Make Money on Your Phone Fast as A Teen (tips for 2020)
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Make Money on Your Phone Fast as A Teen (tips for 2020)

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February 28, 2017

Have you found yourself dealing with class dues, homecoming/prom preparations, textbook fees, and graduation packages to pay for? Here are some easy tips to help you make money for expenses or just to have for your pleasure. Apps: All have been used by me before and have helped me make a little extra cash.

The real breakdown. All apps work on iPhone My number one favorite app to use for making extra money normally takes 1-3 months. This is all you need: an account with them, a pay pal, and if you would like to have money transferred from pay pal to your card, a bank.

1. Dscout

This app is so great at what it does. All you do is download the app and create an account. Then you will edit your profile as honest as you can.

This app allows companies, either anonymously or directly, to pick an audience to test new apps, websites, or any products all done through the app. They mainly will also pick an audience to create "missions" which will either be just answering questions, taking videos, or pictures of whatever the company wants to achieve. All the participant does is apply for jobs on the dashboard and then they will be chosen.

Who can do this: This is great for people who have time to sit down and answer questions or create personal videos answering companies' questions. Deadlines are taken seriously on this app, but there are leaders who help you throughout the process.

Money made ranges from-$20-$200. Payout time is very reasonable and I've never had problems with them.

2. Receipt Hog

Have a lot of receipts around the house? Make money off of them. Receipt Hog is amazing for holiday times when you buy a lot of gifts and have the receipts with you to upload.

All receipts need to be uploaded between a two week period of the date of purchase and from each receipt you gain coins or slots, which can be used on the slot machine to gain more coins. Watch your hog grow and watch your rewards grow too! Go up levels as well.

I will say it does take time to be able to make coins to be able to cash out in the form of amazon cash or pay pal. Although, if you have the time to upload many times a day it will benefit you.

3. Qriket

This is a colorful app that all you do is create an account and tap to spin a wheel to gain coins. The way it works is that you will be given a number of spins when you first make an account. You will then choose between two colors green or yellow and then you will spin the wheel.

In the middle of the wheel, the amount of money you can make is given. If you land on the color you chose you make that amount. To increase the number of spins you can watch ads.

All I do is set my phone down to play some ads when I'm not busy and then play the next one and next one to rack up coins. With this app you can pay out to your Paypal once you reach $25. It will take extensive time to do so, but it's an extra way to make money.

4. Shopkick

Want a way to make gift card payouts? Shopkicks is for you! This app has an extensive number of stores to choose from.

All you have to do is sign up and have your phone on Bluetooth. This helps because the way to gain kicks is by walking into the store, all you have to do really. You can scan items or scan your receipt after for items.

It's as simple as that but will take some time to rack up kicks for your gift cards. Inviting friends does reward you though.

5. Lyft

For anyone who has a car and extra time, Lyft has a promotion going on right now where if you sign up to be a driver after your first 100 rides you will receive a bonus of $500 dollars. Any interest download the app or go on the web to sign up. Have fun making money everyone! 

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