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Getting Extra Cash: 10 Jobs for High School Students

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January 30, 2022

We all like the idea of having a little extra cash in our pockets, but when you're still in high school, making money can be difficult if you don't know what jobs are available to you and how to get them. Thankfully, there are so many great options available for you to find a job.

1. Babysitting

Parenting is a 24/7 job, and sometimes they need a break. If you love kids and think you have the skills, why not try babysitting?

As a babysitter, you are responsible for taking care of the child or children and meeting all their needs while the parents are away. This includes feeding them, playing with them, and making sure, if they're young enough, that their diaper doesn't need to be changed.

Taking care of children is such an important job, that you need to make sure that you have the capabilities and the knowledge to properly be able to care for a child. If you would like to learn more about becoming a babysitter, check out this article.

Best Places To Find Jobs: Ask around and see if there is anyone that is looking for a babysitter. Often, there is at least one family who is.

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2. Tutoring

If you're always getting good grades, and you know how to create study plans that work, you can share your knowledge and help others get better grades.

Start by evaluating what your best subjects are. Those should be the areas you tutor since that's where you're the strongest. After you do that, do some research to find out the average tutoring rates in your area.

Then make flyers advertising tutoring with the list of subjects you tutor in, how much you charge, and your contact information. Post these flyers around the school.

Best Places to Find Jobs: Ask your teachers if they know of anyone who needs tutoring.

3. Teaching Music Lessons

There are always people wanting to learn a new instrument, so if you have the skills, why not start giving lessons?

Start by figuring out what ages you feel equipped to teach and then talk to other music teachers you know and ask for their advice on helping students with an instrument. Then set up a quiet space for you to teach your students. This might be a spare bedroom at your house or the music room at your church or school that you rent out for lessons.

Best Places to Find Jobs: Let people know that you teach music lessons. You can even start a Facebook page dedicated to your business. Remember to tell people what your rates are.

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4. Working Retail

Retail is a typical teen job for a reason because it is an easy skill to learn, and you can actually make a good amount of money that way.

Generally, stores will hire high schoolers to work in the afternoons and on weekends, to do everything from running a cash register to stocking shelves.

Often you will have several responsibilities that you will need to complete quickly so that you can continue to help customers and make the store an inviting place that people want to shop in. This means being quick on your feet and being willing to get things done without being asked.

Best Places to Find Jobs: Check out job sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed. Local job boards may also have listings.

5. Walking Dogs

Dogs need exercise and there are plenty of people out there who are willing to pay you to make sure that happens. Generally, you will probably spend about twenty to thirty minutes walking them before returning the little darlings home.

Make sure to keep the dogs on a leash length that is long enough for them to roam a little, but not so long that you can control them if necessary. You will also need to bring waste bags in case the dogs do their business while you're out.

When you first start walking a dog, ask the owner if there's anything you need to know about the dog. (Are they fixed? Do they have a tendency to get over-excited and try to run away?)

Best Places to Find Jobs: Ask friends, family, and neighbors who have dogs if they would like you to walk their dog or dogs a couple of times a week.

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6. Waiting Tables

Another teen-job classic is waiting tables because you don't need much beyond being friendly and remembering to take care of your tables.

Waiters and waitresses are the faces of any restaurant because they interact with the customers and make the restaurant a place people want to frequent. Waiters are also responsible for helping keep the dining room clean and making sure that diners have an overall great experience.

Best Places to Find Jobs: Check out Indeed and Glassdoor for job listings.

7. Lawn Mowing and Weed Pulling

Lawn care is super important, and it is also a great job if you like being in the great outdoors. Often, busy people don't have the time to keep their yards tidy, so they will hire teens to come and take care of it for them.

In order to start your own yard care business, you will need to have several basic things like a lawnmower, a weed eater, and a bucket for pulling weeds.

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8. Car Detailing

There's a saying that if a car looks good, it runs better. As a car detailer, it's your job to do just that.

Car detailers can work independently or for a full-service carwash. Depending on which route you go, your job may be slightly different, but the basics are still the same. Car Detailers do everything from washing and waxing the outside of the car to vacuuming, wiping the windows, and cleaning the seats.

This is a great job if you are a detail-oriented person, (pun intended), and like to keep things tidy.

Best Places to Find Jobs: If you plan on working independently, start advertising your services around your neighborhood. If you would rather work for a company, check out jobs sites and see what's available in your area.

9. Dog Clean-Up

Nobody really likes cleaning up after a dog, which makes it a great business venture if you're wanting to make a little extra money, because your customers will be thankful, and you will have a great corner on the market.

How it works is, once a week (usually close to trash pickup day), you will go and clean up all the dog waste and put it in the trash. It's really that simple.

If cats are more your thing, you could also start a litter box cleaning business.

Best Places to Find Jobs: Let dog owners in your area know that you are willing to come clean up after their pets.

10. Barista

If you are coffee obsessed, why not work in a coffee shop?

Baristas are the stars of any coffee shop who take orders and make all kinds of coffee and tea drinks, from cappuccinos to fruit-infused teas. They are also responsible for making sure that all the equipment stays clean and in good working order.

Best Places to Find Jobs: Jobs sites often have listings for baristas. Also, check local cafes' websites and social media pages as they will often post about open positions.

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Interview Tips:

1. Be Friendly

Smiling and having a positive attitude let the interviewer know that you are a cheerful person that will benefit their business.

2. Have A Firm Handshake

Handshakes are a big deal in the business world because your handshake says a lot about you. A firm handshake lets the person know that you are serious about the job.

3. Don't Embellish

While it may be tempting to give yourself an edge by stretching the truth just a little, DON'T DO IT! Never, ever lie or embellish in an interview, because if your boss discovers that you did, you can be fired.

4. Be Yourself

Don't try to be the person you think they want to hire. Instead, be the person that you are.

Closing Thoughts

Getting your first job is a big deal, and you should treat it as such. Don't be afraid to do some research before you start looking to make sure you find the job that's right for you. You can take career tests for free online and find out what your strengths are. And finally, don't feel discouraged if you haven't found the right job yet, someday you will find the perfect job.

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