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In the Barbie World: Everything the Margot Robbie Starrer Did Right


July 28, 2023

The live action Barbie movie has definitely restored the summer box office to the (Barbie) pink of its health. Having already earned more than 300 million dollars, the film is slated to become one of the highest earners in Hollywood history. While the success of this fantasy comedy is superficially attributed to its ensemble cast and its impeccable direction, there is so much more to its appeal.

Here goes a list of things that the filmmakers did phenomenally well to make Barbie an endearing and enthralling watch for generations to come.

1) The Album

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Produced by Mark Ronson, the soundtrack of the Margot Robbie starrer is full of songs that convey profound emotions in a barbie-esque fashion but still manage to be extremely visceral in their depiction of our quotidian struggles as human beings. With songs ranging from the groovy 'WATATI' sung by Karol G and Aldo Ranks to the highly relatable ' What Was I ​Made For' by Billie Eilish, the Barbie album has something for everyone.

Impressively enough, the line-up of the artists is quite diverse too, and it is certain that listeners across all age groups will be able to find a new favorite from the track list.

2) Strategic Brand Collaborations

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From Airbnb to Burger King, from Aldo to Dragon Glassware, the list of brands that have doused their commodities and services in shades of pink popularised only by Barbie does not seem to end. These astute promotional tie-ups not only gave the movie unparalleled visibility but also ensured great profits for the companies that hopped onto the bandwagon.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the greatest blockbuster this year is not the live action Barbie movie itself but its marketing team. Special mention to 'Barbeinheimer' memes, Ryan Gosling's GQ interview titled 'Ken Things Ryan Gosling Can't Live Without' and the Barbie dreamhouse tour by none other than the on-screen Barbie, Margot Robbie herself.

​​​​​​3) The Iconic Costumes

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​​​​​The costume department headed by the Academy- award winning designer, Jacqueline Durran, took inspiration from Barbie's outfits over the years to replicate the same looks in the film. This gave the whole movie a nostalgic undertone and was highly instrumental in heightening its allure. Be it the evergreen stripped swimsuit from the 1950s or the skater look from the 1990s, the outfits donned by Margot Robbie in the movie will be remembered for ages to come due to the keen attention to detail that went into making them.

4) The Diverse Movie Cast

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The film has garnered appreciation for including actors like Simu Liu (as Ken #2) and ​​​Ritu Arya(as journalist Barbie) as they come from communities that are not showcased enough on-screen . The cast also features Ncuti Gatwa, America Ferrera and Issa Rae alongside other notable actors. Their roles in the movie are seen as stepping stones to better representation of minorities in the mainstream media.

​​​​​​5) Saying it Right

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​​​​ Movies with a message, especially ones with a feminist subtext, can be considered "preachy" if not done right. Barbie breaks all barriers though and deftly makes pertinent and nuanced points about the subjugation of women, belongingness and loss of innocence. The film does not turn into a sermon at any point in the movie. The Greta Grewig directorial balances wholesomeness, hilarity and profoundness in equal measures, justifying its over the peak popularity.

Barbie, in most respects, is the film of the year due to the team that made it happen. So do not wait any further, buy those movie tickets, grab a popcorn, sit back and relax as the Barbie movie takes you to the Barbie world while never losing its hold on reality.


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