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Lorelai Gilmore's Most Iconic Outfits

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Lorelai Gilmore, one of the protagonists in the hit show Gilmore Girls, is known for many things. Her quick wit, obsession with coffee, and independence all defined her character throughout the seven seasons of the show. What often flew under the radar, though, was her glamorous and fun sense of fashion.

Every episode, she’d have a new outfit that caught the eye. Beautifully colored sweaters, spectacular dresses, and classy coats filled her closet. She wore too many adorable outfits to count! Here are some of her best.

Laundry Day

The infamous ‘laundry day’ lives deep in the hearts of Gilmore Girls fans. It’s Lorelai’s daughter Rory's first day at her new, elite private school and Lorelai has to come in and meet the headmaster. Unfortunately, all of her presentable clothes were at the cleaners, so she was forced to wear a pink tie-dye shirt, some jean shorts, and a black down coat. Despite the embarrassment Lorelai and Rory faced, this outfit still goes down as one of the most iconic. Tie-dye was a staple in Lorelai’s closet, and this outfit captures her best.

Party in the USA

Here, Lorelai looks like she just came back from a very festive 4th of July party. The bright red bandana really makes the outfit pop, while the darker colors of her long sleeve shirt compliment each other well. The patches meant to replicate the American flag add some flavor to the otherwise mellow shirt. Her blue jeans tie it all together and this is what I call an outfit.

Bucket Hat Galore

If you didn’t know, Lorelai Gilmore is a big fan of the color pink. I didn’t even notice how much she wore the color until after I finished the series, but she works the color well. In this fun, very 2000s-esque outfit, she’s wearing a pink dress with a floral-like pattern, a youthful white bucket hat, and a large necklace of what appears to be a rose. A perfect outfit for doing errands, or just walking around her town, Stars Hollow.

Red, Red, and Red

This episode’s title was “Like Mother, Like Daughter” and it couldn’t be more fitting for this scene. When Lorelai volunteered to model in a fundraiser fashion show, she didn’t realize she’d be stuck wearing matching outfits with her mother! Despite Lorelai’s displeasure, she still looks fantastic. The bright red compliments her black hair eloquently, and her necklace adds another element of chic. Lorelai (and Emily!) rocked that runway.

Instagram Influencer

The show took place in the early 2000s, but here, Lorelai looks much ahead of her time. This look reminds me of what today’s influencers wear while walking in the streets of New York. The leather jacket is sophisticated, but stylish. The chocolate brown turtleneck fits Lorelai well and the lighter brown skirt is a perfect pairing. This outfit is perfect for autumn, the season that Gilmore girls does best. I think it’s safe to say, Lorelai looks fabulous here!

The “My Parents Are Still Married” Dress

Due to some rough bumps in Lorelai’s parents, Emily and Richard’s relationship, there was a time in the show while they were separated. Luckily for all those Emily and Richard shippers, they rekindled and chose to “renew their vows” in a very fancy style. It was similar to a wedding ceremony followed by a party, and once again, Lorelai’s clothing style did not disappoint. She sported a stunning, shimmery blue dress that fit her so well. The dress was topped with a sparkly, purple shrug. For a glamorous event, she wore a strikingly glamorous dress.

Going Back to School

I don’t know if Lorelai would be thrilled if she heard this, but she’s serving very much school girl vibes here. The collared shirt, sweater vest, and knee-length skirt really remind me of a private school uniform. Nonetheless, the combination is adorable, and the glasses really top the outfit. It’s so interesting to see that the same style of sweater vest she wore back then is popular now. The vest is timeless!

After looking at all the photos of Lorelai’s outfits, I feel inspired. I want her closet so badly! She had the ability to turn otherwise simple looks into absolute masterpieces, all while being a single mother with a full-time job! Her fashion superpowers leave me in awe, and I can only hope to one day be as talented as her.

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