How to Plan a Prom at Home

How to Plan a Prom at Home

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July 01, 2020

Prom is a milestone in life that most teen girls dream of. From planning out their dress to choosing the perfect hairstyle, many girls dream of it many years before. Most of the students in the class of 2020 do not get to have a prom due to COVID-19.

While it is necessary to take these precautions, it can be devastating at the same time. Though it is not possible to attend your prom with your graduating class, there are still ways to celebrate at home!

Imagine, your backyard all decorated, fairy lights wrapped around the deck railings, lanterns hanging in the gazebo, balloons, and flowers decorating the benches by the garden. With an elegantly set table with all the food you desire, invite a small gathering of friends (no more than 5 people) and you can have a prom in the comfort of your own home!

Start with the invitations:

Who do you want to celebrate with? Because of the virus, laws are in place regarding social activity. This means, there cannot be more than 5 people celebrating.

No worries! With a small group, the celebration will be much more intimate and meaningful. Choose a select group of friends who have the same desire to celebrate their prom at home! For my own prom, I celebrated with a couple of close friends!

Who's the DJ?

When planning a prom, music must not be overlooked. A great playlist is essential to set the right ambiance and mood. Choose upbeat and recent songs as well as a couple of throwbacks.

Whether or not significant others are invited, throw in a couple of slow songs to dance to with friends! The playlist can be easily made on Spotify, a free music streaming app.

Design a menu:

It can sound daunting, but designing a menu can be a simple task - thanks to many apps and online sites! A popular site is Canva, where you can make posters, brochures, invitations and of course, menus! Choose a template that matches well with the theme of your prom and begin to fill in the menu.

The food served can be as simple as chicken nuggets and fries or it can be something classier. Another idea is to ask each friend to bring a food item, like a potluck, so that the hostess doesn't have to worry about the meal!


For any sort of prom, it is necessary to have some sort of decorations! Whether you decide to keep it low key or choose to go all out with glitter, decorating your space can be a fun way to spruce up your location. Though you won't have the same venue as originally planned, you can still party in style.

You don't have to blow the bank when shopping for decorations. DIY your lanterns, or find old white Christmas lights to set up around your backyard. The Dollar Store is a great place to start when looking for affordable decorations. Keep in mind, you may want to follow a theme to have the best look.

To revamp your deck or patio, set up candles or tealights on the dining table and hang lanterns to cast a warm glow. You can make your own centrepieces or buy them at your local dollar store. A quick and easy way to make a centrepiece is by taking a Mason Jar and wrapping it in burlap and lace to create a rustic look!

What's prom without the pictures?

A fun part of prom is the photobooth! It may seem expensive but, you don't need a professional camera or high-tech equipment to take beautiful photos. Set up a designated space for optimal photos.

Whether it's by the front door or next to the garden, make sure you are taking the photos in daylight. This will ensure that the images are clear and high quality. If you want to go all out, decorate a bench with flowers or create an arch with gold balloons.

For my own at home prom, we converted an old wooden bench into a fun spot to take photos. With a simple table cloth and some faux flowers, you could easily turn what's old into something new. The end result will be stunning!

Even though proms are cancelled, you can still have fun and celebrate your night. You deserve it! After the four years you spent in high school, it is understandable to want a prom.

When planning your prom, make sure to follow safety measures and laws in your area. A prom at home is a perfect way to have a memorable day while following all the social distancing rules!

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