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Skincare Multi-Tasking: Get Rid of Your Acne While Looking Cute with Starface

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The universal truth: acne sucks. Those pesky zits are painful, embarrassing, and quite a hassle to take care of- but what if I told you that you could remove your pimples while looking out-of-this-world cute? Hey, skincare multitasking is a thing!

Introducing to you Starface: the most fun acne care product that ever existed. Acne patches are the hype right now, and rightfully so- but the insta-famous Starface takes it in an exciting direction: a face full of stars.

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Got a pimple? No problem; tap on a cute little star on top, wait a few hours, and bam! Your pimples will noticeably be flatter, smaller, and on their way to being gone for good. Acne care doesn't have to be boring or so serious- with Starface, you'll be looking adorable the whole time you're zapping the zits.

The Teen Magazine put the patches to the test and tried out Starface's best sellers and thrilling collaborations to see the results for ourselves. The results? We're starry eyed and over the moon with the Starface power, no pun intended.

The Big Yellow: Hydro-Stars

Breaking out? Have a star! Those pesky, annoying pimples don't stand a chance against Starface's bestselling hydrocolloid pimple protector- when they call it a star, they mean it; these pimple patches are superstars at treating acne.

Shop Hydro-Stars for $14.99 (1 refill 10.99) here.

Hailed as "Starface's hero product" and their first ever product release, these star-shaped hydrocolloid pimple patches are renowned for their magical performance in removing your pimples.

How does it work? Easy! When you patch a star on top of your pimples, the stars will "draw out pimple pus, block outside bacteria, and prevent you from poking and picking (which can cause scarring)." It's been proven to truly work, and it's garnered a huge mass of raving fans for a good reason.

So, what exactly is hydrocolloid, the star ingredient in these patches? (No pun intended!) "Hydrocolloid is a moisture-retentive, compounded mixture of natural polymer particles," explains Starface, "Hydrocolloid is clinically proven to help absorb fluid and reduce inflammation to shrink pimples overnight."

To work a starface patch, simply find a pimple, stick on a star patch, give it some time- about 6 hours- and take it off! Overnight, the patch will draw out the gross pimple-goo and reduce inflammation. I'm telling you, there's nothing better than waking up to a significantly smaller pimple in the morning after only sticking a sticker! It's as easy as it gets, and that's truly out of this world.

Not only that, the patches are contoured to really stick to your face without falling off so quickly. Plus, it also protects your skin from outside bacteria and prevents you from picking at the pimple to prevent scarring.

These 32 patches of 100% hydrocolloid stars are in the cutest little Yellow case (I mean... is this adorable or is this adorable? This has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen!) with a mirror inside, so you can admire your cute star-look all day long.

Ready, Set... Lift Off!

Those stubborn pores seem to be prone to clogging up our noses, causing a lot of irritation. However, with Starface's Lift-Off Pore Strips, you can unclog them within a matter of minutes!

Shop the Lift-Off Pore Strips for $5.99 here.

One look and you might think it's just a cute pore strip- but don't underestimate these strips- they are quite powerful, too. When you strip away the cute bandaid-like product, it'll take away the grime and oil gently but effectively, leaving your skin unclogged and clear.

It's perfect for those with sensitive skin, too: it's easy on the skin and won't leave your skin feeling dry or irritated. With the addition of aloe vera extract, your skin will instead feel calm and soothed, and will be hydrated after peeling off the strip. When you touch your nose after peeling off the strip, you'll notice that it is smooth to the touch!

These strips come in a set of 8 that comes in handy whenever you need to get rid of those blackheads. To use, follow the below instructions from Starface:

  1. Start with clean, dry skin, then wet nose thoroughly.
  2. With clean, dry fingertips, press lift off into skin, sticky side down.
  3. Leave on for 15 minutes or 'till the strip feels completely dry.
  4. To remove, peel edges up and lift off.
  5. Admire the galaxy of gunk extracted from your pores.

When you apply the strip to your wet nose, it almost molds perfectly to the shape of your nose like paper mache. It's quite comfortable, which is always a bonus.

I love the way the strips are so convenient to use- it's easy, simple, and quick. The effects are noticeable right after using, and I have to say, the effectiveness is definitely a 10 out of 10. You really do have to believe in the power of these pore strips!

Fresh And Cool: Space Wash

The one thing you can't ever skip out on in a skincare routine is face wash- and Starface's Space Wash is out of this world. It makes you feel so fresh and so clean, and just makes you feel refreshed.

Shop the Space Wash for $10.99 here.

This plant-based solution is all about being clean- not just cleansing your skin to the max, but also with clean ingredients. Inside and out, it's only filled with the good stuff. Space Wash is aimed for acne-prone and sensitive skin to reduce the number of breakouts and angry, painful pimples.

So, what makes Space Wash different from all the other acne cleansers? "Unlike drying acid-based formulas commonly found on the market, Space Wash gently lifts away makeup, dead skin cells, and acne-causing bacteria and digs deep to cleanse and nourish the skin while healing infections under the surface," says Starface.

You can actually feel the cleanser physically taking away that layer of grime and oil as you wash, and it's the best feeling to wipe it all off after your quick 1-minute wash both in the morning and at night.

The Space Wash creates a nice foam when you lather it onto your skin. After using, it'll be noticeably smoother, less oilier, and much more happier. I love that it doesn't strip away any of the moisture and still feels gentle. That way, you really know you can use it day and night every single day without harming your skin in any way.

Vegan, Non-comedogenic, Safe for use while pregnant or nursing, No sulfates, No cruelty, No fragrance, No artificial dyes, No parabens, No phthalates, No gluten

Hydro-Star (But With Powerful Salicylic Acid)

When it comes to breaking down pimples, we can divide it into two stages: emerging and active. When it comes to those pimples that have come to a head and are just about to emerge but aren't on skin level yet, we have our superstar to rely on: the Hydro-Star.

Think the regular star, but for the pimples that are underneath the skin but are bugging you more than ever. Those painful pimples, however, can be dissolved by the power of the Hydro-Star.

Shop the Hydro-Star Salicylic Acid for $12.99 here.

Made with both hydrocolloid and 1% salicylic acid, this isn't just your regular star. The combination of both ingredients dissolves underneath the patches to "dissolve dead skin cells and unclog pores, as well as speed up the acne healing process."

Best of all? It brings out all that nasty pimple-ness to the surface and makes it easier for you to remove them! That way, you can treat the acne that wasn't able to be reached.

These patches are made to cling to your skin without falling off so easily, and shield your face from foreign materials that are no-nos. Plus, you won't be tempted to pop those pimples- because that'll scar your skin- and all in all, gets out all the gross pimple gunk.

These pimple patches come in a pack of 32. I love their positive, light blue color and the holographic design of the patch packet. Talk about a spacey, cool design!

Also, I just adore how these are perfect to apply on the go- you'll still look cute, no matter what.

The Iconic Elmo's Here to Save The Day!

This iconic collaboration with Elmo is simply, hands down, the best thing to ever exist. Who wouldn't want a bunch of Elmo's on their face? Not only Elmo, but Elmo's other friends make the list, and Starface is really making us feel good about taking care of our acne.

Shop the Elmo Bundle for $35 here.

The Elmo Bundle includes Starface's best sellers, such as the pimple patches and pore strips, all mentioned above- but printed with the cute face of our beloved character Elmo.

There's something so magical and whimsical about having a childhood TV show character all over your face, helping you zap those pimples (ugh... acne, am I right?), and looking so cute and effortlessly cool. The bright, bold red design bring out the inner joy in us.

Of course, just like with all the other Starface products, the Elmo products work their magic, helping us achieve our dream skin: happy, clean, and acne-free.

Plus, this collaboration gives back to this world. "In honor of the collaboration, Starface will be donating $10K to Sesame Street Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, as we are committed to Sesame’s mission to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder," shares with us.

Starface is Redefining How We See Acne

Acne has a negative correlation to being, well, simply awful. It's painful, embarrassing, and just not a very enjoyable experience- but Starface is turning acne skincare into something fun.

Starface isn't simply patching colorful stars; it's revolutionary and completely changing the way we treat our skin.

Starface is here to show your skin some love—no matter what it’s going through.

We make pimple treatment options that are both effective and cute. At the end of the day, acne-positivity is the name of our game.

Keep Up With Starface

Starface is all on your favorite social media platforms, and you should totally connect with the brand to keep up with their newest launches. You might want to keep an eye out for their collaborations- they are to be obsessed with. I mean, with previous collaborations such as Hello Kitty and Sesame Street, we can't help but be excited!

Find Starface on Instagram at @starface, TikTok @starface (so you can tag them while you do the TikTok dances with your stars), and Discord @starface.

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