The 9 Keys to Survival in High School: College Student Edition

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If you’re reading this and are a current high school student, you probably know all too well the dread that follows when summer ends. Maybe you’ve even cried in your pjs, thinking of going back to the horrors of school the next day. Well, wipe your tears and inhale deeply: It is going to be okay. Going to high school might be or seem like the most challenging thing in your current teenage life, but trust me — stick it out and work hard now, and you will make it out safe and sound

As much as we focus on buying books, uniforms, and supplies, we need to also focus on the hidden secrets and myths associated with being a high schooler. Your mental and emotional health is just as important as your grades and physical health. So here’s what you should expect and know about the truth of high school

 Separate Negative Thoughts From Reality 

It’s natural; like any other high school, I used to be ashamed of what I looked like and how I acted. High school is rough — it can make you doubt even your own existence. People at my school were toxic, to the point where it became almost abnormal to be nice to one another. By the time I finished my junior year, however, I realized that the insecurities I had were stemming from a feeling, nothing more — there was nothing objectively wrong with me. So here’s a tip to take to heart in high school: embrace yourself, and praise yourself, and people will follow. Accept that you might have good and bad hair days, skin imperfections, and at times you may not love your body. You are developing as a human, and it is so incredibly normal to feel like an ugly rat — but remember that at the end of the day it’s mostly in your head. The negative image you create for yourself is not reality — it’s just a temporary feeling. 


  Speak Out

I used to care so much about what people would think of me if I said or did anything. I’d stay silent because I felt my opinion wasn’t even worth being discussed. But then situations had happened and my pride was almost everything and so I DID speak out. Your opinion matters and your existence is just as essential as that of everyone around you. Use it and change what you believe should change. Don’t back off when someone is trying to defeat you by any means; let your words and actions be your sword


Be Patient and Find Your People 

It may sound obvious — but don’t sit with a group of people if you don’t feel like you belong with them. You are not forced to stay with anyone who does not share the same vibe as you do. And if you did end up alone, trust me -- it’s far better than feeling like the odd one out, or even like a burden to everyone. Nothing is wrong with you. Sometimes, people just don’t share chemistry with you. I felt left out countless times during my sophomore year because I sat with people who underestimated me and my life. I felt more alone being with those people I was uncomfortable around. Do not settle for anything less than your value. You have all the time in the world — I promise you’ll eventually find your people who share your vibe


Make the Most of Difficult Times

I was going through a hard time during my sophomore year — I was alone, and it was hard. I had to deal with my problems alone, but through that time I ended up really figuring out my interests and passions. I started writing poems, as they were the only way to narrate what I was feeling inside. Use your hard situations as a way to rise to success. Work hard on what you have


Don’t Let Them Fool You 

Other people’s voices can sometimes sneak into your head and make you overthink or second guess yourself — and that is totally normal. But ask yourself: do you really want to change, or are you doing something because other people told you to? People used to tell me that I was chubby, and I needed to lose weight — but I remained thoughtful, thought about it myself first and only made changes to my lifestyle if I wanted to, not because they told me I had to. Don’t let those sneaky whispers get to you and make you wonder. If you feel comfortable with who you are, then just remove the dirt from your shoulder


Relationships are Not a Big Deal

If you think that being single is something to be ashamed of — trust me, it’s not. From personal experience, most of the dates you go on in high school are just to ease the boredom of the school year and aren’t too serious anyway. Whether you are single or taken, it is not a big deal. It’s not even worth thinking or worrying about it in high school! Honestly, eating ice cream and watch Netflix alone is way too underrated


Mind Your Own Business

Do what you feel right and suitable for you, and most importantly realize that you don’t need to compare yourself to others or mind when people try to drag you down. People used to criticize me in high school for whatever I was doing — even my closest friends. The sooner we all just mind our own business, the better


Be Flexible and Stretch Yourself


Failure isn’t defined by not succeeding. Failure is when you completely give up and decide that you’re not going to try at all anymore. But if you are working hard and simply haven't reached your goal yet, remember that you are still going somewhere. When I was studying for the SAT, I always had a problem in the math sections. I tried more than a thousand times, and I still did not get the score I wanted. But I didn’t give up, and I worked even harder until I got a good score. Do not be hard on yourself and accept the fact that your legs might skip the stairs. You might feel down and as if your world is totally over — but realize that it is not a big deal. You will not stay down forever, and you will find a way to recover as long as you keep pushing


People Closest To You Can Turn On You

As you start to work hard and use every muscle you have, envious people will show up. Here’s the surprise: the people closest to you can be the worst. In high school, so many people would make fun of me because I was really into writing and teachers would ask me to prepare things. The first people who started the humiliation, however, were my best friends at the time. They were the ones calling me names and who joked about sensitive issues to me. It’s sad, but do not be thrown off when you find the people closest to you staying away or making fun of your passions; it happens, and they are simply jealous. No matter how close you are to some of these people, do not listen to them if they are dragging you down. People change, and so do you. Continue on with your journey and don’t let them hold you back


High school can be tiring, boring and exhausting years, but you will be so surprised and proud of who you will become. Those years are the path of unlocking your own adolescent soul. High school can be a wonderful time too; it is all about the people you choose and the dreams you have. And no matter how many times you felt lost and left out, remember that you alone will find a way to be the best version of yourself. Be your independent Queen Or King, and rule the kingdom

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Fairouz Elbarakawy

Fairouz Elbarakawy, 18 years old poet, influencer,writer on Wattpad,and a founder of UnTied Community. Writing has been my best friend since I was 8. I never give up on something I have in mind ,and though I do suffer but I am a perfectionist. I am into psychology and have this addiction to self-help books ,that is where I get my positive mindset. Aside I am extremely sensitive,I manage to be cold as snowflakes.

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