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Life of Payton Moormeier: an Exclusive with the 17-Year-Old Pop Star

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January 15, 2021

If you keep up with the music industry then you must be familiar with the many new talents we see rising nowadays. Some of those artists are also influencers that decided that that title was not going to hinder them and what they're capable of. Payton Moormeier is not any different from any of those great talents.

Payton is a young influencer that decided to strike out with his musical talents, and he definitely did not disappoint. And who are we to let an opportunity to speak with such young talent pass? This is why we come to you with an interview delving into Moormeier's career, talent, and everything on the side. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Start On Social Media

Payton started his journey back in 2015, when he was very young. “I was 12, so there wasn’t much inspiration,” he says. “I just wanted to have fun.” Within the upcoming years, people started the notice the talent and started to share, like, and comment on his videos. “It wasn’t until December 2018 that I believe I started to gain any exposure,” Moormeier revealed.

His mom was his biggest supporter when he had started. “She always supported me from day 1, never doubted me once, and always pushed me to do what I loved.” He told us in the interview. He further added that still to this day, his mom is always there for him when he needs her, “she’s 100% the reason I am where I am.”


Payton is a really talented musician, and even though he has only released a few tracks yet, fans are always going crazy over the songs. If you haven't listened to his songs yet, I'd recommend you should head over right now and stream and bop along to the amazing melodies.

Payton revealed that he had always loved music since he was 9 or 10. But turns out, he was too scared to sing. “It was something I was super passionate about, so I kinda forced myself to step out of the box and pursue my dream.” And it's a good thing he did!

‘Don’t Go’

Payton Moormeier has released his pop-punk new single “Don’t Go” about a recent toxic relationship. “The relationship was hurting me, but I was too in love to let go.” He expressed. You can get a glimpse of the back and forth between the verses and chorus! “In the first verse, you can hear what I was going through in lyrics like 'you say you hate me, you can’t take it.'” Don't Go is based on all the negatives in the relationship. The song is available on all platforms, stream it now!

There isn't a music video of the song yet, but we can definitely expect one in the future. Covid has really restricted travel for Payton, but ‘always stay ready!’

Upcoming Events

If you are someone eagerly waiting for a Payton Moormeier show or tour, here's another reason to pray this pandemic ends quickly. Payton says he and his team have been trying to work out tours and shows. Once everything has calmed down, you can definitely expect one! “We will 100% be on the road.” He exclaimed.

Apart from that, you can also expect new merch and new music from the Love Letter singer. “I’m always working on new music but an album is the goal for 2021.”

Payton’s Artist in You Scholarship

Payton Moormeier has started a scholarship 'Payton's Artist In You” for independent artists trying to get their careers started. “I’ve been independent for a year and self-funding all my projects, it’s definitely not a cheap hobby at all so any help I can give to my fellow artist is great!” He exclaimed talking about it.

The “Artist In You” scholarship is for the passionate and artistic people in this world. Those who work hard, self-fund and have followed their dreams of being an artist or creative individual. If you are someone who is an artist that wants to pursue your art long term, then this is the scholarship for you. These funds are meant to make that journey a little easier for you to achieve and continue moving forward.

The scholarship runs from December 13, 2020, to February 15, 2021. You can read more about it and apply here.

Being Successful

Success felt rewarding to the young pop star. “[It] still feels like a dream,”

My biggest advice to anybody trying to chase this career is DO NOT let the hate get to you, you have to keep a strong head. I’ve seen way too many people cave under the pressure. Always do you and keep focused.

-Payton Moormeier

Hate is unnecessary, yet most influencers face it and it seems to be a part of growing. I feel like everybody goes through hate on any platform, Payton spoke up. It’s unavoidable. He added that his advice is 'don’t play into it.' They [the haters] do it for attention and the more attention you give the hate, the more they’ll have motive.

But, being an influencer and musician with a huge platform isn't easy. Talking about the worst thing about having a huge platform is the loss of normalcy. “It gets stressful always having to be on your game. It’s a 24/7 job, no breaks, no days off, and always having to check your back in public never gets easy.” He explained.

But at the end of the day, it is worth it because of the contact support. According to Payton, that's the best thing about being an influencer. “It always picks me up when I need it. It’s a blessing wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Fan Focused Questions:

We curated some questions frequently asked by fans regarding Payton covering fan theories, the writing process, and upcoming collaborations! Find the answers to them below!

Q1. “Don’t Go” sounds like it is connected to your previous singles “Hard To Breathe” and “Habits.” Is there any connection between them or is it just a fan theory?

There’s a small connection between “Hard To Breathe” and “Don’t Go” but nothing major. I’d say that’s a fan theory for sure.

You can watch the music video for 'Hard To Breathe' below!

Q2. What is the writing process usually like? Are the lyrics mostly inspired by personal experiences?

All of my songs come from experiences I’ve gone through, but I usually get a beat and just hum some melodies, I can pick out words from the random melody freestyles and get a direction of the vibe from there. The rest is just turning a story into a song for me!

Q3. Would you collaborate with any other influencers and musicians in the future like Dixie D’Amileo, Jaden Hossler, or Dylan Hartman?

I’m always open to trying new collaborations!

Q4. It’s been a few months since your first release, you must have felt a sense of euphoria then. Did that feeling change with all the song releases afterward?

No. For me, it’s always been the same each release. I always get some butterflies before giving the world new music.

Q5. Your go-to music genre seems to be rock-pop. Do you think you’ll try other genres in the future?

I’m definitely influenced by pop-punk & the alt scene, but my favorite thing is exploring new genres so of course!

January 2021 Cover Star!

Payton Moormeier is cover starring our first issue of 2021 which covers all interesting topics from toxic masculinity to the vaccine debate! Click here to subscribe and access the issue!

Allover, interviewing Payton Moormeier was great and it is clear that the young star has a really successful future ahead of him. You can find his other songs Love Letter and Habits at his YouTube channel Payton Moormeier where he has over 1.34 M subscribers. Keep updated with Payton through his social handles! Find all links here and let us know in the comments what is your favorite Payton Moormeier bop!

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