Top 10 Iconic Fashion Moments from Friends That Are Just Unforgettable
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Top 10 Iconic Fashion Moments from Friends That Are Just Unforgettable

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April 19, 2021

Rachel Green, Monica Geller, and Phoebe Buffay brought along several fashion trends that are still in style today.

In this article, I'm going to be listing the top ten fashion trends from Friends that have revolutionized the fashion industry and are still in style today.

1. Phoebe's Elaborate Necklaces

If you've watched the show, you know Phoebe's style is very eccentric and bohemian chic, and she is known to always pair an outfit with a fantastic necklace (or two, or three).

I don't think anyone could pull off such bold accessories the way Phoebe does. Along with her signature many ring look, Phoebe's necklaces give her outfit a boost and also give her that Phoebe style that we're so fond of. Although the current trend is more for delicate necklaces, we should definitely bring back these funky necklaces and rock our inner Phoebes!

2. Rachel's Plaid Bottoms

Plaid? Really? Well, you'd better believe it, because Miss Green rocks some seriously incredible plaid outfits in the show.

My personal favorite is her plaid skirt, cropped turtleneck, and long socks look from Season 1!

Yes, plaid skirts are back in style, so you should definitely go grab one to recreate this iconic look.

And while you're at it, get yourself some plaid pants too (in a bunch of different colors), because you might as well recreate some of Rachel's other plaid looks. Oh, and here's a pro tip: Get a crop top and a cardigan to go with your plaid pants, and you'll be all set to rock this look!

Yes Monica, we love her outfit too!

3. Monica's Button-Down Shirts

Honestly, before I watched this show, I really didn't think anyone could wear a button-down shirt and look stylish, but Monica proved me wrong!

Her most iconic button-down look is with a crisp white shirt paired with a belt and jeans, and of course, her signature red lip.

Adding a watch as an accessory? Genius.

Those shoes may not currently be in style, but we can still borrow a white shirt and recreate this immediately (I have). Want to take this look to the next level? Instead of tucking the shirt, tie it up! Trust me, it works.

Pair it with white socks and shoes, and you've just achieved effortless chic!

4. Rachel's Slip Dresses

Whoever says Rachel didn't inspire fashion in the 21st century did not see her rock these slip dresses twenty years before they became really popular!

Still unconvinced? Rachel has proven countless times that slip dresses work, whether they're patterned, red, black...

And to accessorize? Simple silver jewelry, a gold choker, layered necklaces... Sound familiar?

Oh, and not to worry if the weather's too cold for a slip dress: wear a full-sleeved shirt underneath to stay warm and stylish! Messy bun is optional.

5. Phoebe's Jazzy Coats

Is it just me who has watched 'The one where everybody finds out' too many times to count? I sure hope not, because this episode is hilarious. Also, the coat Phoebe wears in this episode is simply beautiful.Yes, that's the moment she found out.

And hey, another example of her famous necklaces! Did anyone think a bright orange coat would look stylish? Yeah, me neither, but Phoebe's proving us wrong with this iconic look.

All you need to recreate this look is a bright orange fur coat paired with an equally orange necklace, and of course, an expression of shock. To quote Phoebe, 'They don't know we know they know we know' that this outfit... is immaculate.

Yes, there's countless more examples of some statement-making coats worn by Phoebe, including a zebra-print one. Remember to buy faux fur coats, though, to honor Phoebe's vegetarianism.

6. Monica's Red Dresses

Monica knew red was her color and rocked it throughout the show in several fantastic outfits, my favorite being the one below. What's more, these silk slip dresses are all the rage in 2021, so it should be a good investment.

The simple beaded necklace and neat bun take this look to more elegant heights, and it was the perfect outfit for Ross's wedding to Emily. With a shoulder bag and a red shawl, this look becomes even better, which I did not think was possible.

Honestly, recreating any of Monica's red outfits will earn you some serious style credit, so go for it!

7. Rachel and Phoebe's Black Dress

These girls layered a lot, and they did it really well. Here is just one example of how both Rachel and Phoebe layered a similar black buttoned dress over a full sleeved blouse.

While Rachel opted for a simpler necklace and just one ring and watch, Phoebe went for her signature extravagant layered necklaces and wore many rings. Notably, she paired her black dress with a white shirt whereas Rachel chose a sheer brown one with a lower neckline instead.

8. Monica's Acid-Wash Jeans

Monica has rocked all sorts of fabulous jeans in the show, but these high-waisted acid-wash jeans from one of the flashback episodes have to be my favorite!She paired the jeans with a red buttoned tucked tank, pulling off a look that would be considered fashionable even today!

Again, Monica wore a lot of red, and every single one of those looks is amazing. Add some white sneakers and go accessory free for this one to achieve that casual chic look that Monica pulls off here.

9. Rachel's Mini Skirts

Rachel was a huge lover of mini skirts, pairing them with literally everything!

She paired her signature black mini skirt with these knee-high boots and a black t-shirt to pull off an (almost) all black look. Her grey cuffs add a little pop of color, finishing off this look.On the other hand, we have Monica's casual plaid shirt and jeans look, paired with small pearl earrings and black converse, the perfect look to look chic and be comfortable.

Yes, Rachel Green was a huge fan of layering... and her black boots. Each of these outfits is immaculately put together with minimal accessories, letting the focus be on those beautiful boots.

Rachel paired black and grey many times, each time offering something new and stylish. Her black belt in the third look was the perfect accessory to the outfit.

If anyone can layer a simple black tank on top of a white tee, it's Rachel Green, but it shouldn't be too hard to recreate!

10. Rachel and Monica's Overalls

Rachel and Monica have so many looks with overalls that it's hard to include all of them. Each time, they paired the overalls with something different, and it worked every time.

Exhibit A - Monica's signature red accent with a red t-shirt, white sneakers, and some simple jewelry.

Exhibit B - Monica again, this time with a white tank top, simple jewelry, and a tied jacket around her waist (perfect for NYC weather).

Exhibit C, D, and E - All Rachel, trying out different colors of overalls as well as different lengths - those overall shorts look so cute!

One thing we can learn from this is that white sneakers always work. And pairing a striped tee with your overalls? Perfect.

What about a brown coat? That works too.

And finally, Exhibit F - Monica pairing her overalls with some pearls to make it classy!

Those are my top ten fashion trends from Friends that you could still wear today and be considered fashionable! I recommend that you recreate these looks ASAP because 90s fashion has never been more in style.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you haven't watched Friends, you should at least see it for these incredible outfits and get some style inspiration from the famous 90s trio themselves!

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