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7 Fun Things You Should Do During Your Spring Break

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March 17, 2022

We have all waited for the arrival of spring break, the break that signals the little few weeks we have left in school before summer break begins. But, as much as we may hate to admit it, finding fun activities to do over spring break that allow you to relax and get your mind off school feels impossible.

Whether you are determined to have a simple, uneventful spring break or the best, the most fun break of your life, these activities will act as a guide to make the days off school go by fast.

Clean Your Closet

Even if my entire room is spotless, with every single object in the right place, my closet is always a mess. When was the last time you thought about whether or not you actually need or use the items in your closet? Cleaning and tidying up is a great way to de-stress and to stay in the present. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than finally finishing going through a mess.

Visit Someplace New In Your Neighborhood

Spring break does not always have to consist of some crazy adventure that only truly happens in movies. Instead, taking time to enjoy yourself and forgetting about the sources of your stress can be done in your own neighborhood. Maybe there is a coffee shop you have never tried but have always wanted to go to.

Maybe you have been looking forward to going to a new nearby restaurant with your family. Or, maybe an interesting bookstore caught your eye. This break is the perfect time to push yourself to explore your town a bit more.

Become A Foodie

During the school week, making a homemade meal is something we all want to do but simply do not have time for. But, during this upcoming spring break, challenge yourself to get creative in the kitchen. There's nothing more comforting than making yourself something delicious to eat. Cooking for yourself is, by far, the best form of self-care.

Get Outside

Sitting at your desk for hours on end, completing assignments is merely the life of a student. There's no way to escape it. Students' routines are fairly monotonous.

You wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, eat dinner, shower, and go to bed. There's barely any time for yourself. But, take advantage of the time you have on your hands during spring break. Spend some time outside taking walks, simply sitting and admiring the nature around you, or riding your bike.

Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show Or Movie

I am a huge believer in re-watching television shows and movies. I can't count the number of times I have watched Gilmore Girls, Friends, and Criminal Minds. Although this may not be for everyone, as re-watching the same television shows or movies can be boring for some, if you are a creature of habit, this is for you!

Start Journaling

Setting aside time during your spring break to begin journaling is a choice you will not forget. Let's be honest. No one -- and I mean no one -- is able to set aside time during their day when they have school and homework to think about.

But, spring break will provide you with the opportunity to spend any amount of time you are willing to give up, whether it be five minutes or twenty minutes, to be in the present and journal. You will be utterly surprised at how journaling can subside your overwhelming worries and stress.

Spend Time With Your Family

Along with taking time for yourself, spending time with your family during spring break is a luxury not many students have when weeks are really busy. Encourage your family to watch a movie together or play some board games. Maybe you and your family are interested in going on a long walk together. No matter how much time you and those closest to you have to spend together, take advantage of it.

Spring break is much needed and, thankfully, it's not too far. All we can do is get through the little school we have left before the break and make sure that we enjoy every single minute of the break when it finally arrives.

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