Meet the Multi-National K-Pop Girl Group, Beauty Box

Meet the Multi-National K-Pop Girl Group, Beauty Box

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August 27, 2021

Beauty Box is a K-pop girl group in pre-debut made up of members from four different Asian countries: there are Gahyun and Sori from South Korea, Rina and Sara from Japan, Jerin from Thailand and Anh from Vietnam.

Their debut date has not been announced yet, but the girls are reportedly working around-the-clock to make their dreams come true.

"As I prepare for my debut, I gain confidence and I can't wait to come out with an album," said Rina, whose biggest dream is to go on a world tour someday.

Her fellow member, Anh, from Hochiminh City, said, "it's a complicated feeling of excitement, feeling good, and nervousness." She says she feels an extra responsibility put on her because she's the first ever Vietnamese K-idol. "I want to give courage to teenagers who dream of becoming K-pop idols in Vietnam."

She also said she misses her home country, but she wants to show her family what she can accomplish.

"I'm going to succeed so that I won't regret it," she said.

The girls are looking forward to showing supportive fans their talent as well and have goals for "everybody [to] know us," said Jerin.

Gahyun says she wants fans to cheer, "'Way to go, Gahyun! Beauty Box, fighting,'" and Rina said she's excited to "stand in front of the fans with good songs."

The groups' entertainment company, BYU Entertainment, decided to have a secret member to generate even more excitement, Sori.

Fans have never seen Sori's face, and in covers she has been a part of on the Beauty Box YouTube Channel, her face has been covered by a hat, or the lighting makes it looks like she's a shadow. Because of this, she wants to be even more prepared for her debut.

"Since I'm a secret member, they [look] forward to me even more, so I [feel] pressured," she said.

Sori describes herself as the group's "mood maker," and can't wait to "show [her talent] to K-pop fans around the world."

On the topic of "around the world," the six girls who make up Beauty Box have had struggles due to having members from different countries.

"I want to express when I'm having fun and when I'm not happy, but I'm frustrated that it's not going well," said Rina, whose native language is Japanese.

The girls not native to Korea said they have to study Korean hard. Thankfully, Sori and Gahyun, the native-Koreans, are there to help.

"I'm helping [them] use Korean more naturally," Gahyun said, who is the groups' leader and "mother."

Although being a multi-national group has its difficulties, the girls have a positive outlook on the situation.

"As a team with the same dream, we understand each other, so we're overcoming it well," Gahyun continued. Jerin, from Ayuttaya, Thailand, said she thinks the fact the group speaks four languages is "fun," saying, "When the six of us talk, I think that we're really global."

The members have fun together, and have faith in their success, which is what matters most.

"Eating delicious food with Beauty Box members is [a] joy [of mine]," Rina said. "I can do well because I'm with the BB members," said Sara, "the energizer of the team."

"I'm making it with the members who are dreaming the same dream as me."

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