. Vestique’s wide range of styles offers just enough legroom to dress out of your comfort zone while maintaining your unique fashion taste.

For those lacking clothing inspiration or fixated on a certain vibe, the website features several of their different collections in case one print really catches your eye. Aside from already comfortable pricing, the sites 'yard sale' section offers extra markdowns on their items. I also think the company’s story is worth sharing.

Vestique was started by two college best-friends and has expanded to a team of over 100 women, with many of their employees featured on the website. What really caught my eye was this snake print bodysuit.

Piper Lubbock

Piper Lubbock’s casual yet interesting basics are made straight from Texas. For those who need a little extra guidance on the fashion front or are in the process of molding their style, the site boasts a fashion blog filled with advice on how to pair their items. If you’re trying not to let your appearance go completely haywire while quarantined, but crave comfortable clothing, this site is for you.

Whether it be a loose graphic tee or some soft leggings, Piper Lubbock will have you looking presentable with minimal effort. If the lazy quarantine-r isn’t your vibe and you’ve been doing exercise videos nonstop, their athleisure collection is right up your alley. Not to mention their selection of slightly dressier clothing too.

Seriously, this place has got it all. Whether you’re rocking a cheetah print bikini to get a much-needed tan or throwing on some flare jeans to impress the boy next door on your daily walk, this boutique is full of must-haves. Needless to say, I'm obsessed with these jeans.

While there are thousands of boutiques who are worthy of this list, these six stores will scratch your online-shopping itch. It's important to shed some light on companies who lack a massive platform or maybe receiving less business during this time. There’s nothing more fun than receiving a package in the mail, especially one with new clothes in it.

And, this allows you to support smaller businesses while maintaining social distancing. Reducing the spread of coronavirus by shopping online, providing business to these boutiques, and adding to your wardrobe benefits everyone involved. Enjoy browsing these sites!

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