Tips to Look Better on Zoom and Stay Focused With Minimal Effort

Tips to Look Better on Zoom and Stay Focused With Minimal Effort

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August 30, 2020

How do you get ready in the mornings when all you have is a Zoom call? It can be incredibly annoying to have to get ready for an hour for just an online call.

Here are 6 Great tips to look better on zoom / online classes with minimal efforts and to study with concentration.

1. Keep your laptop in a stable place:

If you keep your laptop or tab in an unstable place, It will be very hard for you to concentrate on your zoom calls. If you keep it in an unstable place, you will be busy checking your laptop or tab often. And the people in the video call can't see your face.

There can be chances that you have to mute/unmuting your video often. This will cut the concentration between you and your class teacher. You will also not be able to take down the notes after or during the class itself. And also because of this others cannot see you clearly and thus, you cannot look better on your online classes or in the zoom.

2. Your Appearance:

Start with the basics. Comb your hair. Apply your light makeup. Be neat.

Wearing a busy plaid or patterned outfit will make the viewers' eyes go numb. A plain, solid color will help bring out the best you. However, steer clear of shirts that are bright white or dark black because they look like a "blob" on camera. You can try different outfits that are comfortable for you.

As you are at home, you don't need to wear a very shiny outfit or party wear. You can also try wearing what you would usually wear at home. It would help you to be comfortable and cozy and will help you to listen to class well.

You can also wear which not over disturbing to you. For example, A dress with shiny or very disturbing accessories will be very annoying in times during the online classes. For avoiding this, wear simple and everyday wear.

Wear a dress that does not over attractive or too bright. As mentioned earlier it will look like a "blob" in other cameras. Stay comfortable. Stay cute.

3. The lighting in your room:

Lighting is the most important thing for looking better on your online classes or in your zoom. It will be very useful if you know how to set the lights.

This is where most students fail in looking better at online classes. It is not that hard to understand the lighting in your room. Sit facing your window or any light source.

If you are sitting in a place that the light source is above your head, you will look very dark, and people cannot see you very clearly. When you are sitting with your back in front of the window, you will appear as a silhouette, you will appear as a shadow.

Try to sit in a brightly lit room. Avoid as much as artificial lights as possible. You can also try to sit in your garden or on your balcony.

It will help you to relax and this gives you a calm space for online classes. If your room windows are on your side, it will light your face only on one side. This will be very awkward for someone with their face Half- lit.

The most important thing is: The light should be in your front. If you manage to keep your light front, you will look brighter. No need for touching up your make-up!

4. Your camera position:

This is also the most important thing in your online classes. Your camera's position. It should be at eye-level.

There are three types of camera positions: No:1 Top, No:2 Middle, No: 3 Low.

Before going to see the types, as mentioned earlier, Don't keep your laptop or tab sideways. It will be super weird. The participants in your online class cannot see you.

So what happens when your webcam is higher than your eye-level?. The participants or the fellow students in your online class cannot see you. They will be able to see your forehead and not your face. This will not help you for looking good in your online classes.

Let's imagine when your webcam is lower than your eye-level. It happens when you keep your laptop or tab on the floor or any other space that is lower than you. If you keep it lower, the participants can see your face but from a different angle.

The participants can see your nostrils and then your eyes. That will be a bit weird...So, your webcam should be at eye-level. It will be very good if your webcam is at your eye-level.

For the participant's eye, Your face will be straight and well lit. This will help you to look better and brighter.

5.Your background:

All this depends on your room's background. If it is too distracting, the participants in your online class will look at your room instead of your face. This can also be distracting for your family members if they are coming and going around your room.

To prevent this, you can sit in a place that you will not be disturbed by your family members. Or as said earlier, you can sit in a place which is your garden or on your balcony. Or there are many background options in your zoom settings. You can blur your background by adding that picture or else, you can also add a few cute pictures you like!

And to look much better, you can also touch up your appearance by enabling HD appearance. It is also nice if you can sit with your back facing a plain wall. It would be much better when you blur your background and your free to concentrate!

6. Applying Make-up:

If you succeed in the above tips there is no need for make-up! But if you want to apply makeup you can just touch up your appearance by adding a little bit of foundation and a little touch of a lip balm will brighten up your face! Remember you have to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time!

Happy Studying! :)

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