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Sunkissed in Seconds: Achieve a Glowy Springtime Look with Gen-Z Favorite Saie

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Monday, March 13

Your freckles are out, there is a gentle breeze running through your hair, and the days feel longer. Springtime is finally here, and that calls for a time of endless sunshine and laid-back days.

If you're looking to prime up for the warmer season with a glowy clean-girl makeup look, it's time for you to say hello to Saie.

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You may have already seen Saie trending all over your social media pages, and it's no surprise why. This clean beauty brand is focused on sharing makeup that is consciously made, luxurious, and sustainable. It's so crucial to maintain your skin even from a younger age, and Saie does it all with ingredients that perform well and are made well.

With just a few simple and affordable beauty items, recreating that tanned, bronzed look can be totally effortless. Check out Saie's most trending items for a naturally glowing look this spring:

Bronzed & Glowy For Spring

This fan-favorite bronzy glow gel has been taking the internet by storm, and for good reason.

Shop the Saie Glowy Super Gel in shade Sunglow here.

You may have seen this bronzy glow gel all over your TikTok feed, and for good reason; we just can't get enough of it. Winter may have left us pale and in need of some sun, but this gel offers the perfect solution in mere seconds.

With a moisturizing water-based formula, this gel is the easiest thing to put on and gives your skin nourishing hydration. Simply apply this tint before your foundation, or mix it in with your foundation. It looks so natural and impressively melts into the skin, and has quickly become a makeup staple.

I just love how lightweight and dewy this luminizer is. It's so weightless that you can barely feel it, and it's comfortable enough to wear on its own. It's also non-greasy and light enough to wear on its own as a primer. Plus, it offers the glowiest finish ever, giving you that natural radiance!

Achieving a bronzed look for the warmer weather doesn't have to be pricey; this dupe delivers the perfect results for much less. If anything, this is the perfect affordable pick to start your spring off strong!

Skincare & Tint In One

Meet Saie's best-selling, multi-award-winning tinted moisturizer. Clean beauty is totally in right now, and so is that no-makeup makeup look; there's no better way to achieve that than a makeup item that combines skincare with it.

Shop the Saie Slip Tint here.

With a diverse range of shades, the Saie Slip Tint blends seamlessly into the skin and literally looks and feels like a second skin.

The product comes with an easy-to-use pump with an easy-to-apply formula. It has the perfect consistency for you to blend in with your fingers, and easily absorbs to provide great coverage and a subtle glow from the inside out.

I love how it's so smooth and hydrating, and it feels so light and easygoing on the skin. Made with the most powerful ingredients, this dewy moisturizer gives you SPF 35 protection in the sun and blends into your skin for that dewy glow. Plus, with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid for hydration, licorice root for brightening, and pansy flower for antioxidants, this product is just the perfect punch of superfood for the skin.

Want to find your match? Use Saie's handy dandy shade finder to find your match!

Flush & Blush Just Right

This cream gel is the master of getting that naturally flushed, happy-go-lucky blush. Lightweight and buildable, this gives you that "lit-from-within flush"- and is your best friend for a flirty, feminine glow.

Shop the Saie Dew Blush here.

The product comes with a doe-foot applicator that's wide enough to dot along your cheeks. I love how light and delicate the formula ; it's perfect for layering onto the skin and easy to build up to your desired hue. Best of all, it looks so natural!

I love tapping the product into my skin with just my fingers. It blends right into the skin without any streaks and patchiness, and has a subtle glow to it, too. This blush will make you feel so fresh, and I adore how it breathes some life into the makeup look!

The Dew Blush is available in six shades: Peachy, Rosy, Poppy, Dreamy, Chilly, and Spicy. All shades look stunning on anyone and everyone! Our two favorites for the spring weather are:

Shop the Saie Dew Blush in shade Dreamy here.

Shade Dreamy is the dream- quite literally. This burst of magenta-like blush is the perfect shade for a late night out or after a bronzed, tan look spent by the waters. It's magnetically alluring, and the deeper cherry pink is to be obsessed with.

Shop the Saie Dew Blush in shade Rosy here.

Shade Rosy is a light, princess pink that feels oh-so-airy and sophisticated. This shade embodies the springtime feeling of blossoming flowers and bright sunshine, and I love how easygoing and effortlessly pretty the hue is!

Sunkissed And Contoured

A bronzer is a must for the warmer weather to highlight and contour in all the sculpted cheekbones and jawlines. When it comes to having that soft-sculpted contour, there's nothing better for the job than the Saie Sun Melt.

Shop the Saie Sun Melt here.

This gorgeous creamy balm bronzer is seriously the best thing ever. With its velvety finish that blends seamlessly into the skin, it's quickly become one of my absolute favorites.

To apply, I love using a big brush to swirl around and build upwards into the cheekbones and jawline. The softness of the cream bronzer allows you to bring attention to where you want without overdoing the contour. This bronzer looks genuinely natural, and accomplishes that goal of having you seriously wondering whether it's makeup or not!

Plus, this bronzer is easy to build on thanks to its smooth formula. With just one swipe, it gives you a wonderful hint of contour, and when you buff it up, it'll give you that gorgeous bronzed look.

Perfect for the spring and approaching summer, pack it into your travel bags for whenever you're out for a fun time!

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