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Rhythm, Passion, and Perseverance: the Story of Isaiah Peck's Journey to Success


March 16, 2023

Isaiah Peck is a name that has been making waves in the entertainment industry lately. With his magnetic personality, natural talent, and impressive work ethic, it's no wonder he's quickly becoming a household name. Born and raised in Canada on August 6,1999, Isaiah was introduced to Dance at a young age and quickly fell in love with the art form. He spent years honing his craft, training at the Cawthra Park Secondary School's Regional Arts Program, where he honed his skills in various styles, including hip-hop, ballet, and jazz.

Since then, Isaiah has accomplished more than most people twice his age. He's appeared in hit Disney franchises like "The Next Step" and "Zombies" and has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. But despite his success, Isaiah remains humble and dedicated to his craft.

In this exclusive TTM interview, we sat down with Isaiah to learn more about his background, his journey to success, and his advice to those who want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Don't miss out on the inside scoop about this shining star - read on and discover more!

Rhythm flowing in his veins

Isaiah's passion for music, dance, and acting has always been apparent, which is why it's no surprise that he's now a dynamic entertainer. He turned his love for dance into a profession at the young age of 9. Isaiah was asked about his early years in Dance and the development of his passion for music, Dance, and acting, to which he responded:

"Dance was how I expressed myself best from young. I was always listening to music courtesy of my mom's love for R&B and my dad's love for Rap & Hip-Hop. It was like a soundtrack to my life.

That then translated into movement and eventually I was at battles, competitions, showcases every weekend with my dancer studio in Brampton. Growing up I spent a lot of time practicing. It was fun to me.

My parents saw the potential and really nurtured it by enrolling me in all the right places at the right time, truly. To me, it was my first passion but they saw something more than I did and I'm glad 'cause it enabled me to do what I love for a living. Something they never got the chance to do."

Isaiah drew inspiration from the vibrant musical genres of Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B for his dance career, but it was the unwavering encouragement of his grandmother and parents that fueled his passion and kept him on the path to success.

Chasing his Vision

Isaiah credits his parents, particularly his father, for actively nurturing his aspirations by enrolling him in a diverse range of artistic activities that ignited his passion for music and Dance.

"My grandmother and both my parents, especially my dad, were very encouraging when it came to pursuing the arts at a young age. He was heavily involved in the music industry while I was growing up and had a tendency to bring me with him everywhere he could. We'd be in the studio together while he engineered sessions and he brought me to a lot of events that often had me star-struck.

Not only that, but he used to Bboy, which ultimately led me to dance as my first calling. It felt really natural between my love for music and sports as a kid. I was always free-styling and, eventually, my parents enrolled me in dance studios and art schools.

They struggled to keep me in those activities, sometimes financially, but thankfully, the opportunities met my preparation and everything took shape after that pretty much. They were helping me turn my hobby and love for something into a career. I'm really grateful for that."

The Power of Little Things

Over the years, Isaiah's impressive work ethic and leadership abilities are evident in his roles as a teacher for recreational and pre-competitive programs at Jade's Hip Hop Academy. His talents have also graced the stage of various large-scale events, from the 2015 Pan Am & Para Pan Am Games to the 2014 Canada Goose Fashion Show and multiple Dance Weekend celebrations. Amidst a sea of unforgettable moments, there are a few performances that hold a particularly special place in his heart.

"I have so many memorable performances in all honesty. My first talent show in 2nd grade, I fell in love with being on stage at that very moment. I always laugh about it 'cause my dancing was horrible but my pops really made me believe I could do anything and that was really the catalyst for today.

I've done a lot of performances in my life for crowds of thousands, but oddly enough, my first music performance at RedBull HQ in Toronto holds a special place in my heart. We had about 80-100 people there and I got to headline an event with a few other artists. The energy was exhilarating. I put together my setlist, choreo, dancers etc. all on my own. It happened so fast I wish I could relive it a lot of the time but we got more shows coming soon enough."

Big Dreams

Isaiah has fully immersed himself in the exhilarating world of the entertainment industry, from starring/featuring in popular shows like "Backstage" and "Transitions" to embarking on international Wild Rhythm & Live On Stage tours with his talented cast mates on The Next Step, enchanting audiences across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. When asked about the proudest moment in his career, he answered,

"My proudest moment would easily have to be booking TNS. My dad told me on my 16th birthday, which was pretty crazy in itself, but being able to experience that at a young age taught me so much about myself and the industry I was entering at the time. Winning a lot of battles in the UK in my youth, too, they shaped my work ethic and just made me find my confidence.

I'm also mad grateful for the tours. All of those really opened my mind up to the world of the possibilities of being something much larger. I never imagined it would come this far, only to go further. It's surreal sometimes."

Isaiah's impressive talent and hard work paid off in 2015 when he landed the coveted lead role of Henry in season 4 of The Next Step, which premiered on television screens in 2016. While Isaiah has made an appearance on many TV shows, his standout performance on The Next Step remains one of his most noteworthy accomplishments.

"TNS was definitely something I manifested at a young age without even realizing. Being on set alongside other like-minded dancers and actors really propelled me into my acting career. It being my first real experience, being part of a large production, I had no choice but to learn a lot in such a short amount of time.

The show has pure vibes and I had a great time being on it, making new friends, and working on my acting skills as the seasons went on. Tour is a whole other beast. The rehearsals were vigorous but being on the road with your friends, dancing for fans daily, seeing the world is nothing short of amazing. I'm grateful for those moments. Working on The Next Step has been the highlight of my youth."

What goes up must come Down

Despite receiving life-changing opportunities due to his hard work and perseverance, not everything was sunshine and rainbows. Even the most successful individuals have to overcome obstacles at some point in their careers.

"I still face a lot of challenges in my career. At the beginning, there was a lack of belief that my dancing could ever amount to something beyond a hobby or an afterschool activity but look at where we are today.. Lol Even with being on TV, there wasn't too many examples of people like me on screen at the time so booking 'The Next Step' was huge for me and a lot of kids watching. I auditioned for the show not expecting much and I remember the casting directors at the time asked me if I'd cut my hair.

Which I then immediately said "No." I thought I had completely been ruled out of ever booking this show let alone anything else but they ended up calling me back and offering me the role. In that moment I'm so glad I didn't waiver, it's always reminded me that I should stand for what I believe in regardless of anything.

It gave me the opportunity to be an example for a lot of black kids watching, who never necessarily saw this as a possibility for us. It was a real accomplishment for me knowing that I pushed past those who doubted me and didn't see the potential in something I spent hours dedicating my life to. Faith and hard work pays off I guess."

Words of Wisdom

With Isaiah's prominent role on the stage of performing and advice-sharing in social media for other entertainers alike, we had to know: what advice would you give to young aspiring dancers who want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry? The question elicited an enthusiastic response from Isaiah, as he expressed his eagerness to inspire and empower the upcoming generation of dancers.

"My career was always told to be impractical to me. So many of my family and friends didn't understand how serious I was about it at first and how much I loved the arts. I wasn't always really good at what I do but I believed I was until it showed.

So my biggest advice for the younger generation is to believe in themselves (as cliché as it may seem). We all go through little moments of self-doubt but we also have our moments of unwavering confidence. Try to remember that feeling every-time you gotta show up for yourself. Practice a lot, don't be afraid to mess up (nobody cares as much as you) and through it all, have fun."

Unveiling Isaiah: Discover the Person Behind the Screen with a Rapid-Fire Round of Questions!

10 Quick Questions

What is your all-time favorite book, and why do you love it so much?

  • I loved reading The Alchemist. It gave me a great understanding of self, purpose, and perseverance.

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

  • Honestly, I'd love to have dinner with Drake and ask him about his early experiences transitioning from Actor to Artist. That's a part of his journey I've always wondered about. What it took to become this today, and what obstacles we're the catalyst to getting here.

If you could create a dance routine inspired by any animal, which animal would it be and why?

  • Lol, wild question but maybe a Lion? They are one of my fave animals due to their dominance and my zodiac being a Leo.

If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

  • Not sure, to be honest.

What is the most interesting place you've ever visited, and what made it so unique?

  • I loved visiting Australia & New Zealand on tour. Nature over there was stunning. I also loved Spain. The people, the architecture, the sangrias. Phenomenal.

If you could travel back in time and attend any event in history, which event would you choose and why?

  • I'd go back in time to watch Michael Jackson's super bowl performance, haha. That is monumental.

What is one thing you've always wanted to do but have been too afraid to try?

  • I'm not too fearful of too many things. I went skydiving last year, so I don't know what's gonna top that, but maybe some underwater stuff. lol.

What is your favorite song to dance to?

  • I have too many, but "I Wanna Rock" by Snoop Dogg gets me going every time. Especially coming from my street dance background. It just makes me wanna battle. (the lil uzi vert one is wavy too haha)

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon?

  • I love a good Sunday reset. It's so needed. Cleaning your space, Cleansing your space, good music on vinyl, nice food, and some wine or something. Collecting and centering yourself before a busy week is key.

Which fictional character, living or dead, would you want to dance with, and what style of Dance would you choose?

  • Me and my broski Elmo gotta do a duet one day. Purely for my childhood self and sesame street dreams. And maybe bumblebee cause [of] my love for transformers.

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