The Scoop on Marvel's WandaVision: Should You Watch It?


One of the most anticipated TV shows of 2021, WandaVision, truly exceeded all of my expectations.

I think the way the show went is a little unexpected from Marvel, especially the morally grey Wanda Maximoff. I want to start this review off by saying that if you're a fan of Wanda Maximoff, this is the show for you.

In this article, I'll be telling you all about WandaVision without any spoilers (I'll try my best), and hopefully by the end you'll know whether you should watch it or not.

Morally Grey Character

For almost the first time in Marvel history, the main character could actually be a villain. Wanda Maximoff is a hero, perhaps, but she has done things that would be considered morally grey or even villainous.

This doesn't take away from the show at all, in fact, it makes her more of a three-dimensional character, and really lets the audience understand why she did some of the things that made her look like a villain.

It makes you think, what prompts villains to act like they do? And what prompts people who have experienced loss to continue being a hero?

Since Wanda is one of the most (THE most in my opinion) powerful Avengers, it makes sense that her incredible power could be used for evil. If you've watched Captain America: Civil War, you might know of the Lagos incident, which shows how Wanda can sometimes be villainized for her power.

We can see that she feels extreme guilt every time she loses control of her power, something that prevents her from being a true villain.


Something else I really loved about the show is the different timelines it goes through. It begins in the 50s, then the 60s in the next episode, and so on.

This is incredible because we get to really see what amazing actors the cast members are, with their demeanor and common phrases changing to fit the time they're in. We also get to see some beautiful costumes and hairstyles, which is really fun.

Well-known Marvel Characters

Did you think only Wanda and Vision were in this show? Well, you were wrong.

The show features some well-known secondary characters from different Marvel movies, really tying the entire MCU together. Did you love the genius Darcy Lewis from the first two Thor films and were upset when she wasn't in the third one? If that's the case, you're in luck!

Darcy plays a pretty big role in WandaVision, to be as vague as possible. Her sarcastic quips and relatable lines make a huge impact in the show.

Remember Agent Woo from Ant-Man? He's here too! Oh, and remember in Ant-Man when he asked Scott to teach him the card trick? Well, he does the card trick in the fourth episode of WandaVision, which is some great character development according to me!

We also get to see Captain Marvel's best friend's daughter, Monica Rambeau, who has some pretty big things going on in the show, to not give out any spoilers.

There are also some other characters from the Marvel comics who play a big role in the show, so watch out for that!


So the show doesn't seem like it has a villain until late in the sixth episode or so, but we technically have three villains in the show, so that's pretty great, isn't it?

One of them is Wanda, from a certain point of view, and the other two ... well, I said no spoilers, so I guess you'll have to watch the show to find out!

Also, one of the villains has this incredible theme song that's been running through my head for weeks now. It's gives me those Mother Gothel Disney song vibes, and I'm sure you'll love it too.

Wanda's Story

I think we all want to see more of a character's backstory and future, and in this show, we get to see all of that and more. The show really takes time to develop Wanda's character past what we've seen in the MCU movies, and we get to understand the reasons behind some of the things she does, which is pretty fulfilling.

For example, why does the show start off as a sitcom? Of course there's a reason behind that, a reason you'll find out ... in the show!

Were you also wondering how Vision managed to be in this show even though he's ... dead? Well ... you'll learn that too, and a whole lot more. The show manages to clear up a lot of threads, but still manages to produce new ones that promote future MCU movies.

And of course, since Wanda Maximoff is played by none other than the incredible Elizabeth Olsen, we're sure to see some great acting, as evidenced by all of the different emotions, time periods, and struggles Wanda goes through in the show.

I hope this article convinced you to watch WandaVision without giving you any spoilers. It was a tough job, to be sure. There's still so much more I haven't said for fear of giving out spoilers, but I want to leave you with this: If you're a Marvel fan, and you haven't watched the show yet, what are you waiting for? You're going to love it.

P.S. You're also going to cry, a LOT, just warning you.

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