Ten Unique Career Paths Teenagers Should Know Before College

Ten Unique Career Paths Teenagers Should Know Before College

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July 02, 2021

While most people would fall under the "traditional career" category, there are some that have job titles that may initiate a few furrowed brows. Others may have an uncommon side hustle and a common career. Whatever the case may be, here are ten unique career paths that every teenager should know before they enter college!

1. Nail Polish Namer

Ever wonder who comes up with the cool names on nail polish bottles based on their color? Nail Polish Namers, of course! This job choice generally doesn't require any formal education or training - only exceptional creative skills. The salary varies based on the company you work for but typically is in the $3,000 to $7,000 range.

2. Professional Cuddler

Did you know that cuddling -- platonic touch in general -- releases oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin - all of which are "feel good" hormones? Hence, why there's a lot of demand for professional cuddlers. This job makes about $60 an hour, plus tips, and offers the benefit of knowing that you had a positive impact on someone's life.

3. Panda Nanny

Do you enjoy being a nanny, but can't tolerate little human kids? Don't worry, because you can watch over pandas instead! Panda nannies are tasked with feeding, cleaning, and looking over these little fluffy creatures to make sure they are safe and sound. The job pays around $300 a month; however, it's more common in East Asia than in North America.

4. Hair Boiler

Hair boilers, like the name suggests, have the duty of working with a large vat to boil animal hair until it curls up. Vocational training is sometimes mandatory and the gross salary is around $33,000 USD.

5. Professional Sleeper

Love sleeping? This job might be perfect for you! Professional sleepers are generally hired for scientific/psychological studies and, quite literally, get paid for sleeping. As a professional sleeper, you can expect to get around $15,000 USD annually - not too bad for a side hustle that requires sleep.

6. Drying Paint Watcher

This isn't a joke - being a drying paint watcher is an actual job option. Believe it or not, companies hire professionals to watch and carefully observe how paint particles change colors and settle in as they dry. Drying paint watchers make around $40,000 to $60,000 USD a year.

7. Snake Milker

Snake Milkers are zoologists who specialize in extracting venom from snakes and other venomous reptiles for the sake of medical research studies. Although it's considered to be one of the deadliest jobs in America, snake milking is in demand and the annual salary is about $30,000 USD.

8. Dog/Pet Food Taster

Yes, you read that subtitle right. What may come as an even bigger surprise is that this job typically requires a doctoral degree. The reason this job even exists is to test the nutritional value of, write reports about, and augment the quality of pet treats. The average annual salary is about $30,000; however, this is typically a side to a larger job.

9. Rental Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Believe it or not, rental significant others don't just exist in Hallmark movies and are in actual demand for going on dates, meeting your parents, being a date to an event (e.g. prom and weddings), going with you to company dinners, etc. Basically, it's a real significant other minus the commitment and emotions and plus a contract. Rental significant others typically charge around $60 an hour, but this depends on the situation they are needed for.

10. Chicken Sexer

It's not what you probably think it is. A chicken sexer simply determines the sex of a chick. I promise.

Before becoming a chicken sexer, you will need to undergo lots of training and preferably have a science-related degree. Chicken sexers typically receive an annual salary of around $25,000 USD.

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