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Breakout Star Taylor Marissa Releases New Single “Zach Bryan"

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September 04, 2023

Passionate and Heartfelt. These two words describe the music of the young music sensation, Taylor Marissa. Although her name may not ring a bell, she's about to be streamed constantly on your playlist.

With country music taking the internet by storm, Taylor Marissa's singing and powerful lyricism deserves recognition. 21 year old Taylor Marissa was born and raised in the small rural town of Southbury, Connecticut. She had big dreams and she wasn't going to let where she lives stop her. She was ready for the world to hear her voice and story. On August 9th 2023, Taylor released her newest song "Zach Bryan". With over 1,000 streams on release day, Taylor Marissa has proved that she is ready to conquer the music industry with her undeniable talent. The Teen Magazine is honored to have the opportunity to interview this breakout star and learn about her latest single and what she plans to do next.

Her New Single "Zach Bryan"

So many times I try to convince myself it's true

That when I hear that song that I'm not thinking of you- "Zach Bryan"

Taylor's song "Zach Bryan" is a story about broken relationships. Marissa wanted to create music for her listeners so they have something to relate to in this universal experience. Her music can be used as comfort so people can be reminded that they are not alone during this hard time. "Zach Bryan" explains her relationship, and how the ones you used to love always leave a trace.

A Zach Bryan song that used to be filled with love and memories, now just echoes the past, and the person that you used to love. Taylor is able to express this theme by songwriting. It gives her the opportunity to bring her feelings to life, and genuinely show how she felt during the fresh moments of heartbreak.

Growing Up Singing

"Ever since I was young, I was obsessed with music. I wanted to take singing lessons and perform. Singing has always been my passion," Taylor explained.

From participating in musical theatre, being part of the school choir, and singing the National Anthem for local events, Taylor's talent and deep love for singing has always shined. Taylor always had big plans for her music career, but growing in the small town of Southbury CT, sometimes it was hard for her voice to be heard. Southbury is known for it's farm life and beautiful fall weather. Music stars often didn't come to mind. Although there were some challenges in getting recognition, Taylor shared how she wouldn't trade where she grew up for the world. "Sometimes it was hard for me to get myself out there, but I learned to I love being from a small town. There is such a great support system, that I wouldn't have been able to do that if I was from say LA or NYC". Taylor grew up in a household that loved music. Growing up in a home that was always surrounded by music only made her love for it grow more. "Singing is just very therapeutic to me," Taylor explained, "This is my passion and just something that fuels my fire. I just knew that singing was something that I wanted to do. I can't imagine myself doing anything else".

Writing "Zach Bryan"

"The song sort of fell out," Marissa explains, "It was very easy to write. The feelings were real and raw". Taylor really dived into the feelings of love and described the memories that still flow in one's mind after a breakup.

Songwriting is a way for her to express her feelings and singing truly brings them to life. Taylor stated that "when writing a song, an idea pours into my head. I could be driving or doing anything,and I began to create lyrics". What makes "Zach Bryan" so beautiful is it flawlessly describes the songs, the places, the moments that had a special place in her heart. Having to let go of something that used to belong to her relationship and embodied the feelings of love can be really hard. Not only that, but sharing something that creates so much heartache can be hard to share with others. "Songwriting is so vulnerable and scary", Taylor stated, "It's like putting your diary on the internet. Knowing that your family and friends can hear is overwhelming at times". But Taylor knew that by releasing this song she would be able to help other people who were experiencing the same thing as her. Her music could help change others, and make their feelings after heartbreak not feel as unbearable.

"I perform wherever I can. I perform at local bars, restaurants. My favourite place to perform is where my friends and family are," Taylor said.

Taylor Marissa loves to share her voice with others. Her talent begins to radiate in the spotlight,as other people feel comfort within her voice. The amount of passion and emotion that swims within her voice demonstrates the power that singing has on us,

Preparing for Release Day

"It's a hard industry and a lot of rejection comes along the way. But, through a lot of hardwork, you can overcome it. " - Taylor Marissa.

As exciting as making Zach Bryan was for Taylor, it also exposed her to the hidden side of the music industry. It takes a lot of grit and resilience to reach your dreams."I don't think a lot of people realize how hard it is and how much work it takes. Many people think singing looks fun and is easy, but it's very time-consuming.

There is a lot of planning," Taylor said. But through the challenges, Taylor was fortunate to always have her family, friends and producers on her side. With the help from Taylors producer, Luiz Serva and Studio19 Records, they truly helped Taylor Marissa's lyrics begin to rise off the paper. "I've never done anything like this before. It was really amazing to see what I wrote come together," Marissa said excitedly.Taylor continued to reach for the stars and showed us the true definition of dedication. With consistency and hard work, she was ultimately able to reach her goal: releasing her first song." My favorite part about releasing Zach Bryan is that my music is finally out there for people to hear. "On Spotify and Apple Music I see my name, it's just ... unbelievable" , Taylor said in awe.

What's next

"My dream is to be singing to sold out shows and making a living off of music"- Taylor Marissa

Releasing "Zach Bryan" is only the beginning for this breakout star. She plans to be releasing a new song in the upcoming month or so. She can't wait to share her voice with you, and give you a story that you can relate to.

Her grind never stops and she works on creating music daily for her fans. "My future plans are to finish college at the University of Alabama and move to Nashville to pursue singing and songwriting! But in the meantime, I'm working my butt off here in Alabama to write and do performances that keep furthering my career," Taylor said. Taylor Marissa's passion and grit continues to drive her, and is ultimately what will make her such a successful artist.

10 Quick- Fire Questions

1. Top 3 favorite artists?

-Taylor Swift

-Kelsea Ballerini

-Megan Moroney

2. Favorite food?

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Shakes

3. Favorite instrument?


4. Favorite childhood memory?

Going to my first concert (which was One Direction!!)

5. Favorite song that gives you nostalgia?

Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift

6. Advice for aspiring singers?

Just write and write and write. And sing and sing and sing as many places as you can and work your butt off. Your hard work will pay off.

7. Something you can never leave the house without?

My airpods. They always come in handy.

8. If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be?

Megan Moroney

9. Top 3 favorite songs?

It's way too hard for me to decide.

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