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5 Must-Haves for a Summer-Ready Glowing Makeup Look: Clean Beauty Essentials from Saie

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Mon, April 29

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining extra brighter, and our skin is looking extra sunkissed and glowy– it’s finally summertime. Not only does that mean the good days are ahead of us, but that also means it’s time to switch up our makeup looks.

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It’s time to pack away the darker-toned, matte, and wintery looks- now, it’s all about the glowy, playful, flirty looks. Nothing screams “summer” more than some pinkish hues and glittery, glowy bases, and if anyone is the master of that makeup style, it’s got to be Saie.

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If Saie could be described as anything, the words “clean girl” would immediately pop into my mind first, and for a myriad of reasons.

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With its simple yet high-quality products, Saie always creates a vibe that is effortless but gorgeous. Makeup is all about enhancing your natural features, and there is nothing Saie does better than that.

With Saie, you can add pops of color to your cheeks, add a golden bronze to your freckles, dust your eyelids with shimmer, and lightly tap away any blemishes with products that seamlessly blend into your skin tone.

What’s more, Saie uses clean ingredients that you can trust. I’ve learned my lesson with makeup brands that don’t emphasize what’s used for their products, and Saie is one of the few brands that have never caused breakouts or intensified acne.

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“We work with distinguished labs across the globe to ensure all of our formulations are safe and effective,” shares Saie. “We combine potent ingredients with the best that science has to offer to create products that are as clean as it gets.”

With the summer approaching, I have been so excited to switch out my makeup look into something that is minimal but has all the glow I need. If you’re looking for the ultimate “clean girl” makeup look for the summer, these are the 5 makeup essentials that you just can’t go without:

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The Slip Tint Radiant All-Over Concealer

My makeup has never looked better after ditching foundation as a whole and sticking with a concealer that actually matches my skin tone and doesn’t feel so heavy on my face.

Shop the Slip Tint All-Over Concealer here.

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This multi-tasking concealer has become my absolute favorite, and I cannot stop raving about it. Made to have medium coverage, this concealer can tap away and blur all the blemishes, redness, dark circles– and all imperfections that you want seamlessly blended in.

The lightweight cream formula is so easy to use, and I love how easily it melts into the skin. It almost feels like you’re applying skincare. Saie formulated this concealer to cater to all skin types, and I feel safe using it knowing it’s dermatologist-tested, sensitive-skin friendly, and vegan.

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The best part? You can trust this to last you for as long as you need. My previous concealers would never even last through a day at school, but the Slip Tint Radiant All-Over Concealer lasts well into the night.

Now that I’ve found a concealer that actually matches my skin tone (Saie provides such a wide variety of shades for everyone and anyone to match theirs!), doesn’t feel greasy, cakey, or overdone, doesn’t break me out, and lasts as long as I need it, you can bet this is staying a staple on my makeup counter.

The Glow Sculpt

It’s time to make the classic blush something more multi-purpose.

Shop the Glow Sculpt here.

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If you want to achieve that look where you have the flushed look if you’ve just run through a flower meadow, but also have it look so effortlessly casual and natural that you’re questioning if it’s makeup or skin, this is the right product for you.

This multi-use cream highlighting blush adds the perfect lifted effect, and when placed at the right spots to accentuate your features, it’ll create such a glowy sculpted look.

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I’ve never come across such a blush that adds a realistic radiance to my skin. The luminous look (from the cream pigments blended with fine micropearl) just captures my heart, and I love how it’s not overly glittery or chalky.

I personally think the Peachglow is the perfect summer shade. This warm pinky peach has a slight shimmer and is the most adorable blush shade that feels so flirty and youthful. With 5 different shades, you can blush and highlight your way.

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The Lip Blur​​

There is nothing more classy than a lipstick, and this has the perfect consistency of creamy and dewy without being too glossy or too matte.

Shop the Lip Blur here.

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In my book, the perfect lipstick enhances shades of pinks and reds without being overly done and glossy. This lipstick checks all my boxes, because I can rely on it to stay for long periods of time without feeling too shiny and too bold.

This super-nourishing formula also almost feels like a lip balm, with its creamy and hydrating consistency made of good-for-you ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Oil, Jojoba Esters, and Berry Fruit Wax.

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With six shades that are buildable, I love how the Lip Blur can be tapped on for a soft, noticeable-but-also-subtle blur, but can be swiped on for multiple layers to create a smooth, full-coverage look.

The Modern is a personal favorite of mine, not only because it looks great for the summer, but also for a year-round look. With a rosy nude shade that has that classic pinkish tinge, but feels a little more grown up, this might just be the most versatile, realistic shade of nude to amp up the color on your lips.

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The Airset

Summer can be a sticky season. Beat the oiliness and keep your makeup perfectly applied with Airset.

Shop the Airset here.

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Makeup can get tricky in the summer with how hot and humid the weather can get, but the Airset can set and smooth all your worries to rest.

This patented aerated-cream technology has the most weightless formula, and the loose powder diffuses all the extra oiliness away while making your makeup set just the right way without looking cakey or dry.

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I just love how this powder makes the skin look so luminous and supple. It looks so natural without leaving a trace of powder, and it’s so easy to tap away all the extra shine. The Airset comes in 3 different shades.

Plus, Airset is made with ethically sourced Mica. As Saie shares, this safe synthetic mimic of mica “requires no mining and has no potential for child labor.”

The Quilted Makeup Bag

This bag is going to come in so handy for all the summer vacations.

Shop the Quilted Makeup Bag here.

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This oversized makeup bag has quickly become my favorite. With a huge storage capacity (I was genuinely shocked at how much it was able to fit- I had room for all of my basic products, brushes, and even basic hygiene products) and a small interior pocket (2 sections- perfect for hair ties, bobby pins, you name it), this makes on-the-go moments as easy as can be.

This adorable catchall bag is not only convenient but sustainable, too! As Saie shares, this bag was made from SaieCycled™– “a sustainable fabric created with 100% recycled plastic bottles!”

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The craziest bit? The quilted exterior is genuinely the softest, plushest thing ever. I feel so at ease storing even the most fragile glass bottles in here for flights, because I know they’re going to be much safer in this than regular makeup bags.

Plus, can we talk about how pretty this shade of lilac is? I’m obsessed.

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