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The Key to Having a Great Morning

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August 06, 2022

As soon as the alarm clock sounds, it can be all too easy to fall back asleep. Or worse, lay in bed for hours scrolling through social media.

Don't start your day feeling miserable. Instead, find yourself feeling refreshed and eager to start the day. Discovering a morning groove that works for you can be challenging, but with these tips and tricks, you can start your day on the right foot.

1. Appropriate Amount of Sleep

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In order to achieve a rejuvenated morning, start ahead of the game by getting an adequate amount of sleep. Your body needs time to rest. According to CDC, teenagers should get approximately 8 hours of sleep.

Unfortunately, due to busy schedules and stressors, many do not. Still, it is important to try and get as much rest as possible.

Options could be to take naps during the day or set out time for relaxation. One method I use to help me fall asleep is listening to calming music or a movie soundtrack to help ease my mind. A complete night's sleep can help foster the start of a spectacular day.

2. Morning Workout

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Another tip to start your day off on a positive note is implementing a simple workout routine into your morning. Exercise can help clear your mind and allow a better sense of focus.

Personally, I enjoy doing yoga or vinyasa yoga, but other exercise routines could include running or walking. More often than not, doing so helps me focus on the day ahead and mentally prepare for the challenges I may face. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which help improve your mood, and therefore, by extension, your day.

3. Heathy Breakfast

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Thirdly, and most often ignored, is eating breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people choose to eat sugary cereals or heavy carbs, and I, too, struggle to eat a healthy breakfast.

I want to make a quick bowl of cereal because it's delicious and easy. And while breakfast cereals are not necessarily terrible for you, there are smarter and healthier options. Some possible breakfast ideas include fruit smoothies, banana pancakes, easy baked oatmeal with berries, and yogurt parfaits. A healthy breakfast is essential to feeling energized for the day.

4. Set Goals

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The fourth suggestion to start your day feeling mindful and healthy is to set daily goals. Whether you write them down or mentally state them is up to you. Goals provide motivation to complete seemingly menial tasks throughout the day. Some may contribute to longer-term goals.

For example, one of mine is to meditate at least once a day. Another is to practice my flute, which could help with auditions in the future. Goals are an encouraging way to set a path for the day.

5. Stay Hydrated

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The last way to enrich your morning is to stay hydrated. Throughout the day, you will most likely become involved in multiple tasks, which can prevent you from drinking enough water. Dehydration, or not drinking an adequate amount of water, can cause headaches, feeling thirsty, lightheadedness, and dry mouth, lips, and eyes.

One way to help remind you to drink water is to use a bottle that shows you when and how much water to drink. Add drinking water to your morning routine for a healthy start to your day.

By getting adequate sleep, exercising, eating breakfast, daily goal setting, and staying hydrated, a healthy and mindful morning is achievable and bound to be rewarding.

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