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Jordana Bryant: a Country Pop Star in the Making

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Wed, June 19

Funny, charismatic, and wonderfully wholesome are just a few ways to describe incredibly talented country pop artist- Jordana Bryant. As a God-loving young woman and someone who truly values close-knit relationships and storytelling, it isn't a surprise that country music appealed to the amazingly talented Bryant. Through her music, Jordana tells engaging and relatable stories- just longing to find kindred spirits to meet and connect with. So we ask that you put on your cowboy or cowgirl hat and join us on our ride of getting to know Jordana Bryant.

Photo Credit: Jordana Bryant

Musical Beginnings & Inspo Backstory

Every artist has a backstory (no matter how great or tragic it may be), and Bryant is no different. When asked how she got into music, Jordana was more than eager to share her musical background. "My dad played the guitar a bunch growing up. I would play along and just sing along (making up my own songs and melodies) and that is how I fell in love with songwriting."

"I would say [my music style] is country pop. I feel like my music has an aspect of optimism and positivity. No matter the topic I want it to always feel positive and optimistic."

When asked about what inspires her musically (regarding topics), Jordana did not hold back on expressing how she feels. She stated, "I would say there are a lot of different places inspiration could come from. I know a lot of my inspiration comes from things I, my family, or friends have experienced. There's so many places I find inspiration though, songwriting is such a great outlet for expressions and making connections with people." Her love of connecting with people and storytelling drew her to country music in the first place.

"I really want to write songs that leaves people feeling seen and heard. I really want to create a community of people that feel heard and mattered because I feel like music is such a great way to connect with people."

Listening to her father play the guitar as she made up lyrics to his beautiful strumming drew her to music, but her love for storytelling and making authentic connections has kept her there and kept her going when it comes to making music.

Overcoming Hurdles

Every artist- new or seasoned, young or old- has obstacles that they need to overcome. They have some type of hurdle to get over and mountain to climb. Jordana Bryant is no exception to this rule.

According to Miss Bryant, her more recent challenge was being contacted by a record label and turned it down simply because it did not feel right. Even though getting a record deal is a big accomplishment and something she wanted to achieve, Bryant has no regrets about her decision.

She states that she feels, in her heart and soul, that she made the right decision. While she states that navigating and figuring out a new path can be scary- having faith in her decisions is the most important part. It is also one of the biggest challenges she faced and managed to accomplish.

Musical Role Models & Becoming One

When asked about her musical role models in country music, Jordana gave us all the tea about who she looks up to in country music. "I would say I have a handful of them. But a few of them are Dolly Parton and Reba. They paved the way in country music and showed girls like me that there is a path for whatever you want to do.

I also love Taylor Swift and how real her music is. How she created a community where everyone is so connected. I want to create a community where everyone feels similarly heard and validated."

"That is the beauty of songwriting- showing people they are not alone."

Jordana's optimistic spirit in regard to music and want to show people they are not alone- does not only apply to her own music but also help other young artists like herself. Jordana gave great advice to young artists who are breaking into the industry, as she stated: "The best advice I've ever gotten is (so simple but so true) is to just be yourself; just be you. You're the only one who can be you when you're writing music. Try to be as honest, vulnerable, and authentic as possible." While the advice is indeed simple, it is also insightful and useful advice that anyone can use.

New Releases

Miss Bryant has accomplished so much at such a young age, which doesn't include her two new releases. In the last month, Jordana Bryant released two new singles. One is called "Fireworks," inspired by "that feeling when you first start falling for someone.

You can't really explain it. I wanted to capture that feeling. There are so many words for it, but to me, you can't really encapsulate it. I wanted to capture that feeling in a song. I'm really excited that the song is out." It is a really energetic and magnetic country pop song that genuinely does a good job of encapsulating that feeling Jordana described.

The other song is 'Saddle Up, ' which was released on Friday. You'll have to hear it for yourself to see how great it is!

Photo Credit: Jordana Bryant

10 Quick Qs

1. Who is your favorite music artist?

Taylor Swift.

2. What color do you think best represents you? And why?

Light pink is my favorite color because I love how bright it is. To me, brightness represents happiness and optimism, and I'm a very happy person.

3. What is your ultimate comfort food?

Ice cream.

4. What is your spirit animal?

I would say a koala because they are very cute, and I love koalas. I feel like they are sometimes in the background and very observant. But I feel like they see and notice a lot. Sometimes, you can learn a lot more from listening

5. Top 5 dream destinations you'd like to travel?

I would love to get to see Europe. The architecture and culture there is so amazing. I would love to visit Germany, Italy, Greece, and France.

I went to LA for the first time this past month or so. I would love to get to make more trips there. It's a fun place

6. What would you say your fashion style is?

My fashion style is feminine and with a little bit of edgy. I love pairing something dressy with something more streetwear-style, but honestly, I'm always looking to update my style. I wish I had that natural style, but I never see the vision like some others, lol. I hate them all haha.

7. What would you be if you could be anything else in the world?

I feel like I'd get to be exactly what I always dreamed of being- a songwriter. It's really hard to picture doing anything else

8. If you could choose any power- what would you choose and why?

I would choose teleportation because I love to travel, and there are so many places I haven't been to yet that I'd love to see.

9. Would you rather be rich and lonely or poor and have healthy, fulfilling relationships?

I would rather have healthy, fulfilling relationships, haha.

10. Who is your celebrity crush?

Oh gosh, who is my celebrity crush? Haha. I would say with Sean Mendez or Austin Butler.

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