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Get the Viral Sunkissed Makeup Look in Just 5 Steps with Clean Beauty Essentials from Saie

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July 10, 2023

Gone are the days of overdone, cakey makeup looks- now, the clean girl makeup look has officially taken over, and for good reason. From the glazed, dewy glow to the glass skin trends, it's all about achieving that "no makeup" look that enhances our natural beauty.

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For such looks that emphasize the minimalism of it all, it can be hard to find makeup that actually makes the face feel complete with ingredients you can trust. Sometimes, it's okay to be picky, and it's actually right to be picky about what goes on your face!

If you've been looking for beauty products that check all the boxes when it comes to being thoroughly clean in and out, it's time for you to Saie hello to the brand that's gone viral for makeup as skincare.

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This brand isn't from your mom's beauty cabinet- think of Saie as the cool older sister that's flirty and thriving. With Saie's 'The Feel Good Five' philosophy of committing to conscious, luxurious, earth-minded, award-winning, and being the new trailblazers for makeup, it's a brand that makes you feel genuinely good about putting it on and wearing it all day.

Welcome to our world, where high-performance formulas, sustainable packaging and practices, and inspired design are just as important as clean, good-for-you ingredients. We create products that are formulated by experts, backed by industry secrets and made for beauty fans everywhere.

- Saie

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With summer in full swing, Saie has the perfect clean beauty essentials for that TikTok-trending glowy look- and it can be as easy as just 5 steps:

Step 1: Smoothen With Foundation

This foundation set comes with the perfect base brush to make your face the most seamless base.

Shop the Super Skin Duo here.

It's time to upgrade the foundation to something more weightless and silky- meet the Glowy Super Skin. This antioxidant-packed foundation is more like a serum that provides a lightweight coverage all over your skin to even out the skin tone and deliver a boost of hydration.

This foundation will give your skin an all-over luminous glow that doesn't look greasy at all, but rather gives you a touch of simple radiance. The medium-buildable coverage will still allow you to cover up any uneven blemishes to give you a smoothened base.

I love how this foundation makes your skin feel like actual skin, and how breathable it is. It absorbs into the skin so quickly that you'll forget that you even have it on!

The Super Skin Duo also includes the Base Brush, which is the perfect all-over brush for multiple uses. This handy-dandy brush can be used for foundations, highlighters, and so much more.

Made with the softest bristles that actually get to everywhere without just absorbing the product, this is perfect for getting that full coverage. I love that it's also cruelty-free and vegan. This will shock you with how versatile it is, and it's the perfect addition to pop in your makeup bag!

Step 2: Blend To Brighten

We all need some brightness- and the Hydrabeam knows how to deliver.

Shop the Hydrabeam here.

Whether you have a pesky pimple that just surfaced or dark undereyes from that late last night, the Hydrabeam concealer has you covered- literally. This concealer isn't just about hiding and covering, though; it also enhances your skin with a rich, hydrating cream that comes in 15 shades.

This gorgeous creamy concealer blends right into the skin and looks fantastically natural. The brightness is immediately visible and will light up your makeup, and behind the scenes, the clinically tested formula will deliver skin superfoods like Squalane, Glycerin, Cucumber, and Tomato extract to keep it all dewy and bright.

The concealer has a buildable coverage, so you can level up to however much you need to tap onto the skin. I love that you don't need much to get the job done- with a lightweight feel, this is the perfect go-to for the hot summer!

Step 3: Get Sunkissed in Seconds

This bronzer has become my new best friend for the summer- no joke.

Shop the Sun Melt here.

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Summer means it's time to get sunkissed, and this smooth, creamy balm bronzer can do it all in seconds. From someone that didn't use bronzer much, the Sun Melt has become an absolute must in my makeup routine- it's really that good.

This viral bronzer has a velvet-like finish that just can't compare to anything else. The lightweight and creamy balm melts right into the skin for the most natural contour that adds definition in all the right places. It may be subtle, but it makes all the difference- I couldn't be more obsessed.

I love that it's buildable and effortless, and how it makes you look like you've really spent days somewhere tropical!

Step 4: Sculpt With Some Shimmer

Give your blush a bit of a glow, or turn it into a highlighter instead!

Shop the Glow Sculpt here.

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Glow Sculpt is the item when it comes to versatility, and its multi-usage as both a blush and a highlighter proves it all. This gorgeous tinted highlighter doesn't just give your cheekbones a simple glow- it completely lifts and enhances the makeup look.

Infused with a subtle glimmer, this lightweight creamy balm has a glowy, luminous finish thanks to its pigments blended with fine micropearl. I love applying this to the cheekbones for a sculpted look, and even on eyelids and cupid's bows to give it a shimmery highlight!

The Glow Sculpt comes in 5 shades ranging from warm browns to cheeky pinks, and these work beautifully together to create that perfect glow from within.

Step 5: Set With A Flair of Powder

To finish off your look, you need a dash of silky powder to set it all in.

Shop the Powder Duo here.

Don't underestimate the power that powder can have on your makeup- it really is the key factor to making your makeup look complete. The Airset powder is created with a patented aerated-cream technology that helps you get that velvety finish that doesn't feel too matte and reduces the oily appearance. At just a few taps, this powder removed all the shine from my makeup, but still left it with a fresh, glowing look.

I love how lightweight the powder is; you actually can't even feel it on the face. Plus, this loose powder helps hydrate the skin with a formula of Squalane for a boost of moisturization and ethically-sourced Mica for a smooth, non-cakey diffusion!

The Powder Duo wouldn't be complete without the Fluffy Brush. This palm-sized, adorable brush is actually designed to be "first-time-powder-person friendly" as Saie calls it- so even if you're new to the whole powder thing, this brush makes it easy!

With bristles that feel so gentle on the skin and a pinpointed tip that helps to tap on specific areas to blur the shine, this brush works wonders for achieving that filter-like skin.

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