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These Stylist-Approved Accessories Are What's Missing from Your Model-Off-Duty Looks

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June 19, 2023

If you've ever glanced into the mirror after assembling a look and thought something was missing, you're definitely not alone.

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Creating a chic, Pinterest-worthy look ultimately comes down to layering and pairing with accessories, and that extends beyond jewelry and headpieces- it's time to give your waist some extra dazzle.

From timeless neutral leather belts to studded, edgy belts, there is such a charming way that belts can completely transform our looks. To create those model-off-duty looks that are all over our social media feeds, there is only one way to look: B-Low The Belt.

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Belts are more than just simple straps for your favorite bottoms- they can single-handedly save an outfit and spin it into a completely different look. B-Low The Belt has truly mastered that magical effect with an L.A. girl charm and signature designer belts.

If anything, this is the one brand that can successfully elevate even the most simple white-tee and blue-jeans combination into something so effortlessly sophisticated and visually appealing.

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From a professionally classic style to even a golden stargirl design, B-Low The Belt has it all. For an all-season-friendly look, these four belts are our favorites to keep in rotation in your accessories closet:

A Little Black Belt For Every Occasion

For starters, we absolutely have to begin with a must-have staple. If anything, a little black belt is an absolute must for just about every and any occasion.

Shop the Kennedy Mini Leather Belt here.

The Kennedy Mini Leather Belt is designed to be one of those belts you keep reaching for because they're really that good for styling with any outfit. From casual streetwear looks to dressed-up elegant days, the Kennedy is a sure stunner.

This skinny belt is made with genuine leather, and the thin straps are matched with an equally dainty gold-tone buckle.

I just love how there are just about a million ways to style this belt. Even for denim, this pairs so well with just about any shade from faded blue to off-white to charcoal black. Plus, this goes well with colorful pants as well, and even formal suit trousers!

The Kennedy Mini knows how to keep things simply easygoing and pretty, and makes any outfit look complete. This certainly will never go out of style!

Amp Up The Charm With Edge

90's trends never fail to make a comeback, and the chainbelt is one that is here to stay. Adored by luxury powerhouses and fashionistas throughout the decades, it's easy to see why the chain belt is one of the most versatile pieces to pair with your outfits.

Shop the Millie Chain Belt here.

Say bye to the days of keeping belts as just a simple waist-holder- it's time to amp up your look with something bold and golden. The Millie's gorgeous design creates the coolest chain strap with an all-over golden tone, even down to the buckle closure.

The golden links create a gorgeous wrap effect, and the buckle closure features a thin golden plate for that gorgeous visual. This is the kind of belt that really makes you take a double take to really admire the casual-but-awe-striking look!

If you've been eyeing the latest waist jewelry trend, this is exactly just like that, but on a more golden level.

I love how chic this belt is, and how well it pairs with just about any outfit. Belts don't always have to be for your jeans- wrap the Millie Chain Belt with your favorite dress or even a suited-up blazer look. Throw on your favorite pumps for the ultimate power-up look, and stride with confidence!

Not Even Cowboys Can Compete

If you're headed out for a fun night in the city, you can't go without this studded, all-eyes-on-me belt.

Shop the Frank Leather Belt here.

The Frank is one of B-Low the Belt's all-time favorites, and it's easy to see why.

This intricate, detail-oriented belt features the most bold yet eye-catching hardware design. The carved designs on the buckles alone will make you marvel and take a second look!

I love how the leather straps, well-sized buckle, and hardware-detailed belt loop all create a stunning western-chic aesthetic. The cowgirl look has been spotted all over 2023's fashion radar, and if anything, the Frank Leather Belt nails it. This is the ultimate festival cowgirl look that's been trending on all of our social media pages, and we are totally obsessed.

Wear this low on the hips for that effortless Pinterest-chic look- you'll feel unstoppable and radiant!

Shimmering Gold in Leather

Sometimes, we all need a touch of sparkle to our outfits, but this shimmery touch-of-gold belt does it all in a subtle, classy way.

Shop the Victoria Croco Luster Leather Belt here.

This belt is more than just pretty to look at- it's also high-quality. The Victoria Croco Luster Leather Belt is crafted with Italian patent leather and gorgeous hardware that looks and feels luxurious.

I love how the croc embossed style of the leather strap gives it an edgy texture. What really gives the belt another dimension, though, is the subtle shimmer- I love the way it catches light and gives it a lustrous, elegant look.

Paired with the glint of gold in the buckle, this belt is such a cute piece that feels both playful and seriously fashionable.

This dreamy feminine belt is perfect for complimenting romantic looks. Go for your favorite floral blouse or lacey tank tops to accessorize the Victoria Croco Luster with your favorite pair of jeans!

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Looking for more style inspiration to include edgy and timeless accessories into your looks? B-Low The Belt's social media pages are all the fashionistas' go-to's, and we couldn't be more obsessed. Find B-Low The Belt on Instagram at @blowthebelt, and make sure to follow to stay in the loop!

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