The Best Summer Nail Care for a Luxe At-Home Spa Day: ManiPedi with MiniLuxe

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Nothing really complements an outfit or a good mood like a good set of nails do; there's something about the way our hands are polished and primed that makes us feel oh-so-pretty.

However, to achieve Pinterest-worthy nail art, the nails themselves have to be in healthy condition. That means no hangnails, no cut-off edges, and strong nails that aren't easily brittle and broken- which actually isn't as easy as it sounds. Nail care can involve a lot of maintenance!

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To keep nail care simple and easy, MiniLuxe has the answer, all from the comfort of your own home. From their curated collections of nail-strengtheners and a wide array of gorgeous nail polish shades for every season, our hands have never been better cared for.

A brand focused on elevating self-care with a sleek, modern design that combines an adorable chic design with efficient effects, MiniLuxe is a total game-changer for the at-home mani-pedi spas.

What's more, the brand is changing the way self-care looks and feels; by bringing beauty beyond just the surface exterior, MiniLuxe is transforming the way we care for ourselves, including our delicate hands. From hand treatments to polishes with every hue imaginable, MiniLuxe has it all.

The Complete Treatments Set

Kiss the brittle, flaky nails goodbye- and say hello to healthy, strong nails! Nails are just as important to take care of, and the reasons aren't limited to aesthetic purposes; having properly cared-for nails can help prevent any painful cut-offs and keep them clean and neat.

To have the ultimate dream goal of nourished nails, look no further than the Complete Treatments Set: this collection of 5 includes everything you'll ever need for your hands.

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This set is composed of the five essentials: Perfect Prime, Pure Shine Top Coat, No Smudge Finisher Drying Drops, Nourishing Cuticle Oil, and Pure Strength Nail Strengthener.

The Perfect Prime provides the foundation that "helps to adhere polish," says MiniLuxe. This is for applying before any other polish to make the end result so much more strengthened. This can help prevent "cracking and staining, and acts as a ridge filler."

I love how it comes in a pearl-like sphere brush design, and that the color itself is a light pink, although less visible on the nail. This is a total game-changer for long-lasting nails!

The Pure Shine Top Coat is a clear bottle of top coat that provides extra shine. I love the way it glosses over the polish, making it look so luxe.

It can also protect the polish to prevent any quick wear and chips. "Pair with Perfect Prime for maximum effectiveness," advises MiniLuxe.

In a rush? Not to worry! The No Smudge Finisher Drying Drops helps reduce the drying time of your polish. This dropper also helps prevent accidental mess-ups during that drying process and moisturizes the cuticles during the wait time.

To use the No Smudge Finisher Drying Drops, simply apply the top coat, wait for the painted nails to set, and drop the clear liquid on top of the nail. It'll spread on its own and in no time, you'll have your nails all dry and ready!

The Nourishing Cuticle Oil Rollerball is an accessory that you simply cannot go without. This oil helps "prolong your manicure and soften your cuticles"- basically, a must to keep your nails happy and healthy.

Although it's made with oil, it's not greasy at all and is all-natural and EWG Verified. The secret to its goodness? It's all in the ingredients. "This non-greasy formula packs a punch with the antimicrobial properties of natural tea tree oil, nourishing benefits of vitamin E and jojoba oil, and the invigorating scent of lavender and lemon," says MiniLuxe.

Slip this rollerball into your purse and take it on the go and apply as you need!

The Pure Strength Nail Strengthener is the most basic must-have. Perfect to keep your nails strong and great for preventing any chips and breakage, this restorative polish is all about boosting your nails. "Made with over 80% plant-based ingredients, Pure Strength works hard to strengthen nails over time with a protective coating," says MiniLuxe.

The brand advises to use "after removing enhancements like gel polish or extensions"- and with its clear shade, it's even good to wear on its own as a glossy look!

The Nail Polish

If you want to be impressed, MiniLuxe's grand collection of nail hues sure will. From ditzy, dreamy pink to a mellow, moody blue, any color you can dream of, MiniLuxe has.

I love how there's a color for every mood and every occasion; whether you want to go for something tropical and laid back for the summer stretch or something classic and clean with a nude shade, you can find it on MiniLuxe.

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The nail polish itself is held in an adorable glass cube, which is topped by a metallic sphere on top. This chic design makes it eye-catching and looks wonderful layered on the shelf as decor.

What's more, this nail polish is oh-so-easy to use. Just like with any other nail polish, it comes with a sleek brush applicator attached- except it's a lot easier to maneuver around the nail and apply the edges. All you have to do is follow MiniLuxe's instructions:

  1. Apply a generous amount of Pure Polish to the brush.
  2. Wipe any extra back inside the neck of the bottle.
  3. Starting at the center of the nail, gently move the brush from the cuticle to the free edge without a lot of pressure.
  4. Moving quickly, repeat on the left and the right side of the nail.
  5. Apply two coats to create an even application.
  6. Allow your freshly painted nails to set for at least one minute.

This nail polish layers on well, and I love that you can build up the color as you go. The first layer is strikingly rich in color, and you can add on further to your liking.

The nail polish also excludes all the harmful ingredients and maintains clean standards, such as being cruelty-free, EWG Verified, vegan, paraban-free, and gluten-free.

Talk about being good for anything and everything- these nail polishes have you covered, literally!

The Iconic 90210

Nothing is more classic than red nails, and the resurgence of the street style chic look has brought the red nail trend along with it. To put a playful twist to the original red, 90210 adds a tint of coral to give the hue a bright makeover.

Shop the 90210 Nail Polish here.

Named aptly after the iconic 90210 zip code of Beverly Hills, this pop of red is all about the attention. I love how the color isn't afraid to be bold, and it has a way of standing against any background.

The 90210 shade goes well with any season, and with the incoming autumn weather approaching fast, this color will be perfect for stylish looks.

Clean & Fresh

If you're dreaming of blue skies and open sea, Fresh will encapsulate that feel through its light and airy color.

Shop the Fresh Nail Polish here.

This gorgeous light blue is somewhere between blue and lavender, giving it a bit of an elevated, sophisticated look. I love how the color is not too strong and startling, but definitely visible. It's almost neutral in the way that it goes along with anything!

This shade is perfect for the currently trending "Coastal Granddaughter" aesthetic, and the pale sky blue will compliment your linen outfits perfectly.

High Tides, Surf's Up

This deep ocean blue will remind you of the beach days spent with wild beachside activities- and as MiniLuxe puts it, this shade is a "force of energy that signals you are up for anything."

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I love how this cobalt shade is almost navy, and how it can look like different shades depending on the lighting. In the sun, the color takes on a striking gemstone shade, while indoors, it feels a lot more like a deep denim shade.

Pair this with anything denim, and you'll be as stylish as ever!

Sweet Like Cotton Candy

Neutral shades don't always have to be a boring nude. With the Cotton Candy, amp up the sweetness with a touch of delightful pink!

Shop the Cotton Candy Nail Polish here.

This stunning baby pink feels so feminine and dainty. I love how it makes you feel so pretty inside and out, and the shade goes along with practically anything.

Whether you wear this color with your classic white-tee-and-jeans combination or with a floral minidress, the Cotton Candy is sure to look gorgeous.

Refreshing Mint Julep

The light sage green has been on the trending fashion radar for a while, and that goes for nail shades, too.

Shop the Mint Julep Nail Polish here.

The Mint Julep is a pale green that plays up a flirty, charming persona. I love how the bright color is eye-catching. The color itself feels so refreshing, almost like a minty lemonade with its lighter shade.

This shade is perfect for anything dreamy in the outdoors; from picnics to tea parties, this shade will have you set for a lovely day!

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