Why Gilmore Girls Has the Perfect Fall Aesthetic
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Why Gilmore Girls Has the Perfect Fall Aesthetic

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November 04, 2021

If you're out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold… Yes, that catchy tune of the early 2000s belongs to the one and only Gilmore Girls television series. Since its release over twenty years ago, it has caught the eyes and hearts of millions. Many find comfort in the quirkiness of the characters, the plot, and the wonderful yet strange town of Stars Hollow.

A comfort show that you can, in my opinion, watch over and over again without ever getting tired or bored. The comfortable fall radiance it has makes it the perfect show to binge on as the leaves begin to fall.

Our favorite fictional town

The neighborly and community-oriented town of Stars Hollow is one of the main reasons why Gilmore Girls is still popular years later, with each resident having a totally unique story and purpose. While the show's producers made the town so warm and calming, it never manages to fall short in craziness. The strong sense of community and the interesting town events in this quaint place 100% made us all want to visit and live there at some point or another.

I mean, who doesn’t want to take a class at Miss Patty's or see Kirk working one of his many jobs? And of course, we can't talk about Stars Hallow without mentioning Luke's Diner, the staple setting throughout all seven seasons where the show's iconic mother-daughter duo spent a great amount of time!

It's just one of those towns where everyone knows everyone, which may be a strange comfort to those living in big cities. The majority of the show takes place in fall and winter, so we'll often see the quaint town covered in piles of leaves or even snow.

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

As said by Lorelai Gilmore herself. There are only maybe a couple of episodes in the series wherein coffee is not served, drunk, or mentioned. Hot coffee is poured at all times of the day and night.

The Gilmore Girls are well-known and loved for their coffee obsessions! Something about a freshly brewed pot really sets the tone for fall and makes you want to wrap up and grab one yourself.

Who wore it better?

As much as fashion has evolved since Gilmore Girls premiered, I have to say they pulled off incredible looks, from Rory’s iconic knit sweater to Lorelai's never-disappointing fits. The fashion alone makes for the perfect fall aesthetic, and you’ll definitely find me taking inspiration from these amazing outfits sometime soon.

Whenever she wasn't rocking her Chilton uniform, simplicity took form in most of Rory's outfits. On the other hand, Lorelai had more of a bold sense of fashion, scoring lots of looks that were very much trendy throughout the 90s and early 2000s.

As I mentioned, the show did take place during the cooler months, so there were a lot more layers to the outfits we saw onscreen. Gilmore Girls did not let trench coats, fuzzy jackets, and tracksuits get in the way of style!

Flip another page

Rory’s ability to get through as many books as she does is incredible, and it’s a skill I wish I had! Throughout the show, especially in the early seasons, we almost never fail to see Rory without a great read in hand. There's just so much comfort to be found in wrapping up, sitting by a fire, and opening up a good book.

Additionally, Rory’s dedication and work ethic got her into great schools, and everything about her education reeked of an old-money aesthetic. All the libraries, classes, halls, and buildings were elegant. The lack of modernity definitely adds to the feeling of a fall aesthetic.

Behind every perfection, there were flaws

The realness of the show surely played a big role in making Gilmore Girls so addicting to watch. This isn’t an overly glamorized series. Its humility and talk of everyday issues are why people over 20 years later still find a home in it.

It may have seemed like the characters lived the perfect lives, but upon closer inspection, you'll see they all had flaws. Mistakes and lessons about friendships, education, family, and love all add up in this overall slow-burn but fast-talking household we know as the Gilmore Girls.

I believe it’ll be a long time coming before we ever stop talking about the brilliance of Gilmore Girls, undoubtedly the perfect series to binge on when all you want to do is to curl up and put on a lighthearted but meaningful show. Between Lorelai's comebacks, Rory's smarts, Emily's persistence, and Luke's stubbornness, it’s a comfort show that’ll get you laughing, crying, and wishing you could watch it all over again for the first time.

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