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All Set for Summer Skin: Clear Acne with Life-Changing Essentials from Hero Cosmetics

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July 18, 2022

Summer is finally here- and while that may mean a much-needed break from hectic days, that may also not exactly mean a break from those pesky pimples.

Anyone dealing with acne knows how frustrating it can be to have breakouts, especially when it's adding stress to a time of vacation; knowing how to correctly prevent and remove them can be even more confusing.

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With Hero Cosmetics, taking care of your skin and having it at its happiest, clearest state doesn't have to be so difficult. In just mere hours, Hero Cosmetics's beloved pimple patches treat breakouts in all shapes and sizes, effectively removing them both pain-free and hassle-free. Plus, with the summer heat in full blast, Hero Cosmetics's effortless on-the-go summer essentials are perfect to keep your skin glowing this season.

I've been loving some of Hero Cosmetics's best acne-treating and acne-preventing products lately; not only are they the perfect fit for staying cool and chill, but also stunningly result-driven. If you're looking to enjoy some radiant, glowing skin, you're sure to love the brand's latest summer products, as well as its fan-favorite classics for a clear skin summer!

Sun's Out, Shields Up!

Summer is at the hottest peak of the year, and it's important that we take our suncare into consideration when going out and about during our vacations and relaxation days. Especially with the harsh rays, the exposure to sunlight could result in harm to acne-prone skin.

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To make sure that your skin is at its best, Hero Cosmetics's Force Field Daily Defense Trio is taking things in stride by introducing your must-have essentials for the summer. From cool-off mists and glide-for-glow serum sticks to, of course, a special sunscreen specifically for acne-prone skin, this trio is sure to be a must in your summer skincare routine.

The Superlight Sunscreen SPF 30

When it comes to caring for your skin during the summer, you can't forget about the very basics: sunscreen. An absolute essential for all year round but especially in summer, sunscreens are essential for protecting the skin from any skin damage.

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Taking into consideration the potentially harmful effects of rays on acne, Hero Cosmerics's Superlight Sunscreen was developed with that specific skin type in mind so that everyone and anyone can enjoy their summers hassle-free.

The Superlight Sunscreen SPF 30 seriously knows what it's doing, and it's doing it well. This SPF 30 sunscreen is all about not only achieving that smooth touch-up but also preventing skin damage. It's important to start caring for your skin even as a teenager, and this sunscreen is an essential step.

The Superlight Sunscreen is made with zinc oxide, which "physically blocks UVA/UVB rays to protect your skin on the daily." It's also 100% mineral sunscreen, and is perfect for beach activities, as it is reef safe.

This also might just have the best finish and texture found in sunscreen ever. The slightly green tint works incredibly well to balance out any redness in the skin, giving an instant visual touch-up.

It's also incredibly lightweight and doesn't feel greasy at all. I love that it absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave behind streaks of residue. The texture of the sunscreen makes it easy to blend it into the skin to the point that you don't even realize you have sunscreen on.

This sunscreen also gives some shine to the face after application; it also makes the perfect primer base to apply your makeup right on top. I love that it holds onto the makeup really well, which is helpful for the longer days of summer!

Applying sunscreen on top of acne can be quite uncomfortable, but the Superlight Sunscreen works to have a non-thick consistency and not clog any pores. I love how breathable it is; even with all the amount of sunscreen applied directly above acne, it works to prevent any breakouts.

The Supercharged Reset Mist

Staying cool all summer has never been better with the Supercharged Reset Mist. If you're ever in need of an energy boost, this mist will have you feeling completely refreshed, all whilst giving your skin helpful boosts.

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In just a few spritzes, the Supercharged Reset Mist completely gives your skin a makeover with bacteria-balancing botanicals. Powered by beloved ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Totarol, Elderberry Fruit Extract, and Herbal Toning Complex, among others, this reset mist is more than just a cooling mist, but is one that helps your skin be at its best.

This reset mist is capable of clarifying the skin without stripping it of its moisture, balancing bacteria, and regulating pores, all whilst making you feel at your very best. In just a few seconds, this mist will make your skin feel so much brighter and more awake, and will have you feeling well hydrated throughout the day.

The reset mist is seriously not to be overlooked, as it can make a huge difference in both your skin and your mood! I love how this mist instantly makes me feel so much more energetic and makes even the most heated, reddened face calm in a short period of time.

The Supercharged Reset Mist is also incredibly lightweight, and I love that it doesn't feel like it's weighing down on my face. The mist feels so airy that you won't even notice it on your skin after spritzing- it's seriously that light. It also leaves a nice scent that makes you feel so positive!

This reset mist is perfect for any occasion; I love using this before a makeup routine, right after the gym, in preparation for an event, and pretty much all the time, every day. It's so handy to have this by your side, and is sure to be your best friend this summer season.

The Superfuel Serum Stick

If you're looking to stay cool and clear, try swiping all over with the Superfuel Serum Stick. I genuinely don't think my skincare routine was ever complete before this product, and it has become an important step in my daily morning skincare- all for good reason.

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This serum stick is exactly as it sounds: there is a cool gel inside this round tube that you can swipe all over your face for a skin boost. "Superfuel Serum Stick keeps skin strong against the outside world by boosting your protective microbiome," explains Hero Cosmetics. This serum is full of probiotics and antioxidants to keep your skin happy and healthy.

This restorative gel serum is perfect to keep your skin radiant as it feeds a healthy microbiome, adds moisture to dry skin, and leaves a cooling effect. This is the perfect pick-me-up for sluggish, humid days, and will make you feel so at ease.

I just love how it makes my skin glow- as soon as the serum is applied, I can see the results straight away. Not even a makeup highlighter can achieve such a beautiful, natural dewy glow! I especially enjoy that the glow lasts a good few hours and that my skin remains perfectly smooth and supple for the entire day.

The Superfuel Serum Stick is so lightweight, and I adore how it doesn't feel greasy at all. It seriously glides on the skin and absorbs well; it also doesn't leave any residue.

This is perfect to swipe all over before a long day and is an instant mood-booster! With its compact size, I love bringing this along to wherever I go for easy application at any time.

Patch Pimples The Easy Way

If you're looking to zap your zits quickly and efficiently, look no further than the Mighty Patch Original to come and save the day. These award-winning patches are seriously so good that raving about them isn't enough!

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Made of hydrocolloid- described by Hero Cosmetics as "a medical-grade gel that gently absorbs and traps gunk"- this patch is made of sincerely high quality and works well on all skin types. Even with my own sensitive skin, I've been able to use the patches with no problem and see amazing results in no time. I love that it doesn't irritate the skin and that it is chemical-free and allergy-tested. A good rule of thumb is to never put anything toxic on your face, and Hero Cosmetics checks all the must-have boxes!

What's so amazing about these patches is that they work to trap all the gunk, oil, and grime from the pimples in a way that doesn't hurt the skin. In fact, these patches just about help them heal so much faster!

Instead of picking at that pesky pimple, try placing this patch overnight. All you have to do is locate the pimple you want out of your skin, apply a patch, and voila! These acne patches are capable of removing acne faster than ever; in just 6-8 hours, or when the patch turns white to show that all the gunk has been trapped, gently remove the patch to view the jaw-droppingly productive results.

I've never been so awed at how well my skin has reacted to pimple treatments, but this pimple patch has astounded me every time with its effective results. Not only have my pimples visibly shrunken in size, but they have also been removed of all impurities and are less red from all the inflammation.

I also love that this patch protects me from touching it; it can be so tempting to squeeze all the gunk out, but this patch does it all for us without leaving any scarring or even worse acne.

Plus, it's not very obvious to see that a pimple patch is on, making it invisible enough to wear out to the public. These pimple patches are genuinely a life-changer, and they're an absolute must-have!

The Multi-Tasking Acne-Zapper

Let's face it: massive breakouts are the worst. It's bad enough to struggle with one frustrating pimple, let alone a whole colony of them. Hero Cosmetics's latest patch makes dealing with it just a bit easier: with the Mighty Patch Face, you can handle all the breakouts with a single patch that's large enough to fit an entire section of the face.

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This pack comes with five extra-large-sized patches that are made to fit all the breakout zones. Each patch is shaped to fit the nose, forehead, chin, and both cheeks of the face, so that it can properly cover all aspects of the problem area.

These patches are perfect to apply overnight, so that you can wake up with significantly much better skin. To use the Mighty Patch Face, be sure to prep your skin beforehand by cleansing and/or exfoliating.

I love that these patches are so easy to apply on; all I have to do is stick on, smooth down the sides and let them work their magic. Within 6 to 8 hours, you'll see the patches turn white with all the gunk it has absorbed from the acne; once you peel off, you'll find significantly less visible showings of acne. I love that this also helps with any inflamed pimples and that it can even pull gunk from pimples that I couldn't catch with my naked eyes!

Even when I have these on during the night, these patches remain completely on the entire time, and are pain-free to peel off. A gentle take-off does the work, and I love how efficient it is!

After removing the patches in the morning, I saw much of my active acne swollen down, and that much of the acne had been removed of their gunk trapped inside. I love how this makes handling acne so much better for the skin, especially when it can be tempting (and tiring) to pick at an entire section of the face!

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Hero Cosmetics advises to "use up to 2x monthly for all-over gunk absorbing." The brand also notes to "avoid for 1 week after using retinol products and 6-8 weeks after using chemical peels," and that it is "not recommended for dry or extra-sensitive skin."

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