Is Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone the Key to Success?

Is Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone the Key to Success?


November 29, 2021

An old saying from the 18th century says:

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

This essentially means that without facing challenges and risks in life, one won't learn anything to achieve their goals and they won't grow.

When you stay in your comfort zone for too long, you'll get used to the same boring life with no growth. This affects the productivity of the person as they expect the same old result and nothing new.

The next common reason for not getting out of the comfort zone is when a person is too comfortable with their current situation and a change is something that they don't find necessary. This makes the person lazy and procrastinate, which leads to absolutely no change in their life. If this problem continues, it'll definitely affect the overall success of the person.

Hence, staying in the comfort zone for too long isn't alright. People should often do something that challenges them in contrast with their current life.

There are 3 main points that hold people back from starting something new.

1. Fear

Uncertainty is the biggest fear of a human being. This leads to another fear of failure.

You are afraid of change after all this while having constant and permanent success. Honestly speaking, whether it's because of you or someone else, change is always bound to happen, because it's the change which is the constant and not success. Success can take another turn any second.

People often use the word 'safe' when it comes to the comfort zone because the fear of uncertainty and failure have always been unknown factors that people neglected. For example, many people who thought they had secure jobs lost them in the pandemic.

The risk of failure has always been there. It's nothing new as that's how life is. It's all about accepting the uncertainties and risks by challenging them and doing new things that will help you.

2. Lethargy

One of the main reasons for a person to not take up something new is, in many cases, lethargy/laziness.

In the end, it all boils down to the mindset of the person. Look, you need a goal that inspires you to take up and do something that you believe you can achieve.

This issue can be solved by exposing yourself to various things and maybe you will find something you want to do rather than the same old things you do every day.

3. Overthinking

Overthinking is something many of us often do.

I am not saying overthinking is bad, because it often helps us point out things we missed or made a mistake in. But, overthinking becomes something bad if it hinders you from doing things that may actually help you.

In the case of leaving your comfort zone for something new, many will think about various things that could impact them in the future. The point is that, without even trying it, people will have predetermined views.

Many use this as an excuse to not start anything new which isn't right.

Final Thoughts

"Success isn’t a destination. It is a journey."

Some people just aren’t comfortable with doing something new out of the blue and they just need time to slowly get away from their bubble. Taking time to reach the goal isn't an issue, but, making no effort towards the goal is where it is wrong. It's all about the process.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is the first step for you to experience the life around you. This will give you an idea of how the world works as a whole and not individually. This gives you a whole new perspective compared to the one you've always seen. This will make you more open-minded about things you never thought about and helps you socialize more.

Of course, leaving your comfort zone which has always been your safe place isn't easy, but you have to make sacrifices in your life to better your future for yourself and that takes patience and zeal to happen. These changes don't have to be immediate but they should start at some point and that point could be now.

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