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3 Clean Skin-Friendly Perfumes I Always Get Compliments On: Smelling Great and Feeling Greater with Lush


Mon, June 10

Summer is in the air. If you look around, there are signs of it all around us: the days are longer, the sunshine is brighter, and everything just feels so much more lightweight and carefree.

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Now that the summer months are here, I’ve been planning for all my getaways close and far for a much-needed relaxing time. As a Type A to the core, I love planning all the tiny things, especially for a handy-dandy, reliable packing list- and I of course couldn’t leave out a stack of perfumes that feel just as welcoming and bright as the weather.

My favorite scents for the summer are something refreshing, sweet, and oh-so-exciting, and if the keyword is fresh, you know it has to be Lush.

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As someone with sensitive skin, making sure any product I put on my skin is safe is one of my biggest concerns when looking for personal care products. That can be quite a picky process, but somehow, Lush manages to check every single one of my high standards.

The brand is centered around a philosophy of keeping things natural, eco-friendly, minimal and necessary. WIth that, every single item from Lush is so carefully crafted that you can truly sense a difference in both experience and effectiveness.

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It’s been said that Lush is like a campaigning organisation fronted by a soap shop. We are active and vocal about the issues that we care about, and use our shop windows and website as a way to highlight them.


With natural products with clean, safe, and sustainable ingredients that you won’t see harmful preservatives in, I can’t help but genuinely love the way Lush is created to make my skin feel not only good, but healthy.

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The same goes for perfumes- while I do love a luxuriously scented perfume, so many of them are filled with toxic chemicals that are harsh on my skin, especially when sprayed to the neck- somewhere too close to sensitive areas like the face! With Lush, I can completely trust it to be clean and of the highest quality- while maintaining a scent that turns heads.

Without further ado, below are my favorite perfumes– including a travel-friendly counterpart to make smelling good on the go easier than you could have ever imagined.

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Sun: An Ode To The Brighter Days

The brighter days are here, which calls for an occasion to celebrate everything around us with a gorgeous sunny scent.

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Sun Solid Perfume here.

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Sun is such a refreshing spritz of citrus, layered with the sweetness of orange and mimosa and the balance from sandalwood.

Something about this scent makes me genuinely want to leap in the air or frolick in a garden. There is a sense of playfulness and optimism in Sun that just puts an indescribable sense of joy in your day, and what better way is there to start off your summer months?

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This is a total must to pack for your travel bag if you plan on going somewhere by the waters, whether that be a beach vacation or a lake trip with your friends. Bring along the Solid Perfume for those days and simply apply the balm at all your pulse points- it’ll stay on for hours.

Lust: Rosy and Rich

No perfume collection is complete without something musky and rosy, and that is always a year-round occasion.

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Lust is the kind of perfume that feels straight out of a movie. It’s gorgeously rich, deep, and unforgettable- the kind of scent that lingers and drives you crazy.

Made with floral influence from jasmine and rose, with a woody, musky base from ylang-ylang and sandalwood, this perfume is equal parts dramatic and grounded.

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It’s the kind of perfume that boosts your confidence like no other. Pack it for a trip when you’re exploring a brand new city- you’ll feel like someone different and new, too.

Dirty: Racing in the Garden

Summer is when we let loose, and whether that means racing through the sprinklers or getting grass stains all over your knees from playing catch with your friends, Lush has a way to define that nostalgic, energized feeling with a scent: Dirty.

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Shop the Dirty Perfume 1 fl oz here.

Shop the Dirty Solid Perfume here.

Playing out in a dreamy herb garden leaves you with an all-over smell of earthy groundedness, and Dirty translates that into a refreshing feeling.

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With layers of mind-awakening mint, uplifting neroli, and grounded sandalwood with hints of lavender to bring you a calming peacefulness, Dirty makes you feel like a gleeful kid in summer break all over again.

Bring this along for a day out exploring nature– a hiking trail or a camping trip is the perfect match for such a fun summer memory!

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