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The One Guide You Need to Pick Your Prom Dress

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January 23, 2022

With prom season coming in just a couple of months, it's a great time to start thinking about what dress to wear to your event! Here we have a few style tips for anybody interested in the best formal dress styles for them!

NOTE: Our article goes over a few fashion recommendations, but, ultimately, your prom dress should be all YOU! We're sure that you'll rock anything!

Tip #1: Take Your Body Type Into Consideration

Every single body is special in its own way and should be treated as such. However, it is only human nature to feel insecure with one's figure given the societal pressures. The most important part about your big night is to feel comfortable in your own skin and enjoy yourself!

To do that, one should choose a dress that flatters their body. We'll look into several body types and what shapes of dresses look best on each type.

A) Apple

To best flatter an Apple body type, one should look into dresses that are loose-fitting but also provide a tighter midline, extenuating a waistline. These qualities can be found in either wrap, empire, or princess dresses. Any one of these styles will surely elevate your look on the big day!

B) Pear

For those with a pear body type, a V-neck on a gown can truly extenuate your figure. That top paired with an A-line bottom creates a seamless look, making you look gorgeous. If you're looking for a body-hugging option, make sure to check out some trumpet or mermaid-style dresses.

C) Inverted Triangle

Any dress that flares at the hips and waist is simply gorgeous on inverted triangle body types. If you have an inverted triangle body, do yourself a favor and try on a few princess dresses!

D) Rectangular

Those with a rectangular body may be interested in creating curves with their prom dress. To achieve that look, you should go for princess and empire gowns with a cinched waist and puffed sleeves. They will look amazing and better create the curves that you desire! This body type is beautiful (just like all the others), and when one is dressed to suit their best features, they can look amazing!

E) Hourglass

Last but not least, my girlies with an hourglass figure! The key here is to embrace your curves! Make sure to check out straight dresses, as well as princess and mermaid dresses to flatter your body.

Tip #2: Choose your color carefully!

A) Bold Colors

Any bold or neon color dress is certainly a statement, but it can be pulled off by many! Individuals of darker skin types look simply ravishing in bolder colors because the bright color with contrast to their skin is simply astounding!

B) Pastel Colors

These colors look gorgeous on lighter skin types, making the skin look bright and youthful! Pastels are always a good choice and an increasingly popular one in recent years.

3) Earth/Jewel Tones

These neutral and bold colors look exquisite on medium skin tones, contrasting the skin wonderfully!

Tip #3: Understand Your Comfort Level

Prom is supposed to be the next night of a young person's life. So, make sure to truly enjoy it! This means not worrying about your dress all night!

Make sure to choose a dress that you would be comfortable in dancing through the night, etc. If modesty is an issue, you can always make alterations to better suit your style. At the end of the day, the dress is to make you feel good. So, prioritize how you feel rather than how you look!

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