These 5 YouTube Channels Kept Me Entertained Throughout Lockdown

These 5 YouTube Channels Kept Me Entertained Throughout Lockdown

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March 28, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, I'm sure we were all searching for ways to entertain ourselves because indeed we couldn't hang out with friends and do normal activities.

Well, if you weren't indulging in Netflix shows, I bet you had loads of YouTube channels on your binge list. Here are 5 interesting channels to add to your subscription page:

1. iBerleezy

If you enjoy gaming and hilarious commentary then iBerleezy is the channel for you.

I discovered him on my recommended while I was roaming on the YouTube world seeking something that would bring a laugh and I noticed he did just that, making me forget we were literally in a lockdown. Surprisingly, he made playing horror games quite enjoyable and less suspenseful- that's crazy if you ask me!

So, if you're looking for a different view on the gaming world, a smile from every video, and constant catchy phrases, then iBerleezy will never disappoint.

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2. Alonzo Lerone

Do you want comedy reacting to social media dumbest fails? Well, Alonzo was one of the best channels during lockdown to help you feel as if you weren't alone.

You'll also be in for a special treat with his dog Kash in the background of almost every video and priceless reactions. If you're still interested in some comedy join Alonzo and as he says it best "get a dictionary!".

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3. Paul cantu

It seems thrifting has become very popular this past year and it's gotten even bigger with the known #ThriftGod himself, Paul Cantu! If you're into thrifting, this is the channel to watch.

During the lockdown, I couldn't wait for things to stir back to normal so I could finally test my skills at the thrift and find the "holy grails" in the racks like Paul. If you had any items you wanted to revamp, he could definitely shine some motivation and ideas to get it done.

So, if you want to become a #ThriftGod, go and check out the great Paul Cantu.

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4. Princess Jay

Are you in love with beauty, fashion, hair, and more? Said yes to one or more, then you should definitely subscribe to Princess Jay.

Throughout lockdown, I was on a binge in her channel because it took me out of my boredom to go attempt to put outfits together, get into some kind of makeup, and tap into my inner self.

Listen, you'll automatically love her content as the channel intro is like no other, so don't wait, subscribe to become a #jaybaby!

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5. TayPancakes

If you enjoy random content with someone just living life then TayPancakes is absolutely for you.

Lockdown practically forced us to learn more of ourselves and accept who we were, Tay helped me do just that because she made me love my weirdness so much more and she showed you don't have to be like everyone else to be known. Her channel can always carry a laugh for you when you need it due to her natural humor, you can tell her personality isn't fake and how well you can connect to her content.

If you still wanna stay random, subscribe to TayPancakes aka Taylor Stevens.

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Although the pandemic is still ongoing you can still add these 5 incredible channels to your subscription page, you won't regret it!

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