Sun-Kissed Adventures: Your Ultimate Guide to a Memorable Summer


Thursday, March 02

Every year we always say, "This will be our summer," or that we'll make the most of it. Let's be honest - we end up sitting around and most likely scrolling on TikTok all day. When summer arrives, we just let it pass by when we should be making the most of it. After all, when summer ends, we'll be back to our average lives doing god knows what - in this case, probably more tedious work. But don't worry; summer is slowly nearing, with only 4 months to spare. There is still plenty of time for last-minute activities, trips, and more. Perhaps you still need to plan that trip abroad to Greece, or you just want to feel the happiness and glow of summertime while it remains for that short period. Summer is a chance to fulfill opportunities and begin new hobbies. I have included a list of things you can do with your friends and family!

Go camping with friends

Late sunsets, clear skies, and the summer feel - just what you need to have the perfect camping experience. This summer should be about embracing the wild and doing fun activities with your friends. You could do this by camping - the perfect way to bond and make unforgettable memories with your friends and family! These activities could be making s'mores with the fire, creating a cozy and snug fort in the tent, or watching movies with a few midnight snacks. This doesn't have to be in the woods, but even in your garden! Who would've thought that camping could be so easy to do?

Try a new hobby

Maybe you even want to pick up that hobby you've wanted to try for quite some time. Learning new hobbies is a great way to find new things to enjoy. Summer is also a great time to start as you have all the time in the world - 2 months should be plenty! For example, you could set yourself a target to learn a few new songs on a musical instrument, or you could learn to cook a new recipe. Also, picking up a hobby keeps you occupied throughout the summer - you could even show off what you've learned to your friends after the summer season!

Try a watersport

Is there a watersport out there that you've always wanted to try? Well, this summer is your chance to start one. It could be one you've already done, or you could take charge and be spontaneous. Spontaneity is the key to discovering new things and having fun. A watersport you could do could be paddle boarding, water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, sea kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, and the list goes on and on. The choices are endless - you could even try a new watersport with friends and family. I've done many water sports throughout my life, and they have all equally been quite the experience. Let's make this summer a summer of new skills developed and new memories made.

Go to a drive-in movie theater

I'm sure you've seen drive-in movie theaters all over the media. Well, why not live it out and experience it in real life? You may be wondering, well, why a drive-in movie theater and not a cinema? I have the answer here just for you! Drive-in movie theaters are a great way to involve nature's surroundings while snuggling up with a loved one or friends outdoors. Also, bringing your own snacks is generally easier and less questionable - cinemas have very strict rules about this! You can also rewatch your favorite movies as they may not be displayed in your local cinemas - those generally only display newly released films.

Drive-in movie theaters are also way more comfortable; having to sit in a hard and discomforting seat - with a drive-in movie theater, you come in your car, allowing you to take the comfort of your heated seat. You could perhaps bring pillows and blankets to make the scene extra cozy! Moreover, you can also talk during the movie. If you're like me and like to make the occasional joke or two, these are perfect! During the summertime, it also means that it doesn't get cold.

Try new foods

Maybe you plan to explore a new area with a different and exciting culture. This is an excellent opportunity to try new foods you would have never tried! Maybe you're going somewhere closer to the coast and want to try the local seafood there. By saying no to new foods, you might be saying no to your future all-time favorite dish, which you may have declined, only to continue eating the same old foods you consistently eat.

Do some crafts

Crafts can be defined in so many ways. It may be expressed through jewelry making (like bracelets, earrings, or necklaces), cute daisy chained flower crowns, or making tie-die t-shirts (this could be any material - your choice!). My particular favorite type of craft is bracelet making, as I can accessorize myself for the summer. I find making summer outfits so fun as this enhances my creativity as an art type. Crafting also brings new opportunities to find hobbies you may not have thought you would like. Again, summer is all about trying new things! It's also a chance to develop a new skill. Below, I have included links to guide you to some handmade crafts you can make this summer.

Learn how to make friendship bracelets here

Learn how to make tie-dye here

Go to an inflatable water park with friends

I've meant to go to an inflatable water park with my friends for so long, but I always forget about it, so don't let this be you! Take that opportunity and go to your local inflatable water park and make a splash. Looking back now, going to that one inflatable water park in 2018 was worth it, as it was a fun activity with a large group of friends. I remember taking a big leap of faith in one of these and the adrenaline this brought me. So, I'm urging you to add this activity to your calendars, as the memories you can make will remain lifelong.

So, let's get planning!

I hope that these activity ideas for the summer sparked some motivation in you. Making bucket lists is one of my favorite things to do, so be sure to add these to your list for this summer - the best summer is yet to come!

Mary Kleingeld

Mary Kleingeld is currently a secondary school student from the UK hoping to pursue writing and journalism at University. You can find her writing, painting, and even learning a new musical instrument.