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Secret Revealed: How I Finally Achieved Gleamin' Skin with Smooth Texture & Even Skintone

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Clear glass skin. Even tone. Zero blemishes or dark spots. That kind of radiant, glowing skin- as if you have a constant Instagram filter on at all times- is everyone's dream.

However, for many (myself included), that dream skin feels as though it's not so easy to achieve. For so long, I've struggled with dark spots from acne scarring and blemishes. In desperation, I tried everything from a wide variety of skincare products to even home remedies, but to no avail. Then, I came across Gleamin.

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From the saturated beauty market, Gleamin most caught my attention because of how authentic it was. Of course, its cute sunshine-yellow mask was a bonus, but above all, I was drawn to its usage of powerful superfoods and ethical ingredients to produce result-driven products. Effectiveness is always number one for any skincare user- and Gleamin completely checks the box.

"At Gleamin, we use potent superfoods to enhance natural beauty and empower life," writes the brand, "Our clean products are carefully formulated to invigorate our global community with a new-found sense of freedom." Hands down, I've never been so impressed by a skincare product's results as much as with Gleamin, and I'm not alone; over 7,800+ reviews are raving like I am.

So, I had to try unleashing Gleamin's magical powers myself- and I think I might have just found my two new favorite skincare duo: meet the Vitamin C Clay Mask and the Supercharged Balance Serum.

The Vitamin C Clay Mask

"Featuring the powerful glow-duo turmeric & aloe Vera," says Gleamin, this will "leave your skin utterly radiant in just 10 minutes." Once you try the Vitamin C Clay Mask, no face mask will ever compare.

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This bright yellow mask is just filled with positivity and works wonders on your skin. The Vitamin C Clay Mask is capable of naturally fading dark spots/hyperpigmentation as well as improving texture and visibly evening skin tone. Plus, it can reduce blemishes and post-acne scars.

Of all, I found the after-treatment of skin to be the hardest step to tackle, but Gleamin's powerful concoction of ingredients might just have been what I needed. The sunshine shade comes from yellow clay, which works to remove dirt and other nasties from the pores. It also "stimulate[s] blood flow to strengthen skin, preventing breakouts." In addition, there is turmeric and aloe vera- every skincare enthusiast's favorite- for the coveted benefits of preventing inflammation and boosting antioxidants.

Plus, you can't forget the vitamin C trio: Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime Caviar, and Desert Lime. When founder Jordan Smyth sought to find the perfect ingredients, he turned to native Australian plants that the indigenous people had made good use of. "When conceptualizing the Vitamin C Clay Mask, I was introduced to these ingredients and conducted further research. I liked what I found, so we tried and tested what we call our vitamin C trio (Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime Caviar, and Desert Lime) in round 1 of the mask’s formula. The results were incredible -- we noticed an immediate decrease in inflammation, improved skin texture, and brightness," says Smyth.

To that, we say, no kidding! Even the first day after applying the mask, I noticed a visible difference in the way my dark spots from acne scarring faded. Also, a lot of the red irritated bumps on my skin were calmed down, and my skin looked so much more evened out. It was a huge step considering that the Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask was the only thing to have made this much progress- and that in less than ten minutes! After just a day, the mask instantly made progress, and as I continue applying, my skin has begun to look much healthier and happier.

That's not all: the mask comes with a handy dandy application brush, which makes mask-ing super smooth and efficient. I love applying the mask and feeling the cool sensation on my skin. it doesn't burn or tingle at all and is generally a pleasant experience. Plus, it's just so satisfying to watch the clay mask glide as I paint it on!

I also appreciate that it doesn't tug at your skin or harden into cracked particles when it dries. It's simple to tell when it's time to gently wipe it off because the yellow clay turns into a pale color to notify you. Talk about easy-peasy!

There's no better feeling than after wiping all the mask off and feeling instantly refreshed. Morning or evening, this mask is an absolute must for those looking to achieve clear skin.

How To Apply

1. After cleansing, apply the mask evenly to your face using the brush provided.

2. Next, wait 10 minutes for the mask to dry completely.

3. Then rinse gently with warm water and pat dry with a soft, clean towel. Once done, proceed with your normal skincare routine.

*Apply 2-3 times per week for best results.

The Vitamin C Clay Mask is safe for all skin types, and is vegan & cruelty-free; a brand focused on bringing the best of nature for our skin's benefit, Gleamin is for everyone and anyone.

The Supercharged Balance Serum

If you've been looking for the perfect morning Vitamin C serum to start off your day, you've come to the right place. A supercharged serum that works to "naturally balance, hydrate, firm & brighten the skin," this serum is all about that glow.

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With a lightweight, non-greasy formula, the Supercharged Balance Serum works to gently "fade and prevent dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and visible signs of aging, naturally."

A closer look at the ingredients explains how it's capable of so many powers: The serum incorporates pentavitin ("plant-derived carbohydrate complex that seeps deep into the dermal layers, providing intense hydration for up to 72 hours") and niacinamide ("natural source of vitamin B3 that nourishes the skin with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce acne, redness, and the signs of aging.")

But that's not all: from Turmeria Zen™ to kakadu plum, kannabia sense, desert lime, and emu bush, the serum boasts a pretty impressive line-up. Filled with ingredients that are a must when it comes to brightening the skin, the Supercharged Balance Serum encapsulates what it means to be a superfood.

And with that, I can excitedly say that the powers of the natural components have truly changed my skin for the better. As soon as I blend the serum in, my skin instantly radiates and makes it look so well nourished.

My skin has never felt so smooth before, and I just love how it makes my skin bounce and feel healthy. It blends well with both morning and nighttime skincare routines and is all about going with just the necessary. (Bye fragrance- this has an unscented scent!)

Plus, this serum is the perfect go-to for moisturizing the skin. Sometimes, even hydrating creams aren't enough to keep my skin happily hydrated all day, but this serum was a total game-changer when it came to nourishment. It's not too thick and lays on nicely so that you can apply other creams on top. As Gleamin says, it's almost like "a daily multivitamin for the skin!"

How To Use

Apply a pea-size amount of product onto cleansed skin in the A.M. and P.M. Using your fingertips, pat serum onto the skin, then gently smooth it outward. Can also be applied at night for added benefits.

Serums are an often overlooked yet crucial part of the skincare routine. If anything, my cleared-up and naturally glowing skin serves as proof that I simply can't miss out!

The Gleamin Story

Gleamin was launched by Jordan Smyth, an indie entrepreneur and skincare advocate from Christchurch, New Zealand. Amongst his various projects- from a dropshipping venture and a kickboxing-themed fitness gym- is Gleamin, "a natural skincare start-up that uses powerful superfoods to fight common skin concerns."

Jordan Smyth, Founder of Gleamin

"Skincare is my personal mission," says the founder, who has battled rosacea since childhood. In efforts to treat the condition, Jordan searched for a solution, which led to the discovery of a passion for helping others with their skin concerns as well.

"Combining [that passion] with my pursuit of total independence, I decided to start a skincare brand," says Jordan. "Fast forward to today, we’ve been able to help hundreds of thousands of people gain confidence in their own skin, naturally."

“Our formulas are built with sustainable, ethically sourced superfoods that are safe for all skin types. Nourish your skin the way it deserves. No matter who you are, you can feel radiant - from the inside, out. That’s the Gleamin Promise.”

Jordan Smyth, Founder of Gleamin

Gleamin Inside and Out

Not only is Gleamin seriously effective, but it's also genuine in giving back to the community.

"We want to empower our community to live life on their terms. Through our partnerships, we’ll contribute 1% of our profits (minimum amount set to $20,000), and over 10,000 meals annually to help underserved communities," states the brand.

Loving Your Skin, Loving Yourself

With that, no one does effective empowerment like Gleamin. From achieving glowing skin in just ten minutes to leaving our skin feeling nourished and at its best, Gleamin is a true skin superfood.

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At Gleamin, we go beyond basic beauty worries to explore the damaging impact skin issues have on people on a personal level. Then, we endeavor to enrich our global community with natural confidence by developing effective, clean, superfood-rich formulas.

Jordan Smyth, Founder of Gleamin

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