A Talk with Hannah Meloche on Everything and Anything
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A Talk with Hannah Meloche on Everything and Anything

Social Media

September 07, 2020

You've likely heard of Hannah Meloche before- the YouTube vlogger of Gen Z, aesthetic inspiration for young teenagers, and influencer popping up on your Instagram, TikTok, everywhere- and The Teen Magazine is about to bridge in closer with an interview with Hannah on everything and anything.

Meet Hannah Meloche

19-year-old Hannah's most notable platform, YouTube, has gained her nearly 2M and counting subscribers. On the platform, she posts various lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and fun vlogs, often times also featuring her friends.

On Getting Noticed

“I started to gain a following in the first year by honestly making friends, being super consistent, and active on my platforms! I gained about 1,000 subscribers in the first few months and got noticed for the first time at my first freshman year football game; a girl came up to me and told me she loved my videos!” Hannah says of her acceleration to internet fame, “I was honestly shocked people genuinely loved my videos [and] watched them, and she encouraged me to keep creating.”

Social Media to personal life

The internet can certainly change your life, and that includes personal life as well. Hannah tells us, “It definitely has affected me in positive and negative ways! There’s always the pressure of being a good influence, meaning you should be a good person on and off camera and should make smart decisions!

I definitely feel the pressure to be “perfect” or pretty close to it. It always keeps me motivated when I know expressing my personal problems can also be relatable to others struggling at home. I want to grow with my fan base!”

Social Media Handles

I use YouTube mostly! I have a main channel called “Hannah Meloche” a vlog channel called “Hannah Meloche Vlogs”.

I also use TikTok which is @hannahmelochewhy, and my snapchat is @hannahmeloche!

<img src="//media.theteenmagazine.com/app/public/ckeditorassets/pictures/4174/contentScreenShot2020-09-02at9.12.23AM.png" alt="">Content Posting

Hannah's well-known for her aesthetic and Pinterest-worthy photos and content- and for her, it is one that takes much thought and care.

“I always want my content to be positive. Whether it’s relating to a personal issue, motivating others to create the life they’ve always wanted, or just having a goofy fun video that is funny and entertaining to people make me happy!” she says.

Having a Huge Platform

Hannah's accumulated a stunning million-base audience, and the numbers are growing each day.

To have such an experience, Hannah reflects and answers, “It’s so fun. There’s always ups and downs to everything but with YouTube being my job it feels like a dream. I have the best supporters and feel like we push each other to grow!”

Starlite Village

“I’ve always wanted to start my own business,” says Hannah, “Jewelry was the first thing I ever designed even before “merch” hoodies! It’s been so fun growing and pushing Starlite more and more into the business world.”

Recently, Starlite Village dropped a collaboration with Hannah's sister, Ella Meloche. The overall vibe of the released jewelry is a dainty, jade-colored butterfly charmed adornments. Items on store include necklaces, rings, and earrings- all topped with the butterflies. To shop, click here.

Starlite Village in the future

“I want Starlite to be simple but cute. Good quality but affordable.” Hannah notes for her company goals. Without a doubt, that area has succeeded; her jewelry range at a lower price with many items being retailed around the cost of $10-20. With her Ella x Starlite collaboration, the most expensive item on shop is only $15.

“I also want to become an eco-friendly company! I want there to be positive messaging behind every starlite piece and know you’re getting amazing jewelry from a company who cares,” she adds. To shop, find Starlite Village here.

Advice from Hannah

“Be yourself and live your life. Live your life how you want to live it, YOLO! It’s so cheesy but so true,” says Hannah, “Do whatever your heart desires because we only have one beautiful amazing life.”

Positive and Negative aspects

As I said earlier, I feel like there’s always positives and negatives, but I’ll try my best to incorporate who I am offline to who I am online and with that always comes ups and downs, just like life!

The one thing you have to remember with all influencers is that nobody posts everything and everyone mostly posts their highlights. Just like you do too, I'm assuming?

It’s important to remember that it’s hard for people to share negative personal things on social media and some don’t want to. That’s why I encourage you to keep that in the back of your mind every time you log on. Nobody’s life is perfect, nobody knows exactly what they’re doing, but there’s beauty in that! We’re all a little lost so let’s be supportive and understanding of one another.

Online Negativity

When asked about any hate towards her in social media, Hannah responds, “I do get negative comments and It’s taken me a long time to not listen to them. I still sometimes get a little too upset over comments that I shouldn't let get to me. It’s hard when someone’s pulling you down, or saying things about you that just aren’t true.”

She continues, “You want to speak up and defend yourself, but sometimes, it’s just not worth your time and energy and it’s just someone trying to bring you down with them. It’s hard to deal with hate because I genuinely care about people and how I affect their lives. I’m learning to adjust how much I listen to people’s opinions about me!”

Advocacy Interests

As an influencer, Hannah is well known for her positive messages and aura. As for advocacy, Hannah tells us mental health is definitely a focus of hers. “Especially this past year has been hard on a lot of people, and I always want others to know that they are not alone and there are so many going through something similar to you. You’re never alone, and things do get better,” she says, “I try to make my accounts a positive, loving, and reassuring space to let my followers know you are safe here no matter what.”

Goals, Hopes, & Dreams

“This is always a tough question,” Hannah says when asked of her future, “There’s so many amazing twists life could take me! But I know I want to graduate from college, grow my business, learn more about myself and the world, and have fun projects as I go!”

Know This About Me

When asked what Hannah would like for others to know about her, she answers, “I want people to know that life is beautiful and so are you! Everyone has a purpose and amazing qualities. Not everything is going to come at once and I’ve realized to be patient and enjoy the journey, as I hope whoever is reading this is as well.”

Keep Up With Hannah

To keep up with Hannah, make sure to follow her Instagram @hannahmeloche and subscribe to her YouTube channel if you haven't already!

All photos included in this article has been pulled from Hannah's Instagram with permission.

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