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Steps to Add to Your Quick Morning Routine

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July 28, 2023

Rise and shine, busy teens! While this sounds perfect to say - to have the time to rise and to shine in the mornings, I have to accept that, as a teenager, I barely have the time to awaken as I rush out of my house every morning. Amidst all this, when teenagers hardly have time during the hustle and bustle of the day, how are they supposed to fit in a lengthy and complex morning routine? Luckily for them, morning routines can be quick and composed of a few steps!

Whether you are a night owl struggling to meet your alarms or an early bird unsure of what to do every morning, the following quick morning tips will help you formulate the perfect morning ritual to conquer the rest of your day! So, follow along as we discover the steps we can add to our rushed early hours to transform our mornings into energizing, refreshing, and effective periods!

Avoid the 'Snooze' button

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Just 5 more minutes.

This may seem like the best decision when you wake up, but I assure you (from experience!) that it turns into 35 minutes of extra sleep within seconds. Hence, the best way to begin your mornings, especially when you find it hard to wake up, is to count to 5 in bed and to positively push your way through!

It is also helpful to wake up with an intent - some form of motivation. To do this while in bed, visualize your day. This can be done by imagining completing the tasks for the day and going through the hustle and bustle with some control and calmness.

You could even begin with morning affirmations! Create a list of positive affirmations you can recite every morning. Some of my favorites are: “I am strong.

I am capable. I am happy” or “I accept my awesomeness. I am relaxed and calm. I am unstoppable.”

A few stretches

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Simple stretching exercises in the morning can energize you for the rest of the day (debatable, as much as the possibilities of coffee). As teenagers, stretching can be of incredible use to us. From sitting at our desks to being stuck in traffic or binge-watching our favorite shows, it is normal for occasional laziness and exhaustion to sweep into us.

Incorporating stretching exercises into our morning routine is quick and easy. You can follow along with the exercise with the use of a YouTube Video, exercise together with a dear friend over FaceTime, or follow the simple following process:

1. Lay out a mat

2. Begin with neck rotation

3. Move to shoulder rotations (anti-clockwise and clockwise)

4. Stretch your hands forward, then over your shoulder

5. Rotate your wrists, followed by shaking your fingers for a couple of seconds

6. Complete some hip rotations, both clockwise and anti-clockwise

7. Attempt to touch your toes and hold for as long as you can

8. Bring your legs towards your stomach and hold for some seconds

9. Complete with some deep breaths

10. Also, you may want to add bonus exercises involving jumping jacks, high knees, or on-spot jogging if you are excited about some energy rush!

Ace your daily hygiene!

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Brushing our teeth, showering, getting ready, and putting on sunscreen. While we do these every day, one of the crucial problems we face daily is the decision fatigue of "What next?". How can we avoid this? A set schedule and process for these tasks can enable a seamless flow of ease through one’s everyday activities. While you may be doing these already, here is a recap of the essential hygiene steps of the morning:

1. Brushing teeth and face

2. Showering

3. Getting dressed and combing hair

4. Sunscreen and deodorant

Always stay hydrated

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Drinking water on an empty stomach as you wake up has immense benefits! Whilst it's imperative to have 2-3 liters of water throughout the day, hydrating your body in the morning flushes out all toxins, prevents the body from kidney stones and bladder infections, and even helps with developing healthy hair!

Everyone may have a different intake of water every day, depending on their personal requirements. It is recommended to drink at least one glass of water after waking up as it has immense benefits!

Have a Healthy Breakfast

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"The best options when it comes to breaking your fast are those that are based on whole foods, i.e., foods that are in their natural state and not processed, with protein and fiber to satisfy and give your body fuel for the day ahead," - Kaidanian

Having whole foods allows your body to review nutrient-rich fuel that helps with improved digestion, stabilizing energy levels, enhancing brain function (needed for those math problems especially), and health benefits such as reduced risk of chronic diseases and support for the immune system

Keeping this in mind, if you have a sweet tooth, you could consider having oatmeal with nuts and berries, a smoothie bowl, chia seed pudding, or whole grain pancakes or waffles. On the other hand, if savory is what you prefer, you could have vegetable omelets, avocado toast, or quinoa Bowls!

Fun things to tag along

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If the above-mentioned tips and tricks aren’t motivating you enough, here are ways to make it a more appealing and fun process.

You could add listening to a podcast or music through your quick routine. This may be while preparing breakfast, getting ready, or completing your stretches! While these are entertaining and don’t require undivided attention, they are also incredible sources of inspiration and forms of relaxation and meditation.

If you have some time at hand - best for the weekends - the stretches could be replaced, or even better coupled, with a brisk walk outdoors. Sunshine and fresh air in the morning are great for breathing and uplifting your mood for the rest of the day.

Finally, you can take 5 minutes (personally, the best time would be in front of the mirror whilst brushing) for ecstatic dancing. What is ecstatic dancing? It is exactly what you may imagine - abandoning yourself to the rhythm of the music, moving freely, and letting yourself loose.

What's the wait? Begin tomorrow morning!

Now, you are all ready with the perfect morning routine plan! This quick and flexible routine of 5 tips should not take longer than 30 minutes and should be enough to energize you through your rushed days! Morning habits can truly make a difference between a good morning and a great one. Feel free to twist and turn the above tips to fit your preferences, and have a Get Go to your productivity and positivity right as you wake up!

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