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How to Find the Beauty in Life’s Possibilities


As of March 2022, it has been two years since the world entered into the coronavirus pandemic. This time has been challenging for everyone, and has caused many people to rethink important decisions they’ve made and how they live their lives.

I was not very different. These past two years have placed me in difficult situations, and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve changed a lot. One thing I have come to realize is how many opportunities I have.

The world is a crazy place, but it is also one for learning, growth, and achievement. While some days are hard and others easy, it’s important to remember that there are endless ways to make life better, and they are at our disposal. Below are some ways that you can turn bad days into good days, and good days into great ones.

1. Be Open-Minded

You feel stuck. Nothing seems to be going as planned, and it's only the first half of the year. While feeling stuck is an incredibly common situation, there are little things you can do to change your mindset about the position that you're currently in.

  • Be hopeful about the future. Things are bound to start looking better if you believe they will get better.
  • Don't let little mishaps cloud your emotions. Mistakes happen. Accept them, learn from them, and grow.
  • Ask for help. People around you, including teachers, friends, and family, have more than likely been in your situation before. They can help you figure out how to get unstuck, and be supportive as you make changes in your life.

If you accept the present, but make an effort to work towards a better future, little bits of your days will start looking up and you will find yourself changing the way you think about different aspects of life.

2. Set Goals

Setting goals for yourself is a wonderful way to get to a great spot in your life. Whether you want to get that 4.0 or make enough money to go on vacation, setting goals is a good way to track your progress and see how far you’ve come from where you started. Examples of achievable goals include:

  • Practice being thankful for what you have
  • Practice positive self-talk to improve mental health
  • Try something new every week or month, like doing yoga, joining a book club, or baking something new

Remember to reward yourself whenever you accomplish a goal! This is a good way to make achieving them easier and more fun.

3. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Humans like to be comfortable, which means we tend to stray towards things that make us feel relaxed and safe. This also means we can fall into habits that don't really help us be the best version of ourselves. So try that new cooking recipe! Join that club! Without stepping outside our comfort zones, we can't discover all the amazing things we have access to.

  • Try playing a new sport (who knows, you might love it!)
  • Take an elective at school that you've never considered before
  • Engage in classes or meetings (you can get to know new people and better enjoy what you do)
  • Take a vacation to somewhere new (maybe it'll be your next favorite spot!)

4. Be Proud of Yourself

Change can be hard, and trying new things can be challenging. But when you realize that the world is yours to make a better place, you can use your talents and gifts in the best ways. Being proud of every step of a mindset change is crucial, so remember to celebrate yourself! Find the beauty in life's little things, and most importantly, love who you can be when you take advantage of the opportunities of the world.

Now that you know some things that you can do, give them a try! Remember that change doesn't come overnight— it takes time and energy to show up positively in your life. So try that new recipe, start journaling, and be open-minded about your future and where life will take you. Good luck!

Marguerite Menard

Marguerite, (or Marg) is a high school student living on the West Coast who loves reading, writing, and all things Star Wars. When she’s not at school, you can find Marguerite on the tennis court, baking, or watching 90’s sitcoms.