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How to Get Ready for the School Year

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August 29, 2022

Summer is sadly ending, so we have to get ready for the upcoming school year. Whether you are in high school or in postsecondary education, you never get used to suddenly having school starting again. So here is a guide on how you can make the transition from summer to school as smooth as possible!

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Get Back to Your Routines

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While it may be hard, it is important to get back to your usual school routines. Start by setting your alarm a bit earlier every day until you reach the time you usually wake up during the school year. Also, try going to sleep earlier as you get closer to the first day of school.

It's hard to start because you were so used to a different sleep cycle during the summer break. You're used to sleeping late, so your body won't even fall asleep as you lie down in your bed. But it's still important to start, since your body and mind will slowly get used to it. You'll therefore be well rested for when school starts (assignments and exams are on the way, so get all the sleep you can now!).

Don't forget to also put together a morning routine. Morning routines are different for everyone, but here are some of the basics to include:

A healthy breakfast that will energize you throughout the day.

A skin care routine that suits you.

Drink a full glass of water.

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

You can even try adding in a short run or stretch if you have the time.

Once you have your routine put together, try starting it two weeks before school starts. This way you'll get used to it and it won't be hard to do it the first morning of the school year. Not only will this give you a smooth transition for the school year, but it will also boost your morals in the morning (you will have accomplished so much already in just the morning!)

Make New Goals

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Making new goals for the school year will allow you to look forward towards accomplishing them. Additionally, they will allow you to focus on working towards them. A few examples of goals that someone can have include:

Getting an A in the class you have most trouble with.

Obtaining a place in a school sports team.

Making new friends.

Joining more extracurricular clubs.

Everyone's goals are different, because everyone's situation in life is different. So, the goals that some can have for themselves, don't necessarily need to be the same goals you have for yourself. However, having any kind of goals for the school year will ensure that you work hard for it and, most likely, succeed.

To keep track of your goals and your journey to achieving them, you can write them all down in a notebook. For instance, if your goal is to get a final mark of A in English, then write down in your journal, every time you get a good mark on your tests or assignments. If you aren't getting the marks you desire, then try different learning styles to achieve better results. You should just remember to not give up and be proud of every small achievement toward your bigger goal.

Plan Outfits

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Here is a fun way to get ready for the school year; plan out your outfits!

It can be very stressful choosing the right outfit the morning of your school day, especially your first day of school. You want an outfit that is fashionable and out of the ordinary (being the first day) and none of the clothes you see in the morning are any good.

So, try out different combinations of outfits with the clothes you have in your closet. Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and your usual style of clothing. If you don't know where to start, you can look for inspiration online.

For example, you can try different aesthetic styles of clothing. Who knows, you might find a whole new style that suits you better than your usual clothing! Pinterest has numerous boards full of different aesthetics of clothing and how to pair items of clothing together to make an interesting outfit.

By planning and trying out outfits, it will make your transition for the school year easier. That's because not only will you have your first day outfit all put together, but also outfits for the rest of the year. The stress of choosing your clothes in the morning will be gone!

Get To Know Your Courses

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One of the biggest stresses of starting school again is the exams and assignments that we're going to get from all our classes. So, to ease that stress, get to know your courses before school starts!

You can look over your notes from previous years, especially if you were having a hard time with a particular class. After summer break, looking over your old notes can help refresh your memory for the new school year. You will remember everything that we usually forget over the break, and it will help you get ready to learn again.

Furthermore, you can always look online for a syllabus that might be close to the class you are taking. You can use it to learn ahead, which will help you prepare for the class, and (most importantly) help you have a smooth transition once summer is over. It might also improve your grades!

Reach Out to Friends and Classmates

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Friends and classmates are the top thing that can make your transition to school as easy and smooth as possible. It is reassuring to know that you can rely on someone during this stressful period. Additionally, it might make it more fun too!

Contact your friends, and figure out if you guys are in the same class. If you are, then you don't need to worry as much! You won't have to be anxious about being alone in a classroom with people you don't really know, since you will have your friends. Furthermore, you can relax knowing that if you fear starting a particular class, your friends will be there with you.

On the other hand, if you don't end up being in at least one class with your friends, there's no need to worry! You can plan spending lunch and breaks with them, in order to catch up and help each other with homework. You can also use this opportunity to get to know your classmates. Who knows, you might make a new friend!


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While we may not be excited about the school year starting again, we cannot push it back any longer! So, it is important to get ready for it, since we've had a long summer break (where most people probably haven't even opened their backpack since the last day of the previous school year). By following this guide, you can ensure, that even though summer is ending, you will have a nice transition. This might even make you not dread the start of the school year!

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