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Fast approaching is the colder season, which calls for cozy and comfy apparel.

Entireworld has exactly that, but with the addition of the best quality you'll ever feel and a carefully matched aesthetic that feels out of this planet, but yet somehow intact with earth.

The Best Quality You'll Ever See. Seriously.

I was absolutely in love with how amazing their Type C Version 3 was- or, in simpler terms, how quality the sweats were of Entireworld.

These aren't your standard, regular sweats- if you really want to invest and take in sweatpants that'll last you a good time and feel so soft and thick, this is the one.

Entireworld has exactly that, but with the addition of the best quality you'll ever feel and a carefully matched aesthetic that feels out of this planet, but yet somehow intact with earth.

- The Teen Magazine

The Loopback Sweats, Type C Version 3

To say I'm in love with these sweats would be an understatement. It gives a laid back look, and is just as comfortable as it looks.

I completely love how thick enough the sweats are, and I certainly appreciate the cuffs at the end! The thing about the cuffs is that it doesn't cinch too hard at the ankles, and leaves enough (actually, the right amount of) space while simultaneously not being too loose.

Okay, and pockets! Yes, yes, yes to that. The pockets are roomy and have the space to put your hands in. The sweats also come with a waistband for you to adjust to your liking.

As for the sizing, Entireworld gives very specific measurements (something you won't really see anywhere else...), which is incredibly helpful on finding your right size. If you're wondering if you should go up, I'd say that wouldn't be necessary. The sweats itself are pretty roomy, and are a relaxed fit!

A Gorgeous Color

The cream color gave me some good vintage vibes with a light tan-ish color with a delightfully surprising tint of light pink.

Below is a more accurate image of the coloring in person- but staying not too pink, nor too pale. The perfect shade of cream to ever exist.


Okay, okay, okay. Your standard sweats don't match with Entireworld on any spectrum- these are so dreamily perfect.

The fabric is of Japanese organic cotton loop back terry, and when I tell you it's soft, I am emphasizing it with an exclamation mark. (!) Included with a small percentage of polyester to give it that stretch and shrink, the sweatpants are not only so plush, but also thick.

Of course, it is breathable, but this pair will keep you cozy in winter weather. To be clear, these sweats are good for all seasons- but extra good for the colder times. When it comes to quality, Entireworld is the one.

To shop the Loopback Sweats, click here.

You'll seriously be loving these the entire season of autumn and winter!

The City Tote

Okay, just when we thought it couldn't be better, Entireworld gave us another gem: a City Tote- that comes with any purchase.

Yes, you heard that right- the City Tote will come at no price to you (yup- for free!) with any purchase at Entireworld.

Made with 100% cotton, this canvas tote is sturdy and large enough to pack all your favorite books in. (14.5” x 16”)

I loved how the graphics came in a bold statement of "New York" with two different front and back.

Innovative design, no-easy-tear quality, big for your items, and sustainable? A big yes!

To shop the New York city tote, click here.

There's also the Los Angeles city tote, which is just as cute and adds a chic look to complete your fashion statement. To shop, click here.


"Currently we source fabric and manufacture in Japan, Korea, and China," writes Entireworld.

Entireworld works with factories in China with skilled craftspeople that do amazing work. Additionally, they select that factories that "meet very strict standards with regards to how they treat their workers and the environment."

To ensure factories are producing ethically, Entireworld has a a strict set of criteria with guidelines outlined for all factories to be complaint with. Entireworld's partners that are local within the region of the specific location will visit the factory sites "at all stages of sourcing and production and ensure all of that criteria is being met and everything is up to par." Entireworld writes that they too additionally visit often to ensue a production that is ethical.

We’re just a brand, standing in front of a customer, asking you to love us. Seriously though, Entireworld is a design-driven brand with what we like to call a sustainable design ethos.



"We screen print a lot of the Care and Product info directly onto our stuff so we don’t have to waste resources printing a bunch of little tags that are also kinda itchy. And everything we ship our stuff in is recyclable and in many cases made from recycled materials; the tape, the boxes, the pouch."

Talking $

"We start with the goal of creating the best product we can – cool design, totally awesome fabric, durability, sustainable as possible, general cute factor, etc - all for the best price possible. So, we’re not about making the cheapest thing out there." writes Entireworld.

"From that starting point, the rest of the process is pretty typical: the pricing starts from ground up, adding up material, labor, and transport costs, and then accounting for a reasonable margin so we can make a profit and keep putting out great stuff. Because our products are primarily sold directly to you (as opposed to primarily through retail partners, who add in their own mega markup) the prices end up being super low in relation to the super high quality of the fabric and construction."

Pricing's Pretty On-Point

As someone who is a huge fan of sweatpants (I mean... I sure do love staying comfortable!), I found the pricing of the Entireworld sweats not far from any other brand's sweats, and stayed within a similar range.

Plus, given its amazing quality and sustainability, the price is pretty reasonably done- and these are something you'll fall in love with every time you put them on.

How to Care

Hanging dry is important- when listed so, be sure to do so!

"Anything made from cotton, by nature, will shrink when put in a dryer for a tumble at a high temperature especially our cotton which is Organic and Recycled and doesn’t have any artificial qualifiers mixed in."

To read more care instructions for the Loopback Sweatpants, click here.

More Items (Because You'll Love Them)

Entireworld has a wide array of items you'll absolutely love, ranging from tiny sweaters in gorgeous shades and a colorful pack of socks.

To shop women, click here. To shop men, click here.

Create An Account

If you create an account with Entireworld, you will be able to keep track of the monetary counts that you get to earn through Entireworld's Referral Program by inviting your friends to sign up as well! Additionally, you will be able to view all past orders.

An account with Entireworld will get you the inside scoop: "you’ll get breaking news of new stuff arriving and special discounts and free shipping promo codes, so you’ll always know, ya know."

"Even though it only takes a second to do, the benefits are like, forever."

Keep Up!

If there could ever be a definition of aesthetic for a brand, Entireworld might just be it. @entireworld is the perfect feed of a visual feast. Indulge in the out-of-this-world visionary!

Oh, and, I have to mention- when you're scrolling through their site, enjoy the calming and soothing sound effects- and amplify your shopping experience.


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