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Kanye West Caught Dressing Like the KKK

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December 15, 2023

Another day, another drama involving Kanye West. It's like just when we catch a break from Ye being… Ye, something else comes out of the woodwork. From Twitter rants, exposing the Kardashians, to even being accused of antisemitism, this news is somehow not as shocking compared to his other incidents.

If there's one thing Kanye will do, it is create music and controversy. This incident shocked avid listeners (those who are left) around the world as he showed up donning a KKK-style hood during a song debut with his and Kim Kardashian's daughter, North West. Talk about interesting fashion choices… The people have spoken, and once again, they are unhappy with Kanye.

Another Kanye Cancellation

If you're the few people who might wonder, why does what Kanye wears to a song debut matter so much? Well, allow me to give a little run down. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) emerged in the United States in the aftermath of the Civil War in the late 1860s. Initially formed as a secret society in the South, its primary aim was to maintain white supremacy through intimidation, violence, and oppression, particularly targeting African Americans.

The Klan used terror tactics, including lynching, bombings, and other forms of violence, to instill fear in African Americans and anyone who supported racial equality. During the Reconstruction era, the KKK's influence grew, leading to widespread discrimination and the denial of basic rights for Black individuals. While the Klan's influence waned and resurged at different points in history, its ideology of hatred, racism, and bigotry persisted. The Klan not only targeted African Americans but also directed its animosity toward immigrants, Catholics, Jews, and other minority groups.

The organization's actions and ideology have been universally condemned for their inherent cruelty, injustice, and violation of human rights. The KKK symbolizes the darkest facets of prejudice, discrimination, and the violent suppression of marginalized communities.

It stands as a stark reminder of the destructive consequences of hate-driven ideologies and serves as a testament to the ongoing struggle for equality and justice. That being said, it's kind of ironic when it comes out that Kanye himself would wear something so similar to a group that has a history of representing so much hatred.

Is this the takedown?

Kanye West's recent appearance at his "Vultures" album listening event sent shockwaves as he was seen wearing an outfit resembling the Ku Klux Klan attire. The event, part of Miami's Art Basel, showcased West's collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign.This isn't the first time the rapper has flirted with KKK imagery. Fans might recall the 2013 music video for "Black Skinhead," which prominently featured similar black hoods. However, his recent choice of attire during the "Vultures Rave" has reignited discussions about West's penchant for incorporating controversial symbols into his artistic expression.

As the rapper took the stage in an all-black ensemble with a pointed black hood reminiscent of KKK regalia, the crowd reacted with shock and criticism. Social media erupted with comments, with one user expressing, "Kanye wearing a KKK hood, and Black people are sitting idly by. F–k him and his music bro." Another pointed out, "This isn't the first time Kanye made a reference about the KKK, why are y'all shocked?" Others are also rallying for West to lose his daughter and expressing their disapproval over this situation, stating, "The way Kanye West gets away with almost anything needs to be studied fr. That man wore a kkk mask, got his kid hanging around hooligans saying questionable lyrics, but he gets a pass for some reason I don't understand." Meanwhile, people were flooding the comments with other topics, such as the discussion of Palestine and the current situation there.

However, there are (as usual) fans defending him and his behavior (BTW, we can't keep using the song "Graduation" as an excuse not to hold someone accountable…). One user said, "kanye cannot be cancelled." Another user stated, "I don't see how any of those lyrics are offensive, or match the title of this tweet! I don't care what anyone says… Kanye is one of the good guys!" Someone else even went as far as to ask, "Where can I get one of those masks?" while using a North West meme.

Considering West's troubled recent history, the timing of this controversial fashion choice adds fuel to the fire. The New York Times reported in October that his partnership with Adidas came to an end due to his fixation on Hitler and Jews. The report alleged that West asked a Jewish Adidas manager to kiss a portrait of Hitler daily and expressed admiration for Hitler's propaganda skills. The rapper's antisemitic remarks also led to severed ties with other major brands, including Gap and Balenciaga.

In the track "Vultures," West seemingly addresses the controversies surrounding him. The lyrics go, "How I'm antisemitic? I just f**ked a Jewish b**ch." It appears to be his way of addressing the accusations, albeit crudely and provocatively.

Despite the criticism, West continued with the event, playing tracks from the new album, including "Everybody," which features a sample from the Backstreet Boys, and "New Body" with Nicki Minaj. Another song that has escalated the ongoing drama. It has just surfaced that Nicki Minaj will NOT clear her iconic verse, stating, "That train has left the station. No disrespect in any way. I just put out a new album. Why would I release a song that's been out for 3 years?" It's honestly astonishing with how many controversies West has been involved with these past few years. Today marks the release of "Vultures," and it'll be intriguing to witness the public's response to the album, especially knowing that Nicki did not permit her verse to be out there.

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