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5 Affirmations to Repeat Daily to Improve Your Lifestyle

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December 30, 2021

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The jarring sound of your alarm clock whips me up from my placid sleep, making me hop out of bed groggy and setting my day up for countless disasters. I amble down the stairs with a wrinkly white shirt and shovel spoonfuls of soggy Cheerios into my mouth for breakfast, wishing my morning could've gone better.

As awful as it is, this sequence of events has happened to me too many times throughout the course of my short high school career (spoiler alert: I'm a freshman). Chaos and mania in the morning always end up ruining my mood for the rest of the day.

That's why I would recommend starting your day off with affirmations. It might seem cheesy, but it will brighten your mood, your morning, and consequently your whole day.

1. I create happiness and opportunities wherever I go.

Remind yourself that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Even if your day doesn't exactly pan out the way you anticipated, you can always find a burst of joy somewhere. The key is looking at the smaller things in life, such as enjoying a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie, rather than attributing your happiness to a task, person, or external validation. These will only make you feel empty and unfulfilled.

2. Today, I am taking action towards completing my goals.

Starting your day off with a burst of energy and motivation can enable you to have a productive morning. As long as you aren't pushing yourself too hard to cross out to-dos, it can help you organize and structure your routine. It's perfect that many people are more relaxed in the morning, which can help them think clearly about their goals.

3. I am willing to step outside of my comfort zone and make a change.

Challenging yourself to make the most of the day can make you more of a risk-taker. Obviously, we're not talking about jumping-off-a-bridge kind of risk— but rather, raising your hand at least once in class or talking to at least one new person each day. It's like a muscle: the more open you are, the more trained your mind will be to accept new opportunities.

4. My heart is open; I only speak with loving words.

Being a teenager, I often say words or insults that I automatically regret. When I can feel the anger boiling inside of me, I take a deep breath and count to three, because it helps me slow down. Honestly, this one is pretty difficult— especially if you have an annoying younger sibling who likes to get on your nerves.

5. I honor myself with every decision I make.

Oftentimes, we regret the decisions we make or our mind ponders on what could have been. Although not every decision is set in stone, it's important to stick with your values and take ownership, even if your idea didn't work out.

Those were five affirmations I hope will make your lifestyle healthier and more fulfilled! Hopefully your mornings will become more peaceful, making your day the best it can be!

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