The ULTIMATE Finals Survival Guide 2017
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The ULTIMATE Finals Survival Guide 2017

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June 05, 2017

Finals are coming fast, and there's no avoiding them. They can be tough and stressful, but with the right study methods, you'll be sure to ace them. Take a look at the ultimate finals study guide:

Have a Plan

Having a study plan is super important. To understand a subject, you need to CONSISTENTLY split up your time, so it's recommended that you have at LEAST five days, but if not, you can still work with that. Always do your homework first before anything, then comes the planning. 2-3 hours a day with 15 minute breaks every 30 minutes (sometimes will vary according to subjects) in one day. Print out a study timetable or make one yourself and add times, dates, and subjects. Some great resources are The Organised Student  and Study Quill



Get rid of ALL distractions. Seriously. If you're always going on YouTube or Facetiming or texting your friends, STOP NOW.

Put away all your distractions and put your mindset on your studies. An alternative to going on your phone could be reading a book, having some tea, listening to music, or doing a short productive activity before studying. I recommend an app called Forest that helps you get rid of distractions (everytime you don't go on your phone you grow a tree, but when you go on, it dies) and an app called (computer only) Self Control. It blocks you from all distractions.


Rest and Sleep

Sleep and rest are the most important parts of this process. It is recommended that you get at least 8-10 hours of sleep, 10 if you can. Think of sleeping and resting as recharging your phone from 10% to 100%.

You are the phone and your bed is your charger. Rest is what's going to make you feel happy, refreshed, and energized.



Studying in the right place is very important. It helps you focus and get more done. Some locations you could study at is the library, a cafe, a vanity, anywhere where you can focus and that is quiet. You could even take out a table and study there. 


Ask for help

When you study early, during the studying, formulate a paper with all your questions, That way you are able to ask your teachers after school or during class (or anyone else) about the topic, which will help your further understanding.


Keep a Healthy Diet 

Make sure to eat healthy foods and to treat yourself every now and then. Also, take a walk or jog or just exercise in general. This will help you avoid staying sick and will cause fewer headaches.

Don't Stress Out

Stressing out and second-guessing yourself will make you fail a test, even though you probably know all of the material. Trust me, I've been there, learn from my mistakes. When you second-guess yourself and put your train of thought into thinking that you're going to fail and it's the end of the world, you will fail. Do an activity like reading, drink tea, take a hot bath or shower, take breaks, talk with your family, relax with your pets, color, just do activities that will help you relax!

Stay Organized

Make sure to grab all of your materials like your pens, pencils, papers, notes, books, laptop---EVERYTHING! Even getting organized will help you feel a little satisfied. It will also help you waste less time scrambling for last week's notes.


Rewrite your notes and Make Study Guides

Rewrite your notes because it is a proven way to help you learn and memorize the information faster and easier. You can even make flashcards. Next, you should make a practice test.

A good resource is Quizlet. You can search study sets on the site or you could make your own. The website includes flashcards, games, spelling tests, and practice tests. The most efficient and resourceful part of their website is the practice test option.

It really helps you retain the information even more. You learn from your mistakes each time you take it. I recommend taking it multiple times.

Good luck on your finals & remember: DON'T STRESS OUT! You'll ace it for sure!

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