Harry Styles: Love on Tour is Something You Cannot Miss


Harry Styles has established himself to be a household name in 2021, breaking away from his well-loved One Direction hold. Whilst the fans, and Styles himself, loved his life in the band, it has been incredible to watch him flourish as a solo artist and allow himself to completely shine.

"I think the typical thing is to come out of a band like that and almost feel like you have to apologize for being in it,” Styles said. "But I loved my time in it. It was all new to me, and I was trying to learn as much as I could."

Amongst the news that Styles is set to star in two upcoming movies, My Policeman and Don't Worry Darling, both to be released in 2022, the singer-songwriter has launched into the American leg of his second world tour of his solo career titled Harry Styles: Love On Tour. This title fits perfectly with these wonderfully inclusive shows where Styles warmly welcomes everyone. Celebrating this diversity, Styles has the perfect setlist (only missing the iconic song To Be So Lonely), bundles of energy, and fans that celebrate it just as much. Tickets for the show have been the gold dust of the past two years with everyone trying to get tickets to the concert. If you have a ticket, consider yourself lucky. If you don't, or if you just want to relive the incredible show, here are all the crucial details to the wonderful Love On Tour.

The Set List

With two albums and 22 songs (all bangers), Harry Styles must have found it hard to narrow it down to only an hour and a half setlist. You can never please everyone and some songs simply sound better live than others, so hopefully, Styles stayed true to himself with the songs he wanted to finally perform live after the wait due to the pandemic. Here is the current official setlist of Love On Tour.

The chosen songs are a mix of the singer's first and second albums, including a cover of a throwback song we all know and love.

The main controversy was the absence of the song To Be So Lonely, the seventh track of his second album Fine Line. After performing the song at a small venue in London and The Forum venue in LA pre-pandemic, the crowd singing, noticeably louder, the lyric "arrogant son of a b*tch" many fans thought the lack of the song was because Styles was offended by the name-calling. You can't blame the man. Having thousands of people yelling insults at you, you may be slightly wounded, even if you wrote the lyrics. After some minor outrage from the fans, the performer did unofficially sing the song twice at random shows. Whether there is a pattern or if the song may become a permanent fixture of the show is unknown.

Singing, What Makes You Beautiful, a song by Styles' previous band, the well-known One Direction, is iconic in itself. A nod to the beginning of his career, Harry Styles relishes the fun of the light-hearted song, making it his own and more mature by changing the tempo slightly. Showing he is not ashamed in any way of his boy band beginning is heart-warming to the long-term fans who grew up with Styles, obsessing over the band in the 2010s. In the instrumental part of the nostalgic song, Styles does his wild dancing, proven to make everyone want to join in.

Harry's Outfits

Harry Styles: Love On Tour has become known to be a fashion opportunity. Styles is famous for wearing fabulously flamboyant outfits, breaking gender norms. This sparked attention late last year after he wore a dress for the cover of Vogue. Angering some, inspiring others, Harry himself stayed pretty silent on the matter, only captioning a photo of him eating a banana with "bring back manly men". The sentence people were using to criticize his appearance. Even before this, Styles' outfits for his first tour were just as iconic. This year, though, he has resurrected his much-discussed fashion, following the lines of his outfit on his album cover; slacks and suspenders.

The show is just as monumental in fashion for the fans. Everyone attending finds their best outfit, some being fruit-themed, Harry-themed or some just looking hot. Here are some of my favorites.

Looking gorgeous.

So adorable, start 'em young.


Best dad ever.

The Band

Notorious for having such a fun, entertaining band, Harry Styles did not fail to deliver for Love On Tour. Keeping the iconic drummer Sarah and guitar player Mitch, who recently had a child together, Styles added a couple of new performers. The energy provided every night from them is jawdropping. We can see they love what they do and that translates to the crowd without a doubt hyping them up more. Many of the members do backing vocals, all have beautiful voices and such a smooth, cohesive look.

Famous Fans

The tour has only been happening for two months, but Styles has already attracted some famous faces to his show. These celebrities look like they are having just as a good time as the rest of the fans, dancing and singing all the words. As they should.

Anna Wintour, the fashion queen and met gala head, supported Styles at his concert. I would love to see her scream Watermelon Sugar.

Joshua Bassett tagged the singer, dancing to his show.

Sabrina Carpenter also attended with Bassett. They took photos with fans and hopefully enjoyed themselves. So cute, she looks stunning.

The singer's girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, supported her boyfriend, getting into his music. There's a great video of her dancing to his songs out there, I recommend you try to find it.


Harry Styles' sexuality has been a much-discussed topic ever since he was thrown into the limelight at 16. Who was he dating? Is it a pr stunt? Have they broken up? Quite frankly, it's not our business. The man can date who he likes. However, Styles has always been open about loving the LGBT+ community as well as supporting the BLM movement and other causes like gun control in America. Enthusiastically dancing with and waving pride flags at his show communicates the message that he is not ashamed of these things, the concert is somewhere where everyone can feel included and comfortable. Because Styles has such a large fan base, he is incredibly influential, subtly sending these messages is massively important and may help even just one person.

Songs, fans, outfits, and Harry Styles himself all come together to create an incredible show. Delivering such an energetic, inclusive and fabulous show is hard to pull off, but the singer pulls it off perfectly. There are no unnecessary backup dancers or anything distracting that takes away from the core idea of a concert; enjoying the music and having fun. If there's a chance for you to get tickets to his show, I wouldn't hesitate. Grab your best friends and go dance your heart out to Kiwi live.

Leah Hoyle

Leah Hoyle is in her first year of A-levels in an international school in Barcelona, Spain. New to the team she is excited about writing and for people to read her articles. Leah enjoys reading, baking and listening to music.