All the Valentine's Day Nail Inspiration You Need for February

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Wednesday, February 08

From the timeless red lovers to the ones who prefer white—the ones wanting little hearts or the ones thinking pearls are more their type, we've got it all covered for you. And while you might not have a date for Valentine's Day this year, there's no better way to celebrate it than by treating yourself to a manicure you deserve! So, in the spirit of self-love (and a bit of Valentine's Day), here are 20 (yes 20) manicure ideas.

1. This timeless cherry red manicure

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Perfect for low effort with the best outcome, these nails are sure to dazzle anyone with its shiny, yet simplistic appeal. They are perfect for those who want to get into the spirit with a subtle touch.

2. This cute and bubbly heart-red manicure

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This manicure is the best for anyone wanting a quick and easy way to make your nails stunning and cohesive. The hearts add the cutest touch and the french tips make the nails look so put together.

3. This adorable pastel pink manicure

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Similar to the second manicure, this is simple, yet effective. It has a softer and more sophisticated look that makes it a go-to combination for whatever mood you're in.

4. These elegant pearl white nails

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These nails are amazing as they go with any outfit combination and are the epitome of classy and rich. The pearls tie everything together and make these nails not only pretty, but genuinely worth getting.

5. These chic black and white heart nails

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These nails go with anything and are definitely different from the typical red and white pink nails trending these days. They're unique and the hearts look elegant and playful, making them perfect for any Valentine's Day celebration.

6. These simple red french tip nails

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Perfect for the last-minute person, these nails are basic, beautiful, and minimalistic, making them easy to execute. This nail style is both timelessly chic, and my go-to!

7. These bedazzled heart nails

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Honestly, if you're the type of person who believes that there's no such thing as extra, then these cute and eye-catching nails are absolutely perfect for you. The color scheme is playful and fun, and these nails are honestly the cutest I've seen by far. A total recommendation from my side.

But if you'd like a more toned-down version, then…

8. These minimalist gem heart nails

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These nails are personally my favorite from this list as they are minimal, chic, and so very cute. The gemstones and hearts go hand in hand and are sure to be an eye-catcher.

9. These red squared heart nails

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Perfect for square nail lovers, these nails have a cute yet classy french tip, complete with a pearl-dotted, red-filled heart. The red is balanced out well and the pearls give the nails the cutest accessory—a must-have style in my opinion.

10. The cutest white french tip manicure

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This last-minute spin on the classic french tip is the cutest I've seen in a long time. It is unique and quirky in the best way possible. It's simple, practical, but most importantly, absolutely adorable!

11. These glitter heart and gem nails

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This manicure has been made for the ones who can't live without a little glitter and bling. It's non-traditional and expressive, and I absolutely love the different combinations of gems and metallic hearts which are all tied together with a beautiful luminous glitter coat.

12. This white pearl heart manicure


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This manicure is perfect for fellow pearl lovers who want something traditionally white yet elegant. This manicure has a good balance between the white tips and the joined pearl hearts that are like the cherry on top.

13. These glitter french tip nails

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These nails are one of my favorites as they're so classic in style, but the glitter and sheer pigment make them look so amazing and put together. I love the look and simplicity of these nails, and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who loves glitter, but doesn't want to make it the center of attention.

14. This metallic heart and dot manicure

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With the metallic hearts, these nails are unlike any I've seen before. They are something new and different, and something I predict to be a rising trend soon. The nails are balanced, and the shiny red pigment is definitely eye-catching with the tiny dots to compliment it.

15. These basic yet timeless red heart nails

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These nails are definitely the most basic of the list, but that's what makes them so timeless. They're simple, go with anything, and are minimal to the core. The sheer nude base coat makes the tiny red hearts stand out well, and overall, I'd say this is perfect for a last-minute and subtle manicure.

And if the sheer opulent base coat isn't for you, then…

16. This adorable and simple white and red manicure

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The same design, but a different (and possibly cuter) font.

17. The ultimate white color manicure

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This manicure is perfect for white and bling lovers, and has so many intricate elements to it, making it a showstopper. Complete with the ever-so-iconic french tips and white hearts, these nails are cute, chic, and amazingly adorable.

18. This intricate heart nail design

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This nail art is so pretty and elegant, and I truly think it is perfect for those who want a simple and stunning look. The main heart is a showstopper and compliments the rest of the manicure beautifully. This look is one of my favorites and I honestly would wear it all year round!

And saving the best for last….

19. This red jelly nail look

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She’s iconic. But in all seriousness, I'm head over heels for these nails. With everything jelly seeing a sharp rise in trends, these are the perfect nails to show your nail tech. They're simple yet trendy, and are so pretty to look at. I'd choose these in a heartbeat. I honestly love them so much and they're absolutely perfect for this (or any) occasion.

Getting your nails done can be fun and glamorous, but also tiring and tedious to find good and unique inspiration. Luckily, with this list, we can help you out. As always, don't feel inclined to give into the pressure of Valentine's Day—this list is just for the fun of it!

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