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Taylor Swift Is One of Gen-Z's Most Beloved Artists- Here's 3 Reasons Why

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Mon, June 10

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous and well-regarded musicians in the world, with over ten albums to boast about. Her self-written songs are loved by teens because of their true and down-to-earth lyrics that ring loud and proud in many people’s ears. While many people resonate with her and her music, it is important to understand why that is so, and this article will do just that.

Her Lyrics

Taylor Swift’s songs are beloved because of the important message that they give. To give context, she started out as a country singer with her first album, her debut album, being all country songs. However, as she got older and branched out more in terms of her music choices, she began to write more pop-style songs, which is still her main kind of music today.

Her lyrics, which range from using connotative words to writing gut-wrenching phrases, are just some of the ways she incorporates unique words into her music. Examples of these lyrics can be seen in her song, This is Me Trying, where she includes phrases such as “I had the shiniest wheels, now they’re rusting”, where she creatively explains how she feels she was number one and perfect but over time, has grown imperfect in her ways. Her other songs include lyrics as heartfelt as those, which make them so intriguing to listen to and sing along to.

Another reason her lyrics are so beloved by fans everywhere is because they draw on her personal life experiences. For example, her song titled Dear John, in her Speak Now album, is about her relationship with her ex, John Mayer. Swift recalls this relationship in her song with phrases like “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with” as a way to show her thoughts on their dating.

Meyer was more than ten years older than Swift when they were together and she believes that this large age difference allowed him to manipulate her. She thus emphasizes this through her lyrics in a multitude of her songs. Swift's lyrics are persuasive, intimate, and most of all, powerful, which makes them so important in the reasoning for why her fans adore her.

Her Plethora of Albums

Not many young musical artists can boast more than two or three albums in their career, but Swift is in anything but that position. Swift holds 11 albums to her name, and her next one is soon to be on the way.

As soon as she ends one, she immediately starts on another, with the Tortured Poets Department album being no exception. While Swift has just released this album this past spring, she has already announced her next album, which is being named Seashore.

Swift never lacks in music for her fans, and her many albums prove to be no exception. Each album contains multiple songs, sometimes being more than a dozen. This is so unique because many albums don’t have more than ten songs to them, but Swift always adds extra songs for her fans. She never fails to leave her fans in awe, and by having so many songs and albums to support this, it’s obvious that her fans never run out of music to listen to.


Swift's way with words and fountain of albums is only part of the reason she is so admired by people all around the world. A major reason for this is her concerts. Swift is constantly touring, and in fact, she is doing so right now.

She began her Eras tour in the beginning of 2023 in the United States, and after traveling around the country, has went abroad to Latin America and Australia. She has reached multiple continents and is not stopping yet. Her nonstop touring allows all her fans to see her live, which is not possible for fans of many other singers.

To add to her concerts, her performances are what really make these nights special. At each concert, Swift constantly changes outfits and each one is more sparkly than the last. From sequins to bright colors, her clothes never fail to wow the audience.

In addition to what she wears, her dancing is just as amazing. Her choreography is outstanding, and she has many backup dancers with her to support her as she sings. With props that add a fun illusion to her presentation on the stage, it’s no wonder that her concerts are long sought after.

Swift has long been seen as one of the most decorated and superior singers in the world. Kids, teenagers, and adults around the globe listen to her music every day and always find a way to find a new message in them. Swift is adored by nearly all, and clearly, that will never stop.

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