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October 01, 2021

Netflix's Too Hot To Handle Season 2 came out a few months and introduced us to one of the hottest stars-- Chase DeMoor. From the iconic cockroach landing on his face to the love triangle with Carly and Joey, DeMoor stood out in the show as the funny "Alpha Male." His attractive look and witty personality quickly made him gather over 800K followers on Instagram after the end of the Netflix dating show. Now, he is a professional football player and television personality who has a lot in place for him for the future.

The Teen Magazine had the special opportunity to interview Chase on his outlook on relationships and love, his experience on the show, and what he has planned for the future.

The Netflix Journey

What was your thought process when they announced that you were part of the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle? How did you and the people around you react?

"It was really crazy," Chase said, "I remember when I was talking with the producers, and they were talking about this ‘parties in paradise” concept. There’s all this money and the goal is trying to figure out what it means to be a ‘party king.’ It’s really crazy because we got to the nighttime, and then they announced that we’re on Too Hot to Handle."

Chase continued, "Everybody started freaking out, and I’m just sitting there like, I don’t know what Too Hot to Handle is. I don’t know why everyone’s freaking out about this because in my head, I’m still thinking about ‘Parties in Paradise’ and Drake is coming down to perform for us. Everybody else is kinda talking over each other, freaking out that we’re not on CBS or ABC, and that we’re actually on Netflix, the number one t.v. show in the world."

How has your life, either as an influencer, content creator or athlete, changed since being cast on Too Hot To Handle?

"After the show aired, I remember getting off the airplane and charged my phone up," Chase remembered with a big smile, "My phone was blowing up: Instagram follows, voicemails, text messages. I was blown away. Since then, I have been invited to A-list events, and all these amazing opportunities happened overnight. There was a point in my social media career that I felt like I couldn't lose."

Reflecting on the pros and cons of the attentions, Chase felt that almost all have been positive, saying, "I love every moment but there are times when I don't want to be bombarded by people every time I try to go out. It's hard to walk anywhere because people would be screaming, grabbing you, or wanting to take pictures with you."

On Intimacy versus the $10,000 Cash Prize

Off-screen and on-set, what is the competition like between contestants? Is it all “fun and games” or are there any tense moments between the cast?

"It's really funny because you go into this little bubble, and they tell you not to touch anybody and the $10,000 would be yours," Chase reflected, "This is a no-brainer. Nobody in here would be worth a 3,000 dollars kiss and we all made jokes about it. But it was weird because as you continue to live in this fake world, it becomes your real world. So you start to forget about the money, something that's almost hypothetical to us. All bets are off at that point."

"We all want to build genuine connections with people and the only way to do so is if you have intimate moments with them," Chase laughed, "If you want to be famous, you got to break all the rules. So everyone started breaking the rules."

The cameras in Too Hot To Handle are everywhere and the production team does a brilliant job of watching everyone at every moment. It was impossible for Lana to miss any intimate moments that's happening in the villa. Chase explained, "The only time Lana wouldn't see us is when we are swimming in the water or if we are in the kitchen.

But even then, the production team would be with us. They are basically our babysitters. If anyone was having an emotional moment in the kitchen, the production team would tell us to save it for TV."

What’s your take on having to choose between the two on the show, given that you and Carly were the second couple to break the rules by episode 2?

"I thought to myself firmly that I didn't want to win any money. I wanted to see someone else win," Chase confessed, "I genuinely felt like my biggest takeaway from the show is finding out that I have emotions. I've always been the alpha dog, and it's always other people leaning on me. But through this show, I got in touch with my vulnerable moments and even saw myself cry on national television. Cam and Marvin also came a long way."

Relationship and Love

What are some red flags you see in girls? Did you personally encounter any before?

"On the show, it didn't work out with Carly because there's just constantly so many red flags that popped up," Chase responded, "She kissed Peter: no one said anything. Or the fact that she got asked on a date, and she went right away: no one said anything. Cam and I are getting canceled for calling another girl pretty when she kissed a dude and blown away money just for fun. Carly is a great human, but I could never be with her because our personalities are so conflicting and our relationship has too many red flags."

He continued, "If I'm taking a girl to a party, I would let her walk around and watch who she is talking to. If she ends up giving her number to other guys at the end of it, that's a pretty big red flag." Chase concluded that disloyalty is a big red flag for him.

How has your childhood or your family shaped your views on love and relationships?

"I grew up with a single mom and a sister. I got a great perspective on how to treat women and how to be a leading male role in my family from a young age," Chase reflected, "I think those factors transformed me into a protective person and observes the situations really well in a relationship or just with the people I'm around."

Growing up without a proper father figure, Chase was introduced to sports and became close with his high school basketball coach. Chase continued, "All the other kids would have their dads cheering on the sides while for me it's just myself. It sucks because I didn't have a role model.

I was a really problematic kid in middle school and I had no one to lean on. Until high school, I found a lot of father figures to look up to, including my basketball coach and my best friend's dad. The teachers and staff never gave up on me and pushed me to become who I am today."

Despite the difficulties, Chase grew up with a strong support system around him and those factors all shaped his view on life, relationships, and values.

On The Future

Do you have any plans to pursue your NFL dream in the future?

"I'm still training to play NFL," Chase said, "I got drafted to the NFL developmental Spring League this last season as well as winning the championship. I'm in great shape."

How will you balance being an athlete and a social media star?

"I have been thinking about this too. Obviously, there is such a difference between the two. The athletic world is full of sweat and leisure: waking up early in the morning and training. While the influencer world is full of partying and dressing up in fancy clothes and being hungover the next day," Chase joked.

Do you see possibilities for you to rekindle the spark with any of your castmates?

"No, I don't," Chase answered firmly.

Fun Questions:

If your personality is a type of alcohol, what would you be?

Tequila. I'm pretty sure I'm 80% tequila today.

What’s your biggest turn-off?

My top three turn-offs: when they talk to all of my friends, being overly friendly, and dirty nails.

What's a favorite personality trait in others?

Being personable and easygoing.

If you could introduce one of your cast members to your sister, who would it be?

Probably Peter. He's a soft-spoken guy, on the younger side, and is really sweet.

What do most people overestimate or underestimate about you?

My size. I'm 6 foot 5.

Name three things you do to start your day off.

Brush my teeth, shower, and put my clothes on.

Who is the cast member you’re most likely to be shipped in a bromance with?

Marvin all the way.

What’s a smooth one-liner/pick-up line that’s guaranteed to get a girl’s attention?

Go into DM and type in the words "hm" or "ok." Leave it and wait for her response. Like her response after she replies. It would leave her so confused and curious.

Or bring a puppy with you. Attention to you will be guaranteed.

If not Turks and Caicos, what other island destination is on your travel bucket list?

I want to go to the Maldives and Hawaii.

What would a self-care day look like to you?

Waking up in the morning and do some yoga. Go to a massage afterward and get a facial. Get my nails done and go home to a nice dinner.

Watch a funny movie at night and go to bed early. That would be the perfect day.

Keep Up With Chase

Thank you for a wonderful interview, Chase! Be sure to keep up with Chase on Instagram at @chasedemoor.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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