Spring Break on a Budget
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Spring Break on a Budget

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February 14, 2018

Spring break is just around the corner and it is time to gather your friends and find adventure. Not everyone can afford to go to France or Greece, so here are some good ideas for spring breaking on a budget. 

1. Movies

If you cannot travel or leave your city, town, area, then take your friends with you to check out some movies. Plus, bring your student IDs and most places will give you a discount. This spring break some movies coming out are Black Panther; Red Sparrow; Tomb Raider; Pacific Rim: Uprising; Love, Simon; Midnight Sun; and so much more to choose from.

2. Travel Nearby

Grab your friends, use a car or rent, and spend some days in the woods, at a resort, in the mountains, in a new city, the choices are endless! If you are a college student without a car, look into Enterprise Carshare for inexpensive car rentals by the hour. 

3. Love Your Home

Another way to spend some time cherishing the place you live in is by visiting the art museums or special places that make the place you grew up in or live in, special. Maybe if there isn't anything special to you, have your friends and you create a tradition that spring break helps solidify. Make the nearby park your spot to talk away from other people, or make the ice cream parlor your place to get Sundaes and make it a weekly thing. 

4. Look at Deals

When you're on a budget sometimes it's really good to plan way in advance your spring break desires. Look into Airbnb's, cheap clubs, group prices for hotels, days flights are cheap, cruises not many people get on, and do your research. Have a final cost for every person, how much is needed for gas, food, accommodations, and more. Find hotels with free breakfast, with fridges, a POD store, and more to lower costs.

Finding spring break locations is only hard when it's done the week before. Travel safe and with friends have a great 2018 Spring break!

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