The Next Nashville Stars: Presley & Taylor Talk About Record Deal and New Single 'Limited Edition'


Mon, March 27

Sister duo Presley & Taylor are definitely ones to watch in the country music industry. From playing at the Grand Ole Opry alongside Country Icon Pam Tillis, to having received over 1 Million streams on their music, this talented duo is heading for the top of the charts.

To celebrate their new single 'Limited Edition', Presley & Taylor spoke to Teen Magazine about moving to Nashville, working with family, and their new single.

Moving To The Music City

Before moving to Tennessee, Presley and Taylor were actually born and raised in Connecticut. But, they were instantly drawn to pursue their music career in the heart of all country music, Nashville. "Once Taylor graduated high school we both just knew in our hearts that if we really wanted to make this dream happen we would need to pack up and officially move to music city! We moved to Nashville in 2018 and haven’t looked back since!"

Two years after making the move, Presley & Taylor achieved every music artist's main goal. In 2020, the duo was signed to a record deal, officially artists under White Mustang Records. "We got signed to an independent record label here in Nashville and that was such a blessing because it opened so many doors for us in the music industry."

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The Music Scene In Nashville

Tennessee is the birthplace of some of the biggest country artists, from Kelsea Ballerini to Dolly Parton. "The music scene in Nashville is like nowhere else. The strong sense of community is really what sets Nashville apart from places like LA or NYC."

But even in a supportive community like this, it is easy for artists to start comparing themselves to others and their careers. And while Presley and Taylor have both experienced this, they have a great way of looking at everything from a grateful perspective.

It’s so easy to play the comparison game or get caught up in what you think you should be doing but in reality there is someone else out there that wishes they were in our shoes just like we have moments where we wish to be in somebody else’s. So learning to live in the moment and be so thankful for what we have accomplished helps us stay motivated and joyful while continuing forward to achieve all of our goals.

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Working With Family

From Chloe X Halle to the Jonas Brothers, the music industry is full of families that have decided to embark on their careers together. Presley and Taylor are no exceptions. For the years the sisters have been in the music industry, they have always worked together.

Which can definitely bring sibling squabbles into the mix. "We of course have our little arguments here and there, but we know that at the end of the day we are on the same team and that we are each other's biggest supporters. We are only 2 years apart and have done everything together for our whole lives so music is just an extension of that."

So, if you were thinking of pursuing a music career with your talented siblings, there are a few things to take note to be able to make it work. "It’s a gift to be able to work with your family because at the end of the day you know they will always have your back. Everybody has their strengths as well so when you work with a sibling or someone else related to you just know what you bring to the table and use that to make the team better."

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Heading For The Future

With a record label and a rising fanbase behind them, the country duo is headed for new career heights. They recently released their second single of the year, 'Limited Edition', which is the ultimate female-empowerment song. "The overall message of the song is to know your self-worth and to honor yourself in a relationship because ultimately there is no one else like you, and you are “limited edition.”

And that's not all. Apparently, Presley and Taylor have a lot of announcements and releases coming soon.

"We have a couple really exciting announcements that we plan to share soon, but for now we can just say there is going to be A LOT of new Presley & Taylor music coming y’all’s way this year and we couldn’t be more excited about it!"

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5 Quick Q's With Presley & Taylor

1. Who is your all-time favorite Nashville artist?

Presley: Mine would be Miranda Lambert. I have always looked up to her and I love her stage presence and her writing style!

Taylor: Mine would be Kelsea Ballerini! I love her honest and authentic way of writing and how she transcends genres.

2. Dream venue to perform at?

Presley: Bridgestone Arena.

Taylor: Madison Square Garden and the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

3. Favorite song you have released?

Presley: For me it’s ‘Never Not A Good Time’ with out friend, Haley Mae Campbell! It’s such a fun song for when you just want to be with your friends and have a good time!

Taylor: I’m loving our latest single “‘Limited Edition.” I honestly wish I had this song a couple years ago when I really needed it, but I know it will help so many girls going through the same thing now.

4. Name idea for your fanbase?


5. Biggest goal for your career?

Our dream is to reach as many people as possible with our music. If we can relate to one person with our songs then we’ve done our job as artists. Also, a few number 1s, some sold out stadiums, and a platinum album or two wouldn’t be a bad thing :)

Their new single 'Limited Edition' is available now! Make sure to follow Presley & Taylor on Instagram to keep up with their music releases!

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