My Predictions for Fashion for the New Year

My Predictions for Fashion for the New Year

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January 12, 2021

Another year, another round of fashion crazes that will soon be popular. Shops and businesses will soon be stocking up their shelves to cater to those seeking the latest fashion trends.

Fashion as a whole is constantly changing; some trends last year are already out of style. We are constantly taking inspiration from different eras so it’s not surprising that while we see new trends, we also will see certain styles make a comeback in 2021.

Juicy Couture tracksuits

We’ve all felt like we’ve taken a rewind back into the early 2000s by bringing back the matching velvet tracksuits, but I can see them making their way back into fashion.

We’ve already tried this trend a bit at the end of last year, but I think they’ll be a common piece in everyone's wardrobe in 2021. Who doesn’t want to feel as iconic as Paris Hilton in this comfy outfit?


We’ve all seen the classic black mesh top floating around every so often, and whether you’ve been able to pull it off or not, this is your year to do so!

While Mesh tops are already in style, I think that they will become a big trend this year. Mesh is a fabric so it can vary from tops, dresses, and gloves. It soon can even become the hottest fashion statement. There are more styling and designing options out there for mesh other than the basic black look.

Whether it’s flowy-arms or a collared neck, I can see mesh being a trendy style this year.

White knee-high boots

Shoe trends come and go like wildfire and it’s no surprise that while we see more laid-back pieces, such as chunky sneakers, we also see more fashionable items come into everyone's wardrobe as well.

White knee-high boots I predict will become a classic fashion statement this year and could be often styled with long coats and jackets.

Fur-Trimmed coats

What better way to style a winter outfit with a fashionable yet practical coat!

We’ve upgraded from the wave of the brown fuzzy jacket phase to a new and improved version. These comfortable and cozy looking pieces will be taking over social media by storm. Not only do I think that this fur-trimmed look will suit coats, but they can also be added to cardigans.

Unlike the “fuzzy bear” jacket, I think that these could be made in all different colors and go from adding a pop of color to a neutral tone.

Wide leg jeans

We’ve seen all the phases of jeans over the years, from skinny to the high-waisted mom fit, and the looks are obviously evolving.

I sense a new fit will take over this year; specifically, wide leg! Now I know what you're thinking, people are already wearing those, but I see these emerging as the new “normal jeans” for the year.

Whether you decide to go for a straight-legged and elegant style, or a loose and ripped looked, this fit can cater to both!


I know what you are thinking… How could green be a fashion trend?

Matcha and sage have already made their way onto many Pinterest boards. I’m calling it- the pastel green shade will become the hottest color of 2021. The real question is, will it become the new pink?

This color is already taking over shops and it will only get more popular as the year goes on!


I’m seeing more of this look every time I’m scrolling through social media and it’s becoming more popular!

I can see a big market for patchwork styled pieces this year. People aren’t afraid to show off and style something that was once frowned upon. Gone is the times when wearing clothes that were patched were “uncool”. (This look is especially going to become popular with pants, mismatching legs!).

Guess shoulder bags

So, the tiny bags that you sling over your shoulders are now officially back in fashion... I can agree with many people and say that I am very happy about this one!

2020 brought us into this trend already and I can sense that Guess, a very popular early 2000s brand, will make a comeback. What better, more iconic brand than Guess? If you're into the new look or a more vintage look than no worries, they have you covered!

Vintage baseball jackets

Diving into more of an old school look now: vintage baseball jackets. Are we ready to pull them off again?

I have a feeling that these will be worn frequently this year and will be paired with a very laid back and basic outfit. I predict that the jackets will be a very common statement piece for many outfits this year.

These might not suit everyone's taste, but will be a great asset to those pulling off a more vintage look.

Sparkly Sets

I may be a part of the small percentage, but I am very ready for this trend!

I am hoping that sparkly pants and sets come back into fashion this year. Perhaps not exactly everyday attire, but the sets are perfect for special occasions or parties. These will definitely make you shine at any event!

As a person who loves to wear anything with sequins and sparkles, these becoming popular would make my year. A very glamorous trend!

As the year begins to set in, and the trends begin to roll around, it’ll be interesting to see what comes and goes out of fashion.

Although I’d love to see all these trends become popular, no matter what, it certainly will be an interesting year for fashion trends. Will we bring back pieces from different decades or will we resurface popular brands? Only time will tell!

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