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Netflix's Hit "Too Hot to Handle" Star Harry Jowsey Opens Up About Family and Relationships

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November 01, 2021

Harry Jowsey from the first season of Too Hot To Handle caught the public's eyes with his charming personality and alluring looks. His ups and downs with fellow castmate Francesca Farago was highly publicized and fans were head over heels for every part of their relationship.

As a successful television personality and entrepreneur with over 4 million followers on both TikTok and Instagram, the 24-year-old star has a lot in plan for his future: including a launch of his dating app Lolly and the ongoing podcast.

The Teen Magazine had a chance to chat with Harry about his social media journey, future goals, and the ever-popular 10 Quick Q round for you to better get to know him.

Too Hot to Handle & Impact

"I had a mindset that I was there for myself and I'm just going to have fun," Harry answered frankly. After Lana's announcement of how the show works, he started realizing how the effects of spending money are negative for those around him. The process was opaque, and Harry thought the show was about "meeting new people and potentially have the chance to fall in love."

"Before the show, I never came close to having that feeling(love). I realized I really needed to let go of that (mentality) after entering the show." After the show ended, Harry "prioritizes love more than before," and meaningful relationships became a vital part of his connections with others. He continues, "The show made me emotionally mature."

Harry recognizes the effect Francesca and him had on each other, saying, "I think we helped each other and it was very necessary at the time. We both needed it to grow and realize things about ourselves as humans." The relationship helped him figure out who and where he wants to be in life and it was mutually beneficial.

Career & Family

Growing up on a farm in Australia shaped Harry's carefree and easygoing personality. He enjoyed living at the moment and was nonchalant on most subjects. "I didn't take things too seriously. Everything was very relaxed," Harry reflected. After moving to LA, Harry found it to be "a blessing" to be able to keep his carefree personality but also transform into a more serious person in his line of work.

Harry feels unsure about staying in LA for the long term, but hugely appreciates the opportunities and resources it has. He notes his plans to move back to Australia if he ever gets married. He concluded, "Australia is always going to be home."

His favorite memory back home is when he would be "on the beach with no one else there but animals," running around and having fun by himself in the clear blue water. In LA, the crazy moments are countless. Harry recalled seeing someone spend 1.7 million dollars in a club on a night out to meeting 6ix9ine during his peak, thinking he was going to "get shot." He said, "Everything is just so wild that everything seems normal now."

His family back in Australia also loves what their son is doing. "My family loved it. My mother was more ecstatic more than anything," Harry said. His family was very supportive of their son on his journey to finding love. However, Harry's parents are still "a little shocked" at the success of his career, and hope that their son can go back home to Australia and help with the farm. "I think they think that it's some sort of fantasy world," Harry laughed.

In this fantasy world, hate comments and personal attacks are inevitable. Harry reflected on his journey, "It really took me a long time to wrap my head around all the hate comments. Especially since I had such positive feedback when the show first came out, and after a while, nasty comments start to appear as scandals come out."

He felt "slapped in the face" but gradually, he realized the hate comments are a reflection of the haters and their negativity, not of him. Now his strategy is to focus on the positive, and ignore the negative.

Future Plans

The podcast idea came from the producers of Call Her Daddy, a popular podcast that has over 115 episodes. They invited Harry to host his own podcast Tap In. "I just love meeting new people and talking to my friends on a deeper level," Harry said, "The podcast has been very beneficial for me to learn deeper about those around me instead of just having boring conversations. I'm very excited to see what the future holds."

Harry recalled when Jeffree Star came on the podcast, he did not know what to anticipate out of the conversation. "So many things that he(Jeffree) said has made me genuinely speechless, and I didn't know how to react to it," Harry said. A plus side of having your own podcast is also to have a reason to DM other famous people.

Another future project that Harry is working on is Lolly, a dating app that spreads positivity. The main audience the team is trying to attract are college students, and the goal is for it to be spread in the college scene. The biggest selling point of the app is how it looks like TikTok and how it is impossible for someone to get rejected because there isn't a swipe system in place.

It is a positive space for all to enjoy. Harry says, "I want it to be the biggest dating app on the planet. The official TikTok dating app is what I envision. Fingers crossed that it goes through."

In the next five to ten years, Harry sees himself continue to be under the spotlight and in front of the camera, as the "prominent figure on Netflix that is funny and juicy."

10 Quick Q&As

What is the weirdest place you hooked up?

It would be at a cemetery.

If your personality is a type of alcohol, what would you be?

Definitely Tequila. Everyone makes bad decisions when they have tequila. I'm full of bad decisions.

Are there any bad decisions you made that you don't regret?

No, I just learn from them.

What’s the best pick-up line to get a girl?

Just slide into their DM and say "can I ask you something?" It goes on from there. Be confident.

What’s the biggest red flag in a partner?

Someone who doesn't have goals or dreams. Someone who is just happy not doing anything and doesn't have a purpose.

What’s your favorite and least favorite trait of yourself?

My favorite trait would definitely be my personality. Least favorite would be that I'm pretty embarrassing and sexual about everything.

First Celebrity Crush?

It would have to be Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez. I watched Disney Channel growing up.

What is the ideal date for you?

A beach day. Outside in the sun and relaxing.

What's your first fanboy experience like?

When Justin Bieber DMed my after Too Hot To Handle ended. I was shocked and amazed at how he had time in his day to shoot me a message. He is the most amazing guy I've ever seen.

If your life was a Netflix series, which one would it be?

Probably [censored] Education. It's very confusing and [censored].

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