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My Honest Ranking of Every Single Barbie Movie to Exist


April 07, 2023

Barbie movies have always been an integral part of my childhood, and if I'm being honest, most of my teenagehood is as well. Everything changed for 3-year-old me when I saw Barbie Princess and the Pauper and I haven't looked back ever since. And as I grew up with these movies, inevitably watching around 36 (yes,36) of them, here is my ranking of every single Barbie movie ever.

36. Barbie and her sisters in a puppy chase(2016):

One of the best things about Barbie movies is their enticing and enthralling plotlines, so you can see why this movie is ranked so down on this list as there was no plot surrounding this movie. More than once, I found myself asking, "How long is this movie?". The puppy storyline is dull. The puppies don't move around all that much for a movie about chasing after puppies.

Barbie mainly just doesn't go where she has to. If Barbie had chosen better, she would have been okay. Little is at risk, and few people experience consequences. The characters are dull and bland, and I couldn't find myself rooting for any of them.

35. Barbie Dolphin Magic (2017):

Similar to the puppy Chase, this movie barely had any interesting plot points. The story centres on Barbie and her sisters discovering an endangered and rare dolphin in a lagoon. After that, they work together alongside a mermaid (Isla) to prevent a selfish developer from demolishing the dolphin's home.

This movie felt like watching 1 hour of fluff, the story was extremely predictable and boring and most characters(barbies sisters) had little to no part in the movie. However, the friendship between Isla and Barbie was very touching and felt genuine, so I will give the movie props to that.

34. Barbie video game hero(2017):

Had the plot of the movie been executed better, this movie would have ranked way higher on this list. But alas, the plot fell short, the characters were bland and insufferable at times, and there was a weird number of just dance references. The storyline revolves around Barbie entering a video game as a character who is tasked with the responsibility to destroy a virus and has to beat multiple game levels to do so.

The concept was quite cool as each layer housed a different animation style, but I would have loved for the video game to not have been so pink and girly. Overall, a very average movie that I would not watch again.

33. Barbie spy squad (2016):

Barbie can be anything but a spy because when I tell you that the main protagonists could not get anything done right, I mean it. Even if their clumsiness and lack of motor skills were added in for comedic relief, it underlined the plotline, which wasn't so enticing either.

Barbie and her friends use their espionage talents to solve puzzles and thwart villains as they work together to halt an evil scheme to steal priceless technology. And while I appreciate the efforts made regarding character development as I genuinely rooted for the 3 main girls, overall the plot fell lacklustre and fell into a cliche generic spy story.

32. Barbie and the secret door(2014):

This movie was a serious letdown in terms of plot, but I absolutely loved all the main characters. They had personalities and their character development was executed flawlessly. Even the set design and the idea of the movie were quite fascinating, but the plot absolutely sucked.

The main antagonist is a 7-year-old spoilt child, who is defeated by a mere loophole with absolutely no consequences. The world build-up was done really well. However, I would not recommend watching this movie.

31. Barbie and her sisters in a Ponytale (2013):

I watched this movie at least 3 times and still did not understand what it was about. The characters have no depth, there is no plot and the magical ponies exist just for the namesake. There was a quiet romance brewing with Skipper in the middle, but overall this movie had nothing going on for it. It was boring and predictable, and I would not recommend watching it.

30. Barbie and her sisters in the great puppy adventure(2015):

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, as the motive of adventure and treasure hunting has always enthralled me. However, once again, the characters fell flat and lacked a persona, a trend a lot of the post-2013 Barbie movies seem to have to go for them. The cute puppies also played a minimal role, but the sense of adventure and thrill the movie conveyed was executed quite well.

29. Barbie Princess Power (2014):

I actually really enjoyed this movie and binge-watched it a lot with my younger sister. The plot was okayish, with the end being extremely predictable and been there done that. However, I will say that the protagonist (Kara) is well-developed and adorkable in the best possible ways.

I like how they showed her to be a superhero who struggled with her powers and had to earn her skills. The love story is also unique and quite sweet, and overall I somehow managed to enjoy this movie.

28 . Barbie a Perfect Christmas (2011):

This movie was Ok. I really have nothing to say about it besides its heartfelt message about staying positive, and the sense of community the movie invokes. The plot was decentish but expected, and overall I could see myself pulling this out for a Christmas rewatch.

27. Barbie Thumbelina (2009):

I remember absolutely loving this movie as a child, but after rewatching it this movie is quite average. I will say that the plot is really good for its time, and the character development of both Thumbelina and Mckenna is quite good. The message is also prominent, but after looking back, this movie did not particularly stand out to me and was quite boring at times.

26. Barbie A Christmas Carol (2008):

I enjoyed this Christmas movie quite a lot, and the shifting narratives and diverse characters were really enjoyable, to say the least. The plot and execution are quite good, and the character development of each of the protagonists is quite heartwarming. The movie evokes the spirit of Christmas very well, and I’d totally love to watch it again.

This movie was not bad at all. I just think that other Barbie movies have outdone themselves way better than this.

25. Barbie Diaries (2006):

While the animation of this movie is atrocious, I really loved this movie as it brought up so much nostalgia while watching it again. The movie is realistic with its settings and plot, and I enjoyed the characters a lot. I do think that the message about high school popularity could have been expressed better, but overall this movie was quite good.

24. Barbie Fairytopia-The Magic of the Rainbow(2007):

Another blast from the past, this movie certainly stood the test of time. While the plot is kind of predictable, I really enjoyed the world build-up, as well as the characters in the movie. Bible and Elina have had and always will have my heart, and I loved re-watching their dynamic on screen again.

23. Barbie in a mermaid tale 2 (2011):

This movie was honestly a major letdown from the first one. Merliah is a brat for most of the movie, and honestly, this movie felt like a fluff out to cop on the success of the first. The plot was also a snooze fest and I had really expected better from this franchise.

22.Barbie Fairytopia(2005):

This movie was okayish, the plot was quite banal, but I still really enjoyed viewing it. I personally did not enjoy Elina as a character(I don't know how to explain it but her persona literally alters in every Fairytopia movie), but her development was something I really appreciated. I would not rewatch this movie, but I did enjoy it in some parts.

21. Barbie Princess and the pop star(2012):

This movie was a childhood favourite. However, rewatching it, I felt as if the main characters were unaware of how privileged they were. Besides that, this movie was a nostalgic trip and had some plot lines and the songs were absolute bops.

20. Barbie Mariposa and the fairy princess(2013):

I honestly think that this movie had one of the best fantasy-themed plots I've ever seen, and my favourite bible delivered. I loved the plot, I loved Elina's development and I even loved how the plot was executed, so well that it had me on the edge of my seat. The only complaint I would have is that the first half of the movie is quite drawly and the characters' ditziness is lost out due to lack of comedic timing.

19. Barbie Rock and Royals (2017):

When I say that this movie defied all of my expectations, I don't say it lightly. Think parent trap meets camp rock meets princess diaries because this is exactly what this movie encapsulated. The songs are amazing and the plot, dynamic and characters themselves are so quirky and adorable-there's someone relatable for everyone. A high commendation from my side!

18. Barbie Starlight Adventure (2016):

This is my favourite post-2013 Barbie film because not only is Barbie a complete badass, the plot actually makes sense and the reward isn't just handed to Barbie and her friends. The atmosphere and world-building are actually really outstanding for barbie cinematography, but I absolutely loved everything about this movie and couldn't wait to rewatch it!

17. Barbie and the pearl princess(2014):

This movie was genuinely such a blast to watch. The characters are portrayed with flaws but the development is amazing. I love that Lumina doesn't take anything for granted and is so hardworking and determined, even in the face of adversity.

The plot is thick and rich, and the ending leaves everyone satisfied. Also, the animation is subpar and this is one of my favourite Barbie movies out there.

16. Barbie a fairy secret(2011):

This movie had me in absolute splits the entire duration, and I loved the enemies-to-friends trope. Ken was an absolute charm in this movie, and Raquel had her moments too. The plot was genuinely interesting and all the characters were well-developed and had a genuine role to play in the movie, and I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a comedic and heartwarming movie.

15. Barbie in the pink shoes(2013):

The fact that Kristyn and Hailey have different passions and still get along well is one of the reasons I adore this movie. It's difficult for me to believe that I only discovered this movie last year, especially considering how well the costumes, song, and animation are done. Other than that, the love Kristyn has for ballet has been conveyed so well and the character+plot dynamics are enthralling.

14. Barbie and the Nutcracker (2001):

Barbie Christmas movies can be a hit or miss, but The Nutcracker hits all benchmarks for the perfect winter movie. The story is also based on ballet, which is cleverly extended to keep the audience's interest. It has a fast-paced storyline that completely gripped me.

13. Barbie Mariposa(2008):

Okay, this was the Barbie movie that paved the way for my love of fairies. The plot is thick and actually so entertaining to watch, and the bible was honestly the star of the show. Elina is an amazing protagonist and Prince Carlos is one of my favourite Ken’s out there. I really enjoyed this movie and I would highly recommend starting with this movie and then moving on to the other Fairytopia movies.

12. Barbie Fairytopia-Mermaidia(2006):

Another beloved binge-watch, this may be my favourite Fairytopia movie of them all. I just loved all the character dynamics, and how the characters had to actually work together and smartly to outwit the antagonists. This movie was funny and heartwarming and was honestly one of the best works to come out of Mattel.

11. Barbie as rapunzel(2002):

This movie. Oh my god. I fell in love with it all over again after rewatching it, and there are so many reasons why: The dresses and the characters and the prince and the cute purple dragon and Barbie herself, everything about this movie speaks to me in a way no other Barbie movie could. The plotline is genuinely interesting and unique, and I distinctly remember trying to replicate all of Rapunzel's outfits in this movie.

10. Barbie of swan lake(2003):

I absolutely devoured this movie, not only because the plot was so amazing, but also because Odette is a total badass when it comes to her persona. The plot was so good and the love story was genuinely so sweet. This is one of the best Barbie movies and an amazing take on the classic. Totally worth the rewatch and the kids are adorable!

9. Barbie and the Magic of the Pegasus (2005):

I remember absolutely loving this movie as a kid, and I still enjoy it just as much now. This movie had good plot twists and cinematic build-up, and the dynamic between both sisters is heartwarming and wrenching at the same time. The animation and plot were amazing and overall I really enjoyed this movie!

8. Barbie and the diamond castle:

This movie was a cultural reset for my generation, and I can vouch for this movie probably having one of the best plots I've seen in a Barbie universe. Liana and Alexa have distinct personas and have the prettiest outfits I've seen. These two are the ultimate power duo and I just loved watching their dynamic amplify the plotline. I was so happy for both of them to get the happy ending they always deserved. My only complaint would be that the princes of these movies were total idiots throughout. (the dogs gave us one of the best 2023 memes though)

7. Barbie and the island princess(2007):

This movie will always have my heart, and so will Ro. The movie is so adorable with the friendship between Ro and all the animals, as well as the dynamic between the prince and her. The movie delivered with the plot, and while I was personally not a fan of that hideous peacock dress, the whole aesthetic and characters of the movie honestly made it a true Barbie classic.

6. Barbie and the mermaid tale(2010):

From the period of 2010-2011, if you asked me what movie I had played on repeat, then my answer would probably be this one. Merliah is, and will always be, one of my favourite characters, and honestly, Erin was a villain I actually loved watching. The dolphins also carried this movie, and overall this movie was a complete blast to watch. The plot is honestly so amazing for its time and I absolutely loved watching this movie.

5. Barbie: a fashion fairytale(2010):

Another CD that never left my DVD player was the Barbie fashion fairytale one. This movie has absolutely revolutionized my love for fashion, and the outfits were so iconic that I would still wear them to this day. The three fairies were so cute and Barbie's persona is one of my favourites in the Barbie universe.

This movie had the most adorable Ken, and honestly, the outfits still resonate with me to this day. The ending had me so satisfied with the movie and, honestly, this is a totally recommended binge(watch the fairy Secret after this).

4. Barbie and the Three Musketeers(2009):

I honestly think that this movie defined female leads as action heroes. Corinne is one of my favourite Barbies out there, and I love her ambition to be bigger than she is allowed to be. While the outfits play a big role in my love for this movie, the friendship between all the musketeers and the main lead characters' romance(honestly the best Barbie couple in the entire universe) make this movie one of the best I have seen from Mattel. I’d 1000000% recommend this to all Barbie fans out there.

3. Barbie Princess and the Pauper(2004):

This movie was the Barbie movie that started it all. “You're just like me” had to be one of the most iconic songs of all time, following both the characters in this movie, of course. The forbidden love coupled with the classic switch plot has my heart absolutely taken by these 2. I loved this movie so so much and it's nowhere close to leaving my top three movies. The dresses are immaculate, the songs are total hits and the pets absolutely stole the show(and my heart).

2. Barbie Princess Charm School (2012):

This movie.This movie. There was nothing more I wanted than to be whisked away to charm school and make my own uniforms. This movie delivered in every aspect, from the characters to the outfits to the plot twist, which honestly had me at the edge of my seat.

The ball gowns were amazing and Barbie's determination to become better is one of the most encouraging things I have seen. I absolutely loved all the characters and the whole worldbuilding this universe had, as well as how this movie conveyed all the aspects of a luxurious boarding school while adding a thrilling spy effect to it.

1. Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006):

I don't think there is going to be any Barbie movie that comes close enough to the love I have for this movie. Though I may be biased because I loved the book before I even watched this movie, this movie has to have one of my favourite romances and my all-time favourite Barbie protagonist, Genevive. The world-building and the colourful costumes and the plot twists and everything in between, from start to finish, this movie really has my heart.

If you had to pick any movie to watch from this list, this has to be it. There's not one moment in which I did not enjoy this movie, and just the direction and character chemistry and the outfits and the magical elements and, honestly, everything in between makes this movie, in my opinion, the best Barbie movie ever.

While this ranking may be subjective to my personal opinion and beliefs, and obviously I am more biased toward the ones I grew up with, I do think that movies post-2015 are not worth watching, as they really lack what the earlier Barbie movies delivered so well. I hope this ranking helped you take a trip down memory lane, and if you saw any of your Barbie movies accurately represented and have somehow managed to watch more than 25+ of them, let me know in the comments below!

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